Wouldnt it be funny if...

Q.A. Kitten: Dont you mean 'wouldnt it be stupid if ?'

Kittix: Ahem.. We got really bored so we made these
stupid scenerios for a little humor, very little, hey, we found them funny..

=^..^= If the ball Tugger kicks, hits Mistoffelees (*Q.A.Kitten smacks Kittix*)

=^..^= JennyAnyDots gets stuck inside the car in the beginning of her song

=^..^= Pouncival falls off the chair when he jumps to it

=^..^= Tugger really does give Etcetera gum off his shoe

=^..^= Victoria unexpectedly gets her "monthly visitor" which doesnt blend to well with her white costume

=^..^= Misto goes to leap into Old D's arms, and misses

=^..^= Demeter jumps on the wrong Old D

=^..^= Demeter screams "Macavity" during JennyAnyDot's tap scene

=^..^= Cassandra does one to many cartwheels and ends up off the stage

=^..^= Everyone has thought of this one... Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer mess up thier cartwheel, it would be classic

=^..^= When Etcetera goes on the trapeze, someone has forgotten to attach it to the ceiling

=^..^= Rumpleteazer sneezes before Skimbleshanks trys to shut the window

=^..^= When Tugger goes "From his ears.." in Magical Mr Mistoffelees his wig comes off

=^..^= The hand that takes Grizabella to Heaviside suddenly stops

=^..^= Mistoffelees pulls off the red sheet in his song to find... JennyAnyDots..and not Old D, its such a shock, he never does his tricks again

=^..^= Misto really does electrocute Victoria

=^..^= Skimble slips too much scotch in his tea

=^..^= During "Macavity" when they do thier little hold thier head and kick thier feet thing, Bombi hits Demeter in the face

=^..^= When Demeter pulls the Old D suit off Macavity, she pulls too much off leaving Macavity with "quite a breeze"

=^..^= Misto doesnt get the lights back on, he is saying "Presto" in the dark
=^..^= Misto and Munkustrap dont catch Bustopher Jones

=^..^= The hat caves in under Bustopher

=^..^= When Bustopher goes to swing his spoon as a golf club, he lets go...uh oh, Jenny look out!

=^..^= The boot falls too early

=^..^= The tire starts to leave without Old D and Grizabella

=^..^= If Kittix were in CATS

and finally, the stupidest one yet...

=^..^= If CATS was about dogs!! Ahahahahahahaha (Q.A.Kitten: Riiiiiiiight..)

Heeeeey! We got some more! These arent from us, but from random people on the internet, and we just said they were ours, basically stealing them. HAHAHA! AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! HAH! *Slaps self* Oy.. ok, well we give them credit.. cuz we're nice.

NOTE: The following 'Wouldnt it be funny if..' scenerios were NOT created by us, but by fans of the site who sent in thier own. You may think of them as childish, offensive, stupid, or just morally wrong, but.. keep it to yourself! No angry emails, okay? Ah, thank yas. These are originals from the emails, not edited by yours truly, Kittix.

(From KittyDiva)
=^..^= If Rumpleteazer didnt duck when Mungojerrie jumps over her. Owwies to Mr. Mungo..

(From Etceterette)
=^..^= Rumpleteazer tries to steal the Tugger by stuffing him in her loot bag.

=^..^= They let Gus sit on Bustopher's hat instead of the bucket and Bustopher finds out and eats everyone. (Kittix: I think I had a nightmare like that once..)

=^..^= During the "Rumpus Cat" song, he makes the fur on his head stand up, but can't get it to go back down!!!

=^..^= Grizabella walks up the hand-stairs-thingy and it starts going up and down really fast and all of a sudden, she flies off and crashes into the moon...then she sues the Heavyside Layer.

=^..^= During "Mr. Mistofolees", he pulls off the red sheet to find...JACOB BRENT!!!

=^..^= While they're all singing "The Naming of the Cats", one stands up and shouts out what his 3rd name is!!!

(From DemiKit)
=^..^= While Gus is singing his song, Jellylorum suddenly stands up, looks at him, and shouts, "STOP SHAKING ALREADY!!!"

