Macavity has bound and gagged us up! (Good thing webpages are typed!) This is what he wrote to you;

Macavity: <insert evil laughter here> I have finally had enough of those two, so I came and took them away! So, you want to help them? Well, I have 3 questions for you. Why? Why? And can you answer my VERY EVIL AND SINISTER CATS TRIVIA QUESTION? Ok, well, I only want you to answer the last one. Think you have the Cats knowledge to do it? Well then, I guess we'll see. Every month I'll have a new question up for you to answer. Then, you send in the answer (along with a nickname or we'll have to use your email) to and title it "Answer to Macavity's Trivia." If you answer correctly, you not only save Kittix and QAK, but you also get listed in the Macavity's V.E.A.S. Cats Trivia Hall of Fame. Lets get started then.

This months (November's) question is;

'Hmm.. in the Cats video, there were 3 Americans...'
Kittix: Yay America!
Macavity: Quiet you! *Throws Kittix off cliff*

'Anyways, in the Cats video there were three Americans; Michael Gruber, Ken Page, and who?'

<insert evil laughter here>

So, you think you know it? Send the answer to RIGHT NOW then you PATHETIC human! <insert more evil laughter>

You want to see those PATHETIC humans that have already out smarted me and saved those PATHETIC cats Kittix and QAK?


<more evil laughter>