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Contracts for Assassinations and Kidnappings(refer to Assassins):
Before you can AA or Kidnap anyone, your contract must be approved and verified by the Minister of Cladenstine Arts .

Dice Level(refer to Dice):
All ghosts, lesser creatures such as pixies, imps, small fae, runes and/or slaves get 1d's. All mortals get 2d's. A mortal is anyone that meets the following criteria or definition: Any creature that can die from old age, disease and/or natural causes.

All halflings will get 3d's and what are considered superendowed creatures. A halfling is anyone that meets the following criteria or definition: Any creature that is the result of a union between a supernatural/ancient/immortal, and a mortal being. They are of mixed lineage (e.g., Vampeals). Superendowed creatures for example are creatures with cyborgenic implants.

All supernaturals get 4d's. A supernatural is anyone that meets the following criteria or definition: Any creature that are not simply considered natural (e.g, Dragons, Angels, Daemons, Kindred, etc.)

All Ancients will get 5d's. An Ancient is anyone that meets the following criteria or definition: Any creature that is older and more powerful than the average supernatural (e.g, Archdaemons, Archangels, Elder Kindred, etc.) These creatures have lived several milleniums. A full conversion cyber android, or robot would be a 4d. A regular cyber (not a dude with a chromed arm) would be three. An Ancient(Elder) is a being at least 800 years of age or older.

All those that consider themselves "ancients" will undergo an interview with the Minister of Elders. Those that hold 5d's will be closely monitored by the Minister of Internal Affairs . Holding 5d's is a privelage that can be taken away from abusing the power that comes with it. Five dice will ony be active within the Forum sanctioned rooms. Outside the forum, and in neutral rooms you must drop to 4d's(e.g, in the Forum you hold 5d66 and you go into Rhydin, your dice drop down to 4d55..for example, your profile would state 4/5d55).

The HP Rule:
HP's are determined by dice, simply placed: 1d=10HP's, 2d=20HP's, 3d=30HP's, 4d=40HP's, 5d=50HP's

Enhancer and Enchanter Limits:
The limit for legal enhancers is +3. This includes weapons, magic spells, and magical artifacts used as enhancers. Enhancers that are not magic related must be registered by the Minister of Trade and Finance.

Enchanters are enhancers that are magical in nature, including weapons and runes that have been bonded, are to be registered with the Minister of Magery and the Minister of Trade and Fianance.

Legitimate Forum enhancers can only be made by registered Forum Blacksmiths and Encanters (mages who specialize in making magical weapons).

Exp's and GP's:
The losers in all spars and matches gets 05 exps for effort. This does not apply to MS. Exp's can be earned in several ways besides sparring or fighting matches and GP's can be earned by seeking employment in a Forum shoppe or Forum registered place of business. Exp's and GP's will also be awarded for those who have a non-combatant status. This also applies for Freelancers. In order to receive credit for the activities listed below, individuals must log the activity. For example, a singer is hired to sing a song, the singer must sing an entire piece and log it. Those that charge for their services must have a log of the transaction or receipt that must include the customer. The logs are to be turned into the dice master of the clan/guild/house/organization they belong to. If they are Independent Free Citizens (Freelancers), the log is turned in to the MoIFC . Artists: 50 exp's + the amount of GP's they charge for service. These include but are not limited to the following: Bards, Dancers, Exotic Dancers, Painters, etc.

Scholars: 50 exp's + the amount of GP's they charge for service. These include, but are not limited to the following: Poets, Scribes, Writers, etc.

Trades Men/Women: Payment is as follows

Bartenders: 5 exp's per drink served + any tips

Brothel Workers: 35 exp's + what they charge for service.

Proctors: 45 exp's per match (DM's, RM's, SM's, MS, HM's) and not for one on one spars + what they charge if any (all proctors must be registered and have a license from the MoT)

Blacksmiths: 100 exp's + 900 GP's per blade 25 exp's + 55 GP's per small dagger 35 exp's + 60GP's per shield 2,000exp's + 1,000 GP's per full body armour made (all Forum blacksmiths must be registered with the MoT and have a license, since they are the ones who make enhancers for Forum members).

