The History of the Jellicle Looney Bin and About Kittix 'n QAK

Kittix: Some history on everyone's favorite *grin* CATS website.... yes, I meant ours! NO! DONT LEAVE! Make us happy and read :) I mean, you clicked here, might as well make it worth the extra effort, eh?

Site History/Facts:

First Opened (officially): August 15th, 2001

Previous Site Names:
'Mistomania', 'Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's CATS Page', 'The Jellicle Looney Bin'
(At first, the site was just 'MistoMania' because QAK was going to make the entire thing a Misto shrine. Then, when I became a partner, it was 'QAK's & Kittix's Cats Page', and now we are 'The Jellicle Looney Bin'!)

Original Owner: Quaxo's AngelKitten.
(Orignally, I didnt want anything to do with the webpage. I joined, at first, just to help her out, then I became a partner.)

Current Owner: Kittix
(QAK really doesnt do, if you'll excuse my French, diddily doo doo on this site. She has only two sections, which she rarely updates, and she did the Cat-Libs Page. I put together everything else and I am the only one who updates. Therefore, I am indeed the owner.)

Webmistress's Relationship: Siblings
(What? Did you think we were friends? Hah! QAK is my little sister.)

The Jellicle Looney Bin Headquarters:
Oooh.. didnt that sound professional?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - United States of America

Number of Sections Upon Opening: 3
(Pictures Pages, Lyrics Pages, About Me (QAK) Page)

QAK's Previous Web Page Design Experience: None
(This is QAK's first web page. Woooow.)

Number of Different Backgrounds (for main): 4
(We went from a Misto background, to another Misto background, to animated CAT eyes, to our current blue CAT eyes background.)

Nickname Origins:
Kittix - Place together Kitten Antics ("Kitt" "ics") and change the spelling.
Quaxo's AngelKitten - Her favorite cat and guardianship at the 'Jacob Brent Guardian Angels', put together

Number of Times Kittix & QAK Fought: Too many to count
(We always end up fighting over something or other!)

Current Cats Shrines:
QAK's Mistoffelees/Jacob Brent Shrine
(Still the original shrine made by QAK, un-updated)
Kittix's VERY NOTORIOUS Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer Shrine
(Recently made shrine by me, updated every-so-often)

Shrines in the Future?:
A Rum Tum Tugger Shrine
(I'm still in the thinking stages of this, if I go through with it. Tugger is a favorite cat of mine (though he isnt my favorite cat. That title belongs to both Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer) and I might make a shrine for him. I havent decided yet. It wouldnt be much, and I wouldnt update it as often as my other shrine.)
A Jemima/Sillabub Shrine
(If QAK goes through with it, a shrine to another of her favorite Cats, Jemima/Sillabub.)

Things That Arent There Anymore:

Quaxo's AngelKitten's CATS Quiz:
(Leave it to my smart little sister to make a quiz with incorrect answers! I hadnt gone through the quiz until a few months after we put the thing up because I thought QAK would have correct questions and answers. Well, I was wrong. I decided to get rid of that quiz, and re open a new section for trivia, 'Macavity's Very Evil and Sinister Cats Trivia')

"Now Which was Which Cat?" Pictures Pages:
(These were a bunch of pages of pictures of the video actors with and without thier make up. Due to Angelfire reducing our webspace from 50 mbs to just a mere 20 mbs, we had to rid of our pictures pages. We decided to just link externally to another website, which is currently Oriana's Moonlit Playground. We're grateful for it!)

Cat Nips - Video Bloopers Page:
(Just recently I decided to rid of this page. Why? Its a very long and tedious page to do. Plus, there are TONS of Cats sites with a Cats Video bloopers list, and we try not to be like every other site.)

The Jellicle Polls for Jellicle Cats Page:
(They were nice for awhile, then some pissy and too extreme Cats fans came in and kept calling us 'Cats Haters' because, yes, we did make fun of some Cats, but really, we didnt mean it! Our content was no where near what those Cat Hate sites are like. Saying our site was like those sites was a complete disgrace, and fighting was breaking out on the Polls page. Also, our original html page for the Polls page was lost somewhere on our old computer. Oh well, no big loss.)

Interesting Facts About Cats:
(These weren't that interesting really. We copied and pasted them onto our site, which was lazy of us *hehe*, and we saw the same facts and statistics on a bunch of other Cats sites. So, we rid of it.)

Cats Backgrounds Page:
(All the power to QAK, who made every background, but we just didnt have room for them in our directory. And, the site took a long time to load, and she didnt want to redo her current site so.. I guess thats gone for good. I dont know if we'll replace it.)

