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The follow page may contain stuff that isn't suitable for kittens. Stuff like this..


Heheheh, I'M JUST KIDDING!! I'm not a schicko like that.. I just might use some offensive language or something, y'know, "swear" words, nothing more.

You hate me now, dont you? *Grin Grin*


The following page also contains OPINIONS.. ON... CATS! *gasp* So all of you "fans" who like to yell at Kittix for being a CATS hater, I suggest my foot consult you ass.. er, I mean, please leave now.

Pouncival is cuuuuuute!


This picture, from the Broadway Cats Calendar ('99/00'?), has NOTHING to do with anything. I just think it's adorable. hehe..

(from the deepest parts of Cats fandomness, insanity, and stuff you shouldnt see... right to your computer!)
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Welcome to the page of 'The Jellicle Looney Bin' which is dedicated entirely to ME, MYSELF, AND I! Or, to put it bluntly, Kittix. HAHAHA! Oh yeah.. and about CATS.. ahem, anyways, if you're bored, then you can look around. If you're looking for something interesting, please click your BACK BUTTON now, or might I suggest..

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I can use this ugly green/grey color 'cuz its MY PAGE, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...h..ha.. *cough *cough* .... HAHAHAHAHA


So what the hell do we have for yas, kitties? Hm.. I have stuff on RPGs and me, my favorite made up characters (made by me), Cats art (made by me), Cats Fan Fics (written by me), The Book of Why? (made by me), and Kittix's Views on Worthless Crap.

Wanna talk to Kittix LIVE?

AOL IM: KittixKit
Yahoo! Messenger: RumpleKittix
Nice E-mails: RumpleKittix@yahoo.com
Hate E-mails: AngelKittenKat@yahoo.com (*teehee*)
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As some of you may know, I LOVE RPGS! They're sooooo much fun! But, I usually have a hard time finding good ones, so thats why I put this up. If you have an RPG, you can find ME!! Yup, I am THAT lazy. BUT: It MUST be a message board-type RPG, I hate Yahoo! Groups RPGs and Email RPGs.

Number of RPGs I've Been In: (as of now) 11 or 12.. lost count..
Number of Characters I have RP'd: I dunno the exact number, but the total is over 30
RPG Styles I Prefer: Junkyard or Cathuman
Show Cats I have RP'd: (* indicates a main cat)
Alonzo, Bill Bailey, *Carbucketty, Electra, Macavity, Mistoffelees, Munkustrap, *Mungojerrie, Old Deuteronomy, Pouncival, *Rumpleteazer, *Rum Tum Tugger, Skimbleshanks
Show Cats I Prefer: Rumpleteazer is my number one choice. Tugger/Mungojerrie/Carbucketty are my seconds.
Number of RPG's I Have Owned/Moderated: 4
Number of Current Owned/Moderated: 2 (TUEC RPG [owner/moderater]) (Kitnapped! (under ezboard's "JellicleGenerations", owned by TumbleGirl) [moderator])
Number of Times Kicked Out of an RPG: 0 (they love me.)
Other Junk: As I said before, my favorite cat to RP is Rumpleteazer. I have/will have played her (or a human who played her in a "production") in 5 different RPGS, one lasting over a year. Currently, I play her in 3 RPGs. My other main choices are; Tugger, who I currently play in 4 RPGs; Mungojerrie, who I currently play in 5 RPGs; Carbucketty I only played 2 times, currently in 1 RPG and one that closed, but he my favorite kit of them all and I enjoy playing him a lot! I find him to be very different from Pouncival, and like him a bit better ;)


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Kittix's Favorite Made Up Characters:

Making up a character is half the fun of RP'ing and writing a fan fiction. Its nice to make up a cat (or Pollicle) that doesn't have any previous experience in the show. These are some of my top fav's, cuz I have played MANY made up characters before and can't list them all.

The Picks of the Litter!

Peridot (Jellicle):
Relations: from fic: Mother- Rumpleteazer | Father- Macavity)
Current RPG's This Charcter is in: 0 (that WILL change, sometime..)
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: "A Not-So-Notorious Secret"
Name Origin: I got her name from my birth stone, the stone of August, Peridot.
Description: from fic: Lighter orange tabby, some stripes are black and some are a red/brown
Personality: Very care free and mischievious, a lot like her mother. She is indeed a trouble maker, but she does have a sweet side.
Other Details: Peridot is the counterpart of Kittix. I never use "Kittix" as a character name, cuz it just doesn't sound good, but I do/will use Peridot to represent me (as a cat) in RPGs and FanFics.

Tybalt (Jellicle):
Notable Relations: from fic: Mother- Rumpleteazer | Father- Macavity)
from RPG: Mother- Cassandra | Father- Alonzo)
Current RPGs This Character is in: 1
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: "A Not-So-Notorious Secret"
Name Origin: Well, I actually found this name on a "1000 Names for Your Kitten" site, but I do believe that Tybalt is from 'Romeo and Juliet'
Description: from fic: A red striped tabby, with a hint of an orange tint. Most stripes are a black/brown/red mixture.
from RPG: A black cat with white patches
Personality: Not very friendly, usually causing a fight or two, not so easy to get along with, sometimes actually mean.
Other Details: I really like this character. I plan on using him a lot in RPGs.