Encanters:Mages who are Encanters will charge in accordance with the nature of the spell or enchantment they casted over a certain weapon or time. However, they should not exceed more than 2,000exps and 1,000gps.

Healers, Clergy/Priests(esses), and Assassins: Must refer to their respective charter sections for exp and gp payment earned from your trade. If there are any other professions that anyone feels should be recognized besides the ones mentioned above, please contact the MoT and EHC.

Fines for Doctored/Forged Logs:
Anyone found doctoring or forging logs will have their Exp's halved, and fined 50 GP's per every 100 GP's they have. So, if you have 100 exp's you exp's would go down to 50exp's. If you have 500 GP's, your GP's would go down to 250 GP's.

Fines for Wronged Matches:
There are several matches that only pertain to certain groups. BM's, SoM's DoSs, LoFs, only pertain to certain groups, and are not even open to all Forum Members. Anyone found participating in any of the above matches whom the matches do not pertain will be fined 199 exp's and 199 gp's. Both BM's and SoM's are open to only Runists and Binders. DoS's are only open to practitioners of magic or sorcery. LoF's are only open to women and men of the cloth (priests(esses) or clergy).

Forum High Council:
The forum high council is made up of all the clans/guilds/houses/organization Guild Commanders (GC's) and Forum Ministers. Once a month the Forum High Council will meet to discuss any concerns they might have and any new laws up for consideration. Each will only be able to cast one vote. The Forum High Chancellor and Forum Executive Chancellor will only be able to cast one vote as a single entity. Ministers are only able to cast one vote, and does not include their staff. Ministerial or Forum Staff are not allowed to vote. When the Forum gets too large to make meetings feasible, voting will be done through missives (Email).

Forum Licenses:
The following are required to hold licenses: Assassins, Priests/esses, Blacksmiths, Proctors, and Encanters (Mages who make enchanters), and Healers.

In regards to Magic Within the CR, the licensing of those who practice magic only applies to those who wish to be schooled in the magics that are the trade mark of the CR Realm. Those who do naught wish to take this journey of further training in alternative magics do naught need to apply for training or licensing, and may practice their own forms of magic. However, you will still need to follow the forum rules and will be monitored by the MoM. Remember that with great power comes responsibility.

Forum Profiles:
All Forum Citizens must place the Forum name or Acronym, dice, exp's, status(PoW, Slave, etc.), GP's (you may indicate that you do not carry these on you in some variation, but you must carry at 100gps), and any licensed you might have. Stating of rank in profile is optional. No one may place "Does not accept CR AAs or KA's" or any other variations of this. Individuals violating this policy will be fined 100 Exp's. You may place "Only accepts CR AA's and KA's" in your profile or any variation of this. If you wish, you may also place the following in your profile: "No DM's, SM's, FC's (forced collarings), SA's(Slave Attempts),RA's (Rape Attempts) KA's"(Kidnapping Attempts). To simplify things, you can put the simple line: "Only CR Actions Accepted".

The CR Offers Two Options for Its Members:

1) Traditional: Above Information on Profile

2) If you havea web page for your character, you may list your character's stats there. However, you must provide a "direct" link to that page on the profile. Your profile must still have CR on it.

Forum Employees Paychecks:
All forum employees will receive 4, 500 Exp's and 4, 550 GP's at the end of each month. Forum employees include the following: High Chancellor, Executive High Chancellor, Minsiters, Wardens, Judges, Forum Staff hired to help with the daily operations to maintain the Forum. Forum paychecks are issued by the MoF.