Cats Fan Art:
(Big apologies from us to all of the wonderful fan art artists! As with the other pictures, we just dont have room for them in our directory. We're sorry!)

The Wonderful Wonderful CATS RPG:
(This RPG really was wonderful! I have been in a few RPGs, and this one beat them all. The RPGrs were more then excellent and did a great job with plots and storylines, as if we had our very own Cats Soap Opera! But sadly, after a year on the internet, the RPG died down. But, my love for RPGing was too strong so I had to start a new one. I partnered with a good friend of mine, Athena, and made 'The Ultimate Everlasting Cats RPG'.)

Video Cats in Thier Theatre Production Pictures Page:
(Basically, for the same reason all of our pictures pages, for the exception of our shrines, are down; not enough room in our directory! Besides, we love the video and all, but I must say my love for the video itself isnt as strong as it used to be. I love Cats of MANY productions now, and the video is just another production to me.)

Which Cat Are You? Personality Test:
(This was actually just a joke test, and wasnt really anything worthwhile, except a laugh. I rid of it just because of other important things to work on during our big summer renevations, and didnt have time for it. This might, yet might not, actually be replaced sometime. If it is, it will be a more realistic Cats personality test.

Info on the Webmistresses:
(in survey form, I picked questions up from different surveys around the net)


Other Names: RumpleKittix, Tugger Kit, Tzer
Real First Name: Jaqueline (But call me that and I will kill you. Its Jackie.)
Hair Color/Eye Color: Brown hair, brown eyes. Arent I unique?
Age: 16
Birthday: August 15th, 1986
Messenger(s)/Name(s): Yahoo! Messenger: RumpleKittix, AOL Instant Messenger: KittixKit
My Way of Ending a Message/Post/Guestbook Entry: "Purrs to yas!"
Favorite Cat(s): Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer (my main favs) But I do like Tugger a lot too.
Least Favorite Cat(s): Gus, Exotica, JennyAnyDots and Cassandra. Yeah, yeah, you all can hate me now.
Favorite Song(s) from Cats: Hard to say.. It all depends on the production and version. Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer, The Rum Tum Tugger, Magical Mr Mistoffelees, Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats, and even the Ad-dressing of Cats! Yes, the Ad Dressing of Cats!
Least Favorite Song(s) from Cats: Gus: the Theatre Cat, Bustopher Jones, and Memory. Yes, I have to be like the only one who really doesnt like the song Memory. I like the more upbeat songs, not the slow and sad ones. I guess it depends on the actress singing.
Favorite Line from Cats: "With Cats, some say one rule is true; Dont speak 'til you are spoken to!", "Now dogs pretend they like to fight, they often bark, more seldom bite."
Other Favorite Musicals: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar
Other Favorite Musicals' Songs: Like everything from Joseph, like every song from JCS that is sung by Judas, Ciaphas and Annas and Pilot, "Music of the Night", "All I ask of You" (both from POTO), "Come What May", "Elephant Love Song Medely" (both from movie/musical Moulin Rouge), "Day by Day" (from Godspell)
Hobbies: THE INTERNET! Is that a hobby? It is now. Also, I like to draw and exercise (as much as I can) and sing to songs, even though I cant sing. *grin*
Hobbies on the internet: Web Page Design, Graphic Design, talk to friends, RPG!, surf Cats sites (if I'm in a Cats mood, that is), I also watch a lot of movies.
The Cat most like me, and why: Rumpleteazer! I guess I have a personality a lot like her.. so I've been told. Mischievious and playful, a bit conceited... *ahem* oh yes, and I can have a tendency to speak my mind if I have to, sometimes like a big bitch, but deep down, I'm pretty nice.
If I could be in Cats, I'd be: Duh. Rumpleteazer! I cant play a serious type, I dont think, I'd rather be the troublemaking clown. And Rumpleteazer would be it! But, I probably wouldnt mind playing a kitten like Electra.
Talents: Uh.. do you consider web pages and graphics a talent? If you do, I guess I MIGHT have that. I'm a pretty good writer, speaker (I mean, infront of crowds), arguer *hehe*, I'm some what atheletic, and I'm usually pretty good when it comes to trivial stuff.
How I got into liking Cats: Well, in 9th grade our English teacher put on the video for us. I hated it. I saw the video again over the summer, with QAK, and QAK ended up playing it over and over again. Then, I just fell inlove with it!
Favorite types of Music (besides musicals): Alternative Rock.
Favorite Color: Green! A lime green more than the dark green.
Favorite Food: I'm an extremely picky eater, but for favortie food, its Cheetos! Yes, those little cheese crunchy things. Looooove Cheetos.
Intrests: Musicals, theater, art, movies, video games... *sigh*.. yes, I play video games. Final Fantasy games are the best, especially FFIIV, which is the best game I have ever played, and hockey! Yes, a female hockey fan! And player! I used to play hockey, but recently I havent had a chance.
Career I'd like to get in the future: I'd love to be in enertainment. I know, everyone does, but I really would love to be a theater acrtess. I would love to be in musicals, but I cant sing and dance, but I might take a shot at acting in Plays. If not, I'd probaby work with computers or animals.
What I like Best About QAK: Okay, I know it may seem like I really dont get along with my sister, but I actually do. Though she does have an uncanny way of pissing me off, she isnt so bad. She can be a bit of a prep, but thats alright too. I'm used to it. She's funny, she listens (well, most of the time), and she and I have a lot of common intrests. Actually.. no we dont. Just musicals and movies. Anyways, she's not so bad, just very lazy with the website.. *grin* And we both have a stupid sense of humor, and thats a hard quality to find sometimes! Its hard to be so stupid its funny! Also, she and I love to recite favorite lines from out favorite movies. (All movies being stupidly funny, btw.)
What I Like Least About QAK: Her preppyness, if thats a word, and of all things.. her really CRAPPY music. I mean, ok, some of you out there might actually enjoy pop, r&b, and country, but I can NOT stand it! And how sometimes she goes over dramatic and gets really mad at me over stupid little things. And whenever we both are singing a song that is a deut (really, we'll just belt out into song out of nowhere sometimes.), I dont know how she manages to do it, but I always end up singing the guy parts! Gr.. And that flute. All the power to her, she plays the flute VERY well, its just, listening to the flute alone, with no other instrument, and while trying to watch TV or something... ugh..
My Favorite Thing(s) to Laugh About QAK: Her marching band outfit. Bahaha! And how sometimes.. I just dont know if she has ANY common sense at all. Also how she talks in the middle of her sleep, which in all reality is very creepy, but its pretty funny.
Other Junk: I am the Quick Change Comedian, the Jellicle Joker or the Jellicle Jester!!! Humor is my thing, and I leeeeeerve it. All those serious type people need to lighten up! Thats what me thinks. If you ever wanna talk to me, go right ahead, I love to talk. Just, if you piss me off, you'll hear about it. *grin grin*

