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We have revamped the dice-exp earning system somewhat to better reflect the diverse types of inhabitants in the realm. Being an ultra-powerful 5d creature is just fine, only be aware that you will pay an increased price for your dice. Why not, since there are more of them?
Dice Descriptions The following is a quick explanation of the different types of dice used within the CR. Following the explanations of each, is the chart stating each set of dice and the xps needed to achieve those dice.

The only creatures that will utilize one die are Rune, Ghosts, Slaves, or Children. Their physical bodies are weak, and although that is not true for Runes, they do operate at a decreased level.

These creatures would be those who are mortal, human beings, those that can be killed by sickness and age...

3d creatures are Humans or Mortals with heightened powers or strength, Vampiels, low grade Supernaturals, lighter cybers, etc.

4d creatures are basic Supernaturals: Vampires(Kindred), Garous, Daemons, Demons(Hell Spawns), Heavy Cybers, etc.

5ds are reserved for truly high powered creatures such as Archangels, Greater Daemons, Elder Elementals, Elder Kindred, or Divinities (true ancient types). An Elder is a being of 800 years or older.

[Due to complications with Angelfire, the Charts have been moves ta a seperate page. What can i say?..Angelfire SUX!]

Experience and Dice Charts

Fighting with Uneven Sided Dice: The cap for fighting with uneven sided dice is ten. This applies for spars . Violation of this will result in an invalid logs. In forum matches, forum members may use their forum dice.

Exp Allotments
The losers in all spars and matches gets 05 exps for effort. This does not apply to MS.

Fighting Supernaturals or Elders:
This is pretty difficult for normal people. Get a small group together and set up the match with the supernatural. If the supernatural loses, then the fighters remaining receive 10 multiplied by the # of sides the supernatural has multiplied by the highest number of dice divided by the number of fighters left. If the supernatural wins, it receives 10 multiplied by the highest number of sides of the warriors multiplied by the highest number of dice used.

Spars: Winner of the spar gets 10 multiplied by the # of points they won by.

Team Spars (TS): The remaining members of the winning team will get 10 multiplied by the number of highest sides used by the opponents multiplied by the highest number of dice divided by the remaining members.

Free for Alls(FFA)/ Mass Spars(MS): Winner of a FFA will get 10 multiplied by the highest number of sides used multiplied by the highest number of dice. The winner of a MS gets highest dice side x 10 x highest dice (eg. highest dice was 4d99 this would be 4 x 10 x 99 for a total of 3,960 exps). The person that comes in second gets 50 exps, and everyone else gets 25exps. Forum proctors get 45exps for proctering MSes. For a MS log to be valid, the following must be present:
State dice
Roll init
Roll call

Slave Match(SM): See section on Slavery for details.

Release Match (RM): See section on Slavery for details.

Gladiator Match(GM): See section on Slavery for details.

Honor Match (HM): Winner gets 30 multiplied by the points they won by. HMs should be fought for good reasons. Only HMs where honor is truly at stake will be accepted for exp's. All HMs will be sent in for review of terms and o fthe reasons both fighters are fighting either to their clan/guild GC's or Head of Freelancers if a Freelancer. HMs are to be proctored to ensure that thematch is fought on fair grounds.

Death Match (DM): Winner gets 40 multiplied by the points they won by. Loser either deletes his or her SN and creates a new character, or they delete their character and create a new one. Clear terms should be established before the match commences, stating number of rounds, rezz or no rezz, SN deletion or character deletion, and number of rounds. DMs are to be proctored to ensure that the match is fought on fair grounds. Exp's for DMs will not be awarded until the log has been verified as valid by the forum Coroner. The loser of the DM will have only 72 mun hours to create a will, and if a rezz has been granted, to be rezzed by both a certified forum priest and healer.

Healings: See section on Healing for details.