Forum House/Organization Bimonthly Paychecks:
During the 15th and 30th (or last day) of each month, all Forum organizations excluding Freelancers, are required to send a completed roster to the Forum High Chancellor for review. Rosters must indicate new recruits, who are no longer members, slaves, dice, exp's, and gp's. 75 exp's and 75 GP's will be awarded for each member listed on the roster. No one person may receive more than 1,000exps/gps out of the bimonthly allotment under any conditions. This does not apply to the over all organizational exp/gp pool. Exp's and GP's will not be awarded for slaves. Only free individuals (not collared or slaves) can earn exp's and gp's. Those who fail to indicate who are slaves on their rosters will be fined 50 exp's and 50 gp's per member on their rosters, including slaves. New organizations upon joining get 100 exps and 100 gps per member. After that they will only get the 75 bimonthly exps and gps.

Forum Recruitment:
Individuals who recruit any organizations into the Forum that are accepted will receive 60 exp's and 60 gp's per member indicated on the roster. The recruitment of Free Citizens will earn 60 exp's and 60 gp's per individual that joins the Forum as a Freelancer. Freelancer Applications are sent to the Minister of Free Citizens . Forum applications are sent to the Executive High Chancellor. In order to join CR as an organization (clan/house/etc. etc.). Your membership must total 10 or more members. This total does not include slaves. It only includes free men and woman or creatures.

Forum Wide Events:
From time to time, the CR will offer its citizens opportunities to earn gps, exps, weapons, etc. etc. via contests of intellect, creativity, or tournaments.

Forum Executions:
Only the Forum HC and EHC have the authorization of calling forth the Forum Executioners to take someone's life. This is determined after the outcome of a trial and High Council vote.

Intolerable Acts Against Others:
Under no conditions will the RPing of Rape, Sexual Abuse, or any other type of degenerating act be tolerated., unless these are part of some SL. If you are using the above for some SL, do not make them part of Forum logs. Keep to your own private affairs. You may not manipulate others into your SL as well. Mun consent MUST b egranted first for any SL participation. RAs (Rape Attempts) are not allowed in the CR!!All Forum logs that involved SM's, FC's, DM's, Spars, MS's, AA's, KA's, TA's, and other types of matches, none of the above mentioned acts will be tolerated. Logs containing such acts will be declared invalid and the person commiting such act will be expelled from the Forum. Furthermore, captors may not abuse or rape their targets in KA, FC, and SM situations. Those that have been KA'd FC'd, SA'd, SM'd can only present a complaint against the party who KA'd, FC'd, SA'd or SM'd them, only if they have a log of the act in question.

Last Will & Testament:
The limit that anyone can inherit is 10,000 exp's and 10,000 gp's. All Wills must clearly state who inherits what (property, exp's, gp's, enhancers, etc). Wills are to be approved by the MoF.

Legitimate Transfer of Exp's/Hexp's/GP's:
Only 10, 000 exp's and 10, 000 gp's may be transferred at any given time. It is illegal to loan, trade, sell or give exp's/hexp's as gifts. This also applies to GP's. Only the Minister of Finance who oversees the forum treasury may loan GP's to Forum citizens or organizations. All exp's and gp's will transfer over if an individual has to change their SN for account or personal reasons. This does not apply if you have been killed in a DM, AA, or ADM. This policy only applies to the condtions mentioned above. Legall Will limit is at 10,000 exp's/gp's per person mentioned in the document. All new organizations/Free Citizens that are leaving another forum for this one, can only transfer 10,000 exp's/GP's. Cases will be reviewed to determine if all their exp's/gp's transfer over.

All logs must be in the Copy and Paste format. Any logs that are in the DL(download) or Zip File formats will be returned to you without exp and gp payment. Logs that contain adult situations or adult language should carry an "X" rating to warn whomever reads the log. Recall that we have young muns RPing with us.

Mock AA's, DM's, SM's:
Mock AA's are not tolerated under any circumstances in public arenas and areas (Member Rooms). Mock AA's are to be kept within private areas for purposes of training and learning. The only time Mock AA's are sanctioned aside from normal training is during Mock Wars. Mock DM's are not tolerated under any circumstances. The only time mock DM's are sanctioned is during Mock Wars. Mock SM's are not tolerated under any circumstances, the only exception being Mock Wars. This is done to avoid unscrupulour individuals who might misuse these matchs and AA's to rack up on exp's.

