Meet the Team 1      
  In no particular order of rank ('part from myself) the
     rag tag crew of shirkers that make up the team !
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  8. Larff ! I Wet my #*$%

  9. Lord Laser capo de capo and nasty chappo. Cad, bounder & satan scum, he rules the team with beatings, blackmail, & extortion. asley pashley Ash White 'Pash' 2 his chums, likes dressing up and a consumate wearer of silly hats. OOOO!!!!
    No Missssseeessss!!!! Titter not,
    just look at the size of my cutlass??????
    caroline Caroline 'Hams' Oliver, arguably the best Buttoinks in Folkestone!!! Has no particular talent other than spliffage production.    


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