Special Matches~
Agressor Death Matches (ADM):
This occurs when a fight/argument escalates into ADM. There are no rules stated and no proctor needed. The ADM follows the 10/20/30/40/50 HP rule. The loser of the ADM becomes a ghost for a period of 48 IRL hours and no rezz is needed. After the 48 IRL hour period has passed, the loser is no longer a ghost. The victor receives 35x the difference the won by (e.g., final score was 65-40=25x35=875exp's). 1/2/3d's can ADM freely, 4/5d's can only ADM if provoked/attacked. ADM's are fought for special reasons such as someone invading your place of business and harasses you, friends, family or patrons. You have a right to defend your home or place of business as well as your clan/guild/house/organization's public areas.

The one defending their territory must give three warnings first before initiating the match. The target of the ADM can leave anytime during the ADM, even after initiation. Thereis no roll init at all. The defender just rolls using their dice, and makes their move (all dice must be stated on your profile--if anyone is found using dice not listed on their profile, the ADM is invalid!). Once that is done, that is when HP score is kept. The match ends wither when the target leaves, or all HP levels have been reached. A Body Guard can ADM to protect their ward. BG's must be in the same room to declare ADM for their wards. A log must be made of the ADM. Anyone found abusing this type of match, will have their dice suspended for 3 mun weeks by the MoIA. This log must be send to your GC, and to the MoIA.

ADM Example
Online Host:***You are in "Arts and Entertainment - CPBloodMoonLake".***
IJerichoIx: ::The air screams as it's torn open for the Violator::
IJerichoIx: ::He steps from nothing, his black-painted lips twisted in a cruel grin, the bones and rounds tied into his long, dark hair clicking softly as he walks in::
IJerichoIx: So, where's the blood then?
IJerichoIx: ::Smiles happily at the smell of steam::
IJerichoIx: Looks back, his eyes bright::
IJerichoIx: Yes! ::Sends an energy bolt at her::
OnlineHost: IJerichoIx rolled 4 60-sided dice: 14 47 27 39
IJerichoIx: ::Looks rather pleased with himself::
VxSiannaxV: ::glares as the energy surges through her body::
IJerichoIx: hahahaha...
VxSiannaxV: I advise you to leave, Sir
IJerichoIx: ::Picks her up and chucks her in the lake::
OnlineHost: IJerichoIx rolled 4 60-sided dice: 19 16 3 31
VxSiannaxV: ::falls near the shore, face first into the sandy ground::
IJerichoIx: Damnit..::Walks over and draws back, kicking her in the ribs as hard as he can::
OnlineHost: IJerichoIx rolled 4 60-sided dice: 52 28 40 20
VxSiannaxV: ::turns on her side more warning and I will ADM you ::coughs blood up::
IJerichoIx: IN THE LAKE!
VxSiannaxV: ::stands up holding her sides::
IJerichoIx: Whatever, ::Picks her up by the hair and chucks her into the lake::
OnlineHost: IJerichoIx rolled 4 60-sided dice: 20 14 23 53
IJerichoIx: Well, I feel better.
IJerichoIx: ::Waits expectantly::
VxSiannaxV: ::comes out of the be it, I have asked you to leave, (ADM on IJerichoIx/40 HPs)
VxSiannaxV: ::extracts claw and rams them into his leg, skewering his knee cap::
OnlineHost: VxSiannaxV rolled 5 55-sided dice: 52 5 23 16 39
IJerichoIx: Haha, ook...::Draws his leg back, white blood flowing from his ruined leg and tears the razors
across her face::
OnlineHost: IJerichoIx rolled 4 60-sided dice: 13 16 43 19
IJerichoIx: Ahh well, guess I can't do much there, huh?
VxSiannaxV: J16/40-S8/50
IJerichoIx: ::Stumbles back::
VxSiannaxV: ::eyes become depthless ebony pools::
IJerichoIx: Oooh, cute....

Resurrection Matches(ReM): This only may be requested at the end of a No Rezz DM. A witness for the deceased may request that a ReM be granted. If both the proctor and DM victor grant the request, the witness can fight the ReM. If the witness wins the ReM, the deceased of the DM may be Rezzed. Deceased must follow the normal forum procedures for a Rezz. If the witness loses, there is no Rezz. The winner of the ReM gets 10x the difference they won by (e.g. final score was 75-50=25x10=250exp's).