OOC Talk:
Please keep all OOC talk to IM's. OOC is disruptive to others and breaks the illusion we are trying to create while role playing. The only acceptable OOC is if you are away from the keyboard (afk) or other such variations.

Purloined (Stolen) Rosters:
Purloined or stolen rosters will only be accepted during times of war.There has to be purpose and reason for someone risking their lives to steal an organization's roster. Purloined rosters must include the names of spies and assassins (OOC: must include exps and/or dice). Rosters that do not include this information will be condisered invalid. (OOC: The an exception can be made to the above rule in cases where a purloined roster is part of a well thought out story line.) Spies will receive (OOC: 15 exp's ) 15 gp's per person indicated on the acquired roster. Stolen rosters are to be sent to the Executive High Chancelor .

Individuals are only granted 5 rezzes. Profiles must state the number of rezzes (e.g, R:3) an individual has left. If you have not used up any rezzes, you do not need to indicate this on your profile. In order to be rezzed, you will need a priest. If you have been killed, you will have exactly 72 hours from the time of death fo be rezzed and healed. After being rezzed, you will need to be healed. Only registered priest/ess may do CR rezzes. Healers are need to do any healing; however, healers and priest/ess do not need to work in conjuction when performing a rezz. If you are unable to find a healer after being rezzed, you must write the MoH requesting an extension and explaining why. Rezzes are handled by the Minister of Religion . Healings are handled by the Minister of Healers .

Forum High Council:
The Forum High Council is made up of the individual House Masters/Mistresses or GCs, Forum Ministers, and Forum High Chancellor/Executive High Chancelor.

Forum Gold:
All members of CR forum are rerquired to carry 100 g.p. on their person. If you don't have any gps, this does not apply to you. Forum organizations will recieve bimonthly allotments of gps on the 15th and at the end of the month.

The Roll of the Dice:
In all Forum areas (rooms) that are non clan/guild/house, only legal Forum dice may be rolled to determine outcomes of simple brawls or activities such as gambling. All sparring and fighting to earn exp's will be kept to the arenas that are offered by the Forum or by the individual clans/guilds/houses (organizations) or to private arenas.

Self Strikes:
Are illegal in this Forum and will not be tolerated.

Slavery Transactions:
The selling, gifting and trading of slaves falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Slavery . All dealings involving slaves should be adressed to this individual.

Work Policy for Forum Ministers and Officials:
Ministers and other Forum officials may not hire non-forum individuals to work on official Forum business or as part of their office staff. They may not pay anyone under the table as well. This will not be tolerated and will be seen as serving self-interest and not serving the interest of the Forum and its members. Anyone found violating this policy will be stripped of rank (position), exp's and lose all pay for having hired "illegal employees". The individual will face a hearing and investigation. Forum officials my only hire individuals that are citizens of the Forum. Forum officials may only hire forum citizens.

Judicial System:
Treason in any form against the Forum or any of its members will not be tolerated and will result in execution by the Forum Wardens. Individuals or parties suspected of treason will be brought to trial before the HC, EHC, and High Council. The accused may present logs and witnesses to make their case. The accused will be informed of the trial date. If the accused does not show up, they will be tried in absentia. Treason is defined by any of the following acts:
Revealing confidential Forum information to outsiders and enemies.
Aiding Forum enemies.
Aiding or being involved in plots to overtake the Forum.
Selling of Forum rosters to Forum enemies.
Any action commited with the intention of bringing harm or death of the HC, EHC, and Forum Ministers. Forum officials are not immune to Assassination or Kidnapping attempts, but such attemps will be treated as acts of treason. If found guilty, punishment can be executioin or expulsion from the forum.

Anyone found abusing thir position power, whether HC, EHC, or Forum Ministers, will be brought to trial. If found guilty, they will be impeached. Anyone found in constant violation of the Forum Charter and it's Laws can face expulsion from the CR.

Death Strikes:
Death Strikes (DS) are illegal in CR. A DS involves rolling once to kill someone (e.g, 1d=1 HP, 2d=2 HP, 3d=3 HP, 4d=4 HP, 5d=5 HP). Anyone found violating this policy will be susepended from the CR.