Quaxo's AngelKitten

Other Names:  Janelle, Nelle, (Censored)
Real First Name: Janelle
Hair Color/Eye Color: Dark Blonde, Brown
Age:  14
Birthday:  January 8th, 1988
Messenger(s)/Name(s):  AngelKittenyKat (AIM) AngelKittenKat (Yahoo!)
My Way of Ending a Message/Post/Guestbook Entry: Wuvles, Nelle or w/e nickname I use
Favorite Cat(s):  Jemima, Mistoffelees, Rumpleteazer
Least Favorite Cat(s):  Exotica and Cassandra
Favorite Song(s) from Cats: Uhhhh.... Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer
Least Favorite Song(s) from Cats:  Gus, Ad Dressing of Cats and any other ones I seem to enjoy to fast forward
Favorite Line from Cats:  "..Or hairier..."
Other Favorite Musicals: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera, and ....yea I think Moulin Rouge
Other Favorite Musicals' Songs: Moulin Rouge songs! YAY
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends
Hobbies on the internet: Chatting w/ friends
The Cat most like me, and why: .Jemima because she's just so darn cute
If I could be in Cats, I'd be: Jemima
Talents: Band? uhhh School? and other things I happen  to be good at
How I got into liking Cats: I watched it
Favorite types of Music (besides musicals): Country, Hip-hop, pop, rock, alternative, and anything else on the radio
Favorite Color:  Pink blue and purple, all light of course
Favorite Food:  I don't know it all tastes pretty good as it gets shoved down my throat
Intrests: People: I like interesting people because they are interesting
Career I'd like to get in the future:  Ahhh ask again in two years
What I Like Best About Kittix: She takes care of the whole site mainly by herself and still gives me mad props from down in Oaktown, ya heard? And how we get along so well...most of the time
What I like Least About Kittix: How her and my other sister team up and tease me
My Favorite Thing(s) to Laugh About Kittix: Well for one, her seizuring during art class...that's classic..and a lot of other things amongst that
Other Junk: ...I got Kittix a pre-used cup for her birthday!....I just hope she doesn't mistaken it for the ones from the doctor's office and pee in it!

Kittix: Please forgive my sister. She is an idiot.