Binding Matches(BM): These can only be fought by those versed in the arts of binding, the exception of this being those who challenge such an individual to a death match. At the terms it can be changed to a BM, but if the non-binder wins, it proceeds as a normal DM.

At the end of a BM, the victor attempts to use his arts to bind the soul and body of his opponent magically. To do this, the victor rolls 1 die against the loser's resistance (1 die, minus the amount lost by. So if the loss was by twenty points and the defeated had d42's, they'd be rolling a d42 with a -20 modifier). If the loser resists that one either is entitled to a rezz match (in no rezz), or is eligable for a rezz.

Binding Length: if it was going to be a no-rezz DM, the binding is eternal. If it was rezz-able, then the binding will slowly wear off, usually between a week and a month, depending on the success of the rolls (a number of days equal to the difference between resist/bind rolls.) exp's=40 points per point won by (the match) and another 20 per point exceeding the resistance. If resisted, the would-be victim gets 20 per point exceeding the binding roll.

Soul Match (SoM): A derivation of this match would be the Soul Match. This can only be held as a no-rezz DM if held with non-runists. At least one of the opponents must be a runist to hold a SoM.

At the end of the SoM, if the runist won, he can attempt to change the loser's soul into a rune, a living magic, in the same was as binding (i.e: 1d each,t he amount lost by as a negative modifier to the resist roll). If the victim defends, he's allowed rezz after one week. If the runist is successful, and a binder, he can then bind the rune to an item (1d each, the amount lost the conversion by as a negative modifier to the loser.) If the victim wins, they are free willed magical things, their bodies gone.

Exp's for this are 40x points won by for the match, another 15 per point exceeding resistance (runic) roll, another 20 per point exceeding resistance (binding) roll. If the victim wins either resistance, they get the difference x15 or 20, depending on which they won on.

Dual of Sorcery (DoS): This is a special match fought between two mages/warlocks/witches/sorcers, etc. to settle who is the best in a given skill, or in general. A proctor is needed for this match. It is fought to 15 rounds. The winner gets 30x the difference (eg final score of 65-50=15x30=450exp's).

Forum Tournaments: From time to time the forum will host tournaments for all its citizens whether warriors or mages, to determine who is the best. First place winner will receive 3, 500 exp's, Second place will receive 1,500 exp's, and Third place will receive 600 exp's. Tournaments will be announced by the HC and EHC.

Leaps of Faith (LoF): These are special duels for women and men of the Cloth whom from time to time will find the need to settle a religious dispute. A proctor is needed for a LoF and goes to 16 rounds. The end of the match settles the dispute with the loser making offerings to the victor's god(s) and/or godess(es). The loser does not have to convert to the victor's religion, unless it is stated in the terms and agreed by both parties. There is a limit of one LoF per month. Meaning, if you have fought a LoF for December, you cannot fight another during that month. All LoF logs are to be sent to the Minister of Clergy. Winner gets 40x the difference (e.g.: final score of 45-35=10x40=400 exp's).

Thieves and Thieving Attempts (TA): Thieves can steal gold and weapons (enhancers). There is a 12-hour waiting period to attempt robbing the same individual. In order to receive credit for robbing someone, the thief must log the activity.

In order to get credit for a robbery, all thieves must log the robbery from start to end. The log must be turned into your GC or the person who handles logs in your clan/guild/house/organization. If you are freelancer, the log must be sent to the MoFr.

Thieving: The thief goes into the same room as the victim, gets nearby the person they intend to steal from, and states OOC the attempt of the theft and what they are going to steal. The victim is still unaware of this, only the MUN knows. Unless the perception check is made, in which case the victim may call out for help in stopping the thief. The victim's MUN rolls 1d(his own sides) and the thief rolls his dice minus what he is stealing and if he scored a greater roll than the intended victim, then he steals successfully. The victim then gets ANOTHER perception check if they had failed the first, to see if they realize they had been stolen from. If they make this Perception roll, then they know they have been stolen from, but they do no know who stole from them...although, they may have an idea as the thief had to be near the victim in order to try and steal.