Story Lines (SLs):
The CR will award exps and gps for SLs that are role played out. In order to receive exps and gps for this, you will need to send a log of the complete SL. Furthermore, you must provide a background synopsis for the SL and a listing of all the players involved Exps and gps will be awarded as follows:

An Hour = 500 exps and 500 gps Half an Hour = 125 exps and 125 gps.

Anything below half an hour earns 50 exps and 50 gps SLs may be taken from the Posts or Message Boards and Rped out.

RPing in IMs (Instand Messages) will not count towards exps and gps. All rping for a SL must take place in a room.

The CR is a forum that allows Free Form Role Playing Characters. We have allowed this as an option to members of our community.

Non-Combatent and Free Form Player Provisions

Non-Combatent and Free Form Players are those that do not hold any dice or earn exps. They can earn gps.

I. Non-combatent or Free Form based players are still accountable under the CR charter laws.

II. Non-combatent or Free Form based players are not exampt from Assassination Attempts, Kidnapping Attempts, and Theft Attempts.

III. Non-combatent or Free Form based players can only use dice no higher than d20.

a) If you are a child, infant, ghost, or fairy, your character has 1d20

b) If mortal, your character has 2d20

c) If halfling, your character has 3d20

d) If supernatural or immortal, your character has 4d20

e) If an Ancient or Elder, your character has 5d20

For Ancient or Elder status you must submit an application before you can be granted the 5d20. For children or infants of any race the 1d20 rule applies, until the child becomes an adult and receives the appropriate aged related status. For example a supernatural child reaches toddler hood, they would earn 2d20. Once the toddler reaches childhood status, they move up to 3d20. When the child enters the adolescent years,they receive 4d20.

IV. Non-combatent or Free Form based players may have body guards and all rights under the CR forum laws.

VI. Non-combatents include children and infants.

VII. For the Free Form Role Play of AAs, TAs, and KAs (meaning with not roll of the dice) the following rules must be met:

a) Assassins taking out the contract must have the approapriate number of logs with appropriate number of lines as indicated by the CR Assassination rules.

b)Assassin (s) must be role playing.

c) CR will not not honor the usaged of the On line Host stating a character has entered the room. The character must rp their entrance.

d) The log as well as the contract should state "FF AA".

e) A clear concise detailed explanation should be attached to the contract explainning what will happen and what the possible outcome will be.

CR Elder Provisions

1) Having Elder Status is not a right but a priviledge that can be taken away at any time for misuaged.

2) Elder Status is only granted to creatures 800 years of age and older.

3) All Elders must have gone through the application process:
a) Filling out the Elder or Ancient Application.
b) Having gone through the Interview Process with the Minister of Elder Affiars, MoEA.
4) CR Elders are indicated by the 5d status.

5) Five die are not to be used outside of the CR.

6) Misuaged or Abuse of 5d falls under the following :
a) Picking on others with low dice.
b) Using your die outside the CR.
c) Racking up exps in Mass Spars.

By this, it is meant any time an Elder joins in a Mass Spar with others of low dice knowing that the odds of others winning is slim to zero.

7) When Mass Sparring with creatures of the following strengths, 1d/2d/3d/and low 4d <>, the Elder must either use their 4d or allow those mentioned to team up in doubles against the Elder. High 4d creatures can Mass Spar against an Elder with no problem if the entire group MSing is made of up of high 4ders.

8) Any suspected abuse on part of any Elders will brougth before the forum Warden(s) and the Minister of Elder Affairs The Forum High Council will intervene if the issue is not resolved with the MoEA.

9) Any one found guilty of abusing their Elder status will be stripped of their Elder status and be fined a 100 exps per dice side and 1,000gps.

10) Any one found with an illegal Elder status will be stripped of all forum dice, exps, and gps.

For questions or comments regariding forum policies, contact Si'annae, High Chancelloress and (Open) Executive High Chancellor.
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