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Welcome to Neo Petritsi

Cultural Association of Neo Petritsi was founded in 1983 with unique objective, the elevation of cultural level, so much residents of village, what the wider border band. Up to 1989 does the association have it demonstrates a rich cultural action, in and outside the Neo Petritsi. The members of association, exceed today the 100 individuals.

Today the Cultural Association, functions 2 basic departments, with the attendance of individuals of all ages, so much from the village, what from the around band. Concretely dancing department and theatrical laboratory :
DANCING DEPARTMENT. Individuals all the ages, they are taught modern and traditional Greek dances, that then they present in various events, that participate the association. 'Idi has begun also the learning of modern dances. They teach Sofia Kampouri and the Georgia Stefanidou.
THEATRICAL LABORATORY. More from 10 individuals, they learn the art of hypocritical, from the director Mihali Kovanidi. For the this year's period the laboratory programs up of work «ODYSSEVAH» of Xenia Kalogeropoylou. In the past the Cultural Association had been distinguished in Pan-Hellenic festivals of amateur theatre (Ithaca, Corinthus).

In the frame of his activities, the Cultural Association established 3 big events, which he realises in annually base. Concretely « PARADE CARNIVAL" (February), "FREEDOM" (June) and the "FEAST of YOUTH" (July). At the same time are realised also smaller events, as for the Day of Woman, the Feast of Mother, the Week of Book, the Christmas bargain. In the social sector, the Cultural Association have realised expeditions of cleaning, reforestation, as well as educational excursions in various points of country.


The Neo Petritsi is a village of 2.479 residents, in the prefecture Serres in north Greece. It is little found built in south-eastern foot of mountain range of Kerkini, before the exit of river Strimonas from narrow the Roupel. It abstains roughly 16 kilometres, from the Greek-Bulgarian borders and the custom of Promahona. His total extent reaches the 117.140 acres. The limits from north, correspond with the frontier line of Greece with Bulgaria.
From 1998, it constitutes seat of municipality of Petritsi, in which belong still 6 villages. (Akritohori, Vironia, Gonimo, Mandraki, Megalohori). The majority of residents deals with the agriculture and the livestock-farming and least with the free trade and the manufacture.

His history is lost in depths of centuries. On Ottoman domination was named Vetrina (from the Serbian Veter (= air) that is to say "Air-village"). During the Turkish work of many centuries, the Greek population of village (minority in the total) suffered the from conquerors. On 27 June 1913, in the elevations above by the Neo Petritsi big and decisive battle, between Greek and Bulgarian army. The Greek victory, meant the release of entire eastern Macedonia and the incorporation in the national trunke. The same period installed itself in the village, refugees from the Startsovo, a greek village in the up valley of Strimona, that afterwards the expiry the 2nd Balkan War and the signature of "Treaty of Bucharest" (August 1913) passed in the jurisdiction of Bulgaria.
Also and many vlahcs families from the Ramna (a micrometer village above current Smooth) came and they were installed in the Neo Petritsi, after the micrometer vlahcs village was burned by the foundations, from the Bulgarians. Afterwards the Mikra Asia ' destruction 1922, in the Neo Petritsi (that was renamed thus to price of old Petritsi of Bulgaria) it was installed in the village, big cetane number of refugees from the Pont (Turkey) and least from the Eastern Thrace and the remainder Mikra Asia (Turkey). Thus the refugee population constitutes the new dynamic component cell of local society, with the local.
The Bulgarians returned once again as conquerors in the band, so much in 1st, what in the 2nd World War. Always with unique objective the possession of Greek ground. On 6 April 1941, in fortress Istimpei of Line Metaxa, above precisely by the village, were written new pages of glory, from the 'Greek guards, that erected their stature in the iron hordes of German intruders.

The years that followed, so much the Bulgarian possession what Greek civilian, were particularly difficult for the village and his residents. Afterwards 1950, the population of village begins to decrease itself the urbanism, but also the exterior immigration.

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