However, if the thief's dice is lower than the target, then he is caught stealing. If a thief is caught stealing, the thief can either flee immediately, or stay and fight. If a fight ensues, it it's guild dice to 50, to decide whether or not the thief gets his intended object again. (I.e. the thief gets a second chance if he wins the after-match.) If the thief loses, then he is left empty-handed. A Successful T/A is worth 45 exps plus what ever was successfuly stolen Note: All members of CR forum are required to carry 100 g.p. on their person.

Rolling the dice: For every 20 gold you want to steal, your sides go down by 1, so, if you want to steal 200gps, your dice lower sides by 10(i.e.: if you are a 2d40 and you want to steal 200 gps, then your dice go down to 2d30). If you want to seal a weapon or armour, for every +1 of the enhancer, it is worth 1,000 gold, so your sides would go down 50 sides therefore +2 and +3 items are unstealable. Everyone rolls 1d(of his/her dice) in a thief attempt. (e.g.: your dice are 3d50, you would roll 1d50).

Perception Check: The intended target gets to roll 2d20 perception check to see if the "character" realizes they are being robbed. If they miss the perception check, then the "character" has no clue whatsoever that they are being robbed, and may not react. There are no perception items for TAs.

An Example of a Successful T/A
Qryket: -Sits next to her listening as she talk he appears to be paying great attention to her every word-
Qryket: (CR T/A on Dhelani * Thief Qryket }
Qryket: {500 g.p.}{7/3/99}{2:30 A.M.}{no Enhancers}
Dhelani: ::suddenly waves up into the air and gives a scowl and a whisper:: saying no,we can't do
Qryket: {state any Enhancers and roll 2d20 perception you have 5 minutes}
Dhelani: that.
Qryket: -looks at her and chuckles- we can't go for a drink?
Dhelani: ::then turns and looks back to him:: huh??
Dhelani: ::giggles:: oh nothing,, just a fly ::pretends to swat at one::
Qryket: I was wondering What ya meant ya said nea we can't do that
Qryket: oh okay
Dhelani: (no enhancers)
OnlineHost: Dhelani rolled 2 20-sided dice: 10 8
Qryket: {failed}
Dhelani: ((darn))
Qryket: -reaches into her pocket and takes 500 g.p.-
Qryket: {roll 1d your guild dice please}
OnlineHost: Qryket rolled 1 65-sided die: 38
OnlineHost: Dhelani rolled 1 70-sided die: 4
Dhelani: (ack!)
Qryket: ( success full theft of 500 g.p.)
Qryket: ( now roll 2d 20 again please you need 2 points)
OnlineHost: Dhelani rolled 2 20-sided dice: 14 5
Qryket: -Slips the g.p. into his pocket Unnoticed and smiles to himself -
Qryket: {failed}
Qryket: {CR T/A Successful your character does not know she has been robbed}

Dice and Exp Transfers: These can only be done when a Character is First entering CR from another Forum. When transfering Exp and Dice to CR from another Forum , The Character must leave the other Forum. Chacracter's that are already in CR can not transfer exps to CR because they are already in CR. If a Character wishes to tranfer their exp and dice to CR this table may help them to determine there Dice and Exp. Forums such as UAC or Forums that use the same Exp & Dice table as UAC's Exp and Dice table can trasfer at the rate of 1 UAC exp = 50 CR exps. Any forum that uses and other coins as exp will transfer at 40 to 1 CR Exp Ratio. Any Forum that has the same Exp table as these type of Forums (UGC,CoR) Will transfer to CR at a 1 to 1 Ratio. If there is any situations of dice and exp transfered this this does not cover, the HC will work on these with the individuals on a case by case basis to try to help.

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