=^..^= During "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" Misto shakes his head a little too hard and his wig flies off.

=^..^=  When Bustopher Jones is running away, he trips and starts rolling.

=^..^= While the cockroaches are standing in line tapdancing during Jenny's song, one of them let's out a huge fart when they bend over!!

=^..^= Skimbleshanks is sniffing around (as usual) and a fly goes up his nose!

=^..^= When Grizabella tries to dance right before "Memory", Old D' comes down from the tire and starts to seduce her.

(From Leland)
=^..^= Skimbleshanks never wakes up, the train never leaves, and everyone stands around asking "Where is Skimble?" for the alloted time for the musical number.

=^..^= The kittens all declare, pre-Grizabella-acceptance, that they want to be followers of the Glamour Cat then go and tear their coats and stain them with sand.

=^..^= It turns out there never WAS an Old Duteronomy-It was always Macavity in disguise.

=^..^= During the Gumbie Cat musical number, Jennyanydots stops Munkustrap at "Sits and sits and sits and sits" and shows him her Gym Membership Card, declaring she uses the stairmaster at least three times a week.

(From Broadwaystar89)
=^..^= When Cassandra sings "Were you there when the pharohs commissioned the Sphinx?", everyone simuntaniously looks at Old Deuteronomy. (If anyone actually got that, congradulations. Your probably a genius)

=^..^= When Misto's doing his toe touches, his suit rips.

=^..^= During the live show, while the cats are walking towards the stand, an obssessed fan (In costume) joins them, and no-one notices until the second act. (Kittix: Ooooh.. idea..)

=^..^= During "The Jellicle Ball" when Plato picks up Victoria, Misto runs up to him and grabs Vicky away from him.

=^..^= When Misto raises the car trunk during "The Old Gumby Cat", instead of Jennyanydots, out pops- Andrew Lloyd Webber. (Kittix: I KNOW I've had a nightmare like that before.. *shudders*)

=^..^= Misto 'accidentally' zaps RTT when he kicks the ball at him.

=^..^= Jennyanydots tackles Rum Tum Tugger because he was teasing Jemima.

=^..^= Munkustrap falls off the car at the begining.

=^..^= When Old Deut. sends Griz up to the heavyside layer, Gus suddenly runs and pushes her of the tire, before scrambling off the stairs.

=^..^= When Munkustrap tears off Jennyanydot's first suit (the fat suit), she slaps him and sues for sexual harrassment.

=^..^= When Mistoffelees finishes his "conjuring turn", he's really, really, really dizzy, and he blows chunks all over the orchestra.

=^..^= When Asparagus Jr. says, "Jellicle Cats are roly-poly" (During the Jellicle Ball) Bustopher comes out and yells "I'm just big-boned!" before smacking Asparagus with his giant spoon.

=^..^= To copy from Kittix- if CATS was about mice! Hey, I think it's funny!

=^..^= If Bustopher Jones is really Jemima in disguise.
(Kittix: I think that goes under "Wouldn't it be scary if... *shudders*)

=^..^= When Jemima is singing 'Daylight, see the dew on the sunflower', Electra becomes jealous and tackles her so she can take Jemima's place
=^..^= New version of "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer"- Mungo, Rumple, and Old Deut, have a wonderful way of working together. (Kittix: Hm.. it has a certain catch to it..)

=^..^= When the cats say "the Jellicle moon is shining bright!" Old Deuteronomy yells "No it's not! It's just painted on! Get over it!"

=^..^= Jemima has a nervous breakdown and goes postal.

=^..^= When Jemima, Etcetera, Victoria, and Electra pretend to be mice for 'the Old Gumbie Cat', a REALLY hungry [insert any Jellicle's name here] attacks them.

=^..^= The boot lands on Jellylorum

=^..^= During "Mr. Mistoffelees", Misto is doing his little dance, and Munkustrap shoves him out of the way, saying "I'm the star of this show!"

=^..^= The entire cast is sick, except for one person, who has to do the entire show by himself.

(from BULIWYF07)
=^..^= When Old D. says "Do you know how to go to the heaviside layer?" they all shout, "YOU DO!"

^..^ ^..^ ^..^ ^..^

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