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Flying Colors Riding Program
Flying Colors
Riding Program
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Meet the Crew
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November loth, 2001

(Names which are in ** BOLD ** letters are Flying Colors riders)
v v
Grooming and Showmanship
Champion Marie Morris
Reserve ChampionRegina Jones
3rdVictoria Brown
4thNicole Little
5thRachel Brown
5thKelly Connor
6thJanet Bray
Champion Regina Jones
Reserve ChampionJanet Bray
3rdNicole Little
4thMichelle Kunnas
5thKatie Norris
6thKelly Connors
Model Stock
ChampionMarie Morris
Reserve Champion Nicole Little
3rdRachel Meas
** 4thVicki Brown **
5thChris Ball
6thAnn Maguire
Wann-Up Fences
Champion Lauren Vile
Reserve ChampionKatie Norris
3rdAbby Denton
4thChris Ball
5thRachel Hall
6thJill Lukens
Short Stirrup Equitation Division
Champion Cori Reich
Reserve ChampionKatie Connolly
3rdAbby Shotts
4thEmily Dayton
5thAmy McA1Iistor
6thKara Kralick
Beginner English Walk- Trot Equitation Division
Champion Elizabeth Bruce
Reserve Champion Rachel Adams
3rd Annie Ashton
** 4th Sue Keller **
SthCaitlyn Rigby
6thRachel Litovsky
Beginner English Junior Equitation Division (14 and under)
ChampionLauren Vile
Reserve Champion Katie Norris
3rd Candice Lorendeau
4rh Caitlyn Drummond
Sth Sara Dayton
6th Thera Argyris
Beginner English Senior Equitation Division (15 and over)
Champion Melody Broadbent
Reserve Champion Elizabeth Bruce
3rd Jennifer Musil
4th Rachel Rufe
5th Chris Ball
** 6th Kathleen Harkins **
6th Lauren Shorts
Pre-Green Hunter Division,/th>
Champion Karen Kohl
Reserve Champion Courtney Radosti
3rd Rachel Hall
3rd Susie Mitchell
** 4th Sue Kellar **
5thRachel Rufe
6thMarissa Favata
Green Hunter Division
ChampionKatie Norris
Reserve Champion Chris Ball
3rd Rachel Rufe
4thCourtney Radosti
5thSusie Mitchell
6th Candice Lorendeau
Junior English Equitation Division (14 and under)
Champion Katie Mitchell
Reserve Champion Marybeth Schlotter
3rd Sarah Cobb
4thLinda Beyer
5th Bailey Wild
6th Thera Argyris
Senior English Equitation Division (15 and over)
Champion Jamie Gal1agher
Reserve Champion Joanne Martins
3rd Kelly Strait
4th Melody Broadbent
5th Paige Hartman
5th Kara Lombardo
6th Laura Arrighly
English Pleasure Division (includes trail class)
Champion Lauren Vile
Reserve Champion Jamie Gallagher
3rd Melody Broadbent
4th Erin Smith
4th Katie Connolly
Sth Courtney Radosti
6th Marybeth Schlotter
Trail Class (english and western)
Champion Courtney Radosti
** Reserve Champion Carly Bacon **
** 3rd Vicki Brown **
4th Sandra Cass
5th Lauren Vile
6th Annie Ashton
** 6th Rachel Brown **
Hunter Under Saddle Division
Champion Joanna Martens
Reserve Champion Melody Broadbent
3rd Katie Mitchell
4th Kelly Strait
5th Kim Kobryn
6th Jennifer Rufe
Fun Class Games Division (english and western)
Champion Annie Ashton
Reserve Champion Rachel Hall
3rd Elizabeth Bruce
4th Caitlyn Drummond
Sth Katie Mitchell
6th Katie Norris
Junior Speed Division (16 and under)
Champion Kristen Yerkis
Reserve Champion Tacy Lynn Steimle
** 3rd Carly Bacon **
** 4th Nicole Pestcoe **
** Sth Zoe Ann Thomas **
** 6th April Dixon **
Senior Speed Division (17 and over)
Champion Jill Taylor
Reserve Champion Mike Cosmo
3rd MeI Fisher
4th Art Williams
Sth Ron Schumann
6th Tacy Steimle
Lead Line Equitation Division (6 and under)
Champion Allie Dowd
Reserve Champion Justin Taylor
3rd Rachel WiIkoski
4th Hannah Schoengold
4th Marty Tanner
Sth Allison Cohen
6th Jamie Cwenar
6th Madison Koral
Pee-Wee Cowpoke Equitation Division (10 and under)
** Champion Carly Bacon **
Reserve Champion Josh Taylor
** 3rd Zoe Ann Thomas **
4th Kristen Yerkis
** Sth April Dixon
** 6th Nicole Pestcoe **
Beginner Western Equitation Division (all ages)
Champion Russel Yerkis
Reserve Champion Lyle Hutnick
3rd Kristen Yerkis
4thKathryn Kokas
5thElizabeth Bruce
** 6th Carly Bacon **
Open Western Equitation Division (all ages)
Champion Lauren Vile
** Reserve Champion Vicky Brown **
** 3rd Rachel Brown **
4thSandra Cass
5th Taylor Singmaster
6th Ashley McBrien
Western Pleasure Division (includes trail class)
Champion Annie Ashton
Reserve Champion Sandra Cass
** 3rd Vicki Brown **
4th Debra Smith
Sth Ann McGuire
** 6th Rachel Brown **
Pleasure Driving Division (mini's and small ponies)
Champion Marie Morris
Reserve Champion Terri Lewis
Reserve Champion Jaye Ventresca
3rd Margaret Henry
4th Pegi Van De Water
Sth Jim Ertel
6th Cheryl Dougherty
Pleasure Driving Division (larger ponies and horses)
Champion Paul Lewis
Reserve Champion Caitlin Clancy
3rd Marylou Wagner
4th Eleanor Jonathen
Sth Astrid Fallen
6th Lisa Mattis Country Pleasure Driving Division Champion
ChampionCheryl Dougherty
Reserve Champion Margaret Henry
3rd Terri Lewis
4th Paul Lewis
4th Marie Morris
5th Marylou Wagner
6th Kathy Ballantine Driving Games Division
Champion Marie Morris
Reserve Champion Jim Ertel
3rd Jaye Ventresca
4th Cheryl Dougherty
5th Paul Lewis
6th Kathy Ballentine
On Behalf of Middletown Grange I would like to thank everyone for helping to make this a great show series. Without your support this would not have been possible! We look forward to seeing you next year. Have a wonderful happy and healthy winter. Please drop me a line and offer any suggestions you may have on classes, changes etc. Include your name and telephone number so that we may discuss it. Sincere Thanks: Sharon Kimmel (Middletown Grange Horse Show Chainnan}
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