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Caral Supe Peru - Oldest City of America
Caral Supe Peru - Oldest City of America
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Caral Supe Peru - Oldest City of America

Caral Pyramid


The archaeological site of Caral in the valley of Supe, was constructed in this desert plateau, divided into two zones, the high section to the north and the low to the south. Itís believed that this design separated the social classes, the old from the new which is the Andean pattern of duality and division of spaces (Hanan and Hurin). The high section has the most important constructions such as the pyramids and circular plazas meantime the low part presents minor buildings.
The Circular Plaza of the Mayor Pyramid, constructed 5,000 years, is the symbol of the political power and religious of the first Peruvian state. The discovery of this sacred city, was made in 1994, in Supe, Peru, being considered now, the oldest in America. The circular plaza is formed by a series of central platforms that reach about 20 mts. of highness.The area is about 65 hectares. The presence of irrigation channels could of been for agriculture purposes since a great number of persons had to eat and the discoveries of fish bones and mollusks meant that they were fishermen, also.
In the diggings, it was found 32 flutes made of pelican and condor bones and 37 cornets of Llamas and Tarucas (Deer) bones.
Ruth Shady, archaeologist of the Universidad Nacional de San Marcos, made the discovery, since then she has been in charge of the project. During the digs it was found left-overs of fibers in several zones of the site, which they were taken to be tested in radio-carbon data and the results came out that it was approximately 2,627 to 2,100 years B.C. She has done all the investigation , clean up and restored a part of the monuments to convert it into a tourist destiny of first order this area, being one of the priorities, the improvement of the living status, of the locals.

So, if you are looking for a new and different destination to visit and have a Full Day, Caral Supe is the one. We will make this trip be an unforgettable experience for you.

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