Halo (Jellicle):
Notable Relations: from one RPG: Mother- Rumpleteazer | Father- Alonzo
:from another RPG: no relations
Current RPGs This Character is in: Actually, I no longer RP her, but, she used to be in 2 different RPGs.
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: 0
Name Origin: Dunno.. just liked the name Halo
Description: from first RPG: Like her mother, the orange striped tabby look, only lighter and with a black patch around the right eye, from her father, Alonzo.
:from another RPG: A orange/brown/white patched Calico.
Personality: from first RPG: A bitch, to put it bluntly. Jealous a lot, very vengeful, and very conceited
:from another RPG: Generally nice
Other Details: I played her for a long time in my 'Wonderful, Wonderful Cats RPG', and I played her also in another RPG, but I quit that one shortly after.

Blitz (Pollicle):
Notable Relations: no relations
Current RPGs This Character is in: He was actually killed off in his first RPG since I had too many characters. *sniffle*
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: 0 (that will change)
Name Origin: Actually, I got it from a football term.. dunno, just sounded neat!
Description: from RPG: A large husky, fur very scragly, one scarred over eye
for fanfic: A large black husky, very built, and sometimes can resemble a black wolf.
Personality: Cruel, mean, nasty.. does NOT like Cats.
Other Details: He was the first pollicle I ever played in the WWC RPG, and still one of my favs. I liked this character because he reminded me of a canine Macavity.

Tux (Jellicle):
Notable Relations: from RPG: Mother- Eapilye (m.u.c.) | Father: Mistoffelees
Current RPGs This Character is in: He was only seen a few times in one RPG until it closed
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: 0
Name Origin: He was the son of the Tuxedo Cat himself, so the name just fit!
Description: His entire head is black except around his eyes, and his body follows a tuxedo cat.
Personality: Even though I didnt play this character long, he was a very shy and timid cat
Other Details: As I said before, I really didnt get a chance to play this cat, so I hope to use him again in another RPG.

Hermes (Jellicle):
Notable Relations: from RPG: Mother- Rumpleteazer | Father- Mungojerrie)
Current RPGs This Character is in: 1
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: 0
Name Origin: Well, I didnt come up with his name, it was already a made up character just waiting to be played.. but I do believe Hermes was the Greek Messenger god
Description: His coat is mainly black with streaks and patches or dark orange and brown, he is also a smaller sized tom which makes him very fast and agile
Personality: He is a very friendly cat, very playful, and a bit of a prankster like his parents
Other Details: This is the first character I ever played who was the kit of my favorite cats together. I think that could be why I like him so much..

WAIT A MINUTE! I have to add this character...

This was NOT my character. This character belonged to my good friend Athena from the Wonderful Wonderful CATS RPG (when it was running). He was a favorite of mine too! Infact, of all the characters I have seen made up, he is my favorite. Athena, hope you dont mind..

Chandler: (Jellicle/Pollicle) (it was a very weird storyline..):
Notable Relations: none that I know of, but his mate (when a Jellicle, duh) was Rumpleteazer
Current RPGs This Character is in: He too was only apart of the Wonderful Wonderful Cats RPG, I think..
Current Fan Fics This Character is in: He makes a brief appearance in Athena's fic "The Storm" as a pollicle.
Name Origin: I'm pretty sure Athena got his name from Chandler, from the show 'Friends.'
Description: As a dog, he was a rottweiler. As a cat, he was a cat still with rottweiler markings, and he was reeeeally cute!
Personality: Chandler had a great personality. He was friendly and jovial, and also very protective of his family, and especially supportive to Rumpleteazer. (who I played, and if I played her, that meant she was always in trouble or somthing, heh) Very well likeable, and a bit of a clown.
- "The usual dog about the town.. is much inclined to play the clown." - The Ad-Dressing of Cats -
Other Details: Well, we had to say Good bye to Chandler when I shut down the WWC RPG. *Sniff* Of all the made up characters that I DID NOT PLAY, he was my favorite. (not to say that other people didn't have GREAT characters.. just saying I liked him a lot.)

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CATS Fan Art by Kittix:

Actually, this section isn't up yet! It will be soon! And dont hold your breath.. my art ain't pretty..yee..

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CATS Fan Fiction by Kittix:

Yup, I do write fan fiction, as amazing as it may seem. I prefer to write comedy fics, and I mostly do, but lately I have been taking a shot at real, and semi-dramatic, fics. Here's some of my work;



(a series of fan fics that I have written, mostly myself. QAK helped very, very, little. And I mean that.)


CATS/ The Lion King

CATS/The X-Files


(Rumple)Kittix's Dream

Just a story I made up about a dream. Kind of funny..


CATS/The Real World

A crossover fic between my favorite musical, duuuh, and that stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *gasp for breath* uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid MTV show, 'The Real World'. Made for humor too.


A Not-So-Notorious Secret

My first REAL fanfiction, so if it sucks, thats why. A story about something that happens to Rumpleteazer, and she can't decide if she should tell Mungojerrie.

A Not-So-Notorious Secret: Part Two

The second part of the story. Ooooh.. ahhhh...

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Kittix Presents: The Book of.. Why?

Sometimes, you just have to ask 'Why?, why?, why!?'.. As do I. Here are some of my 'Why?' questions.. I do NOT expect answers to them, so no you do NOT have to send me e-mails or anything, I just wanted to say them.

Why do Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer have the Cockney/Mobster (so I've heard) accent? Is it because of the video? The original recordings? I don't like the accent. There, I said it. I can stand it, but I don't like it. And I mean on the characters, I didn't mean I don't like the real accent that real people actually say, I mean the accent when I am either trying to read or write it.

Why do so many people LOVE Mistoffelees? Is it because he's magical? Is it because of Jacob Brent?

Why did they even make Exotica look the way she did? Why does she NOT have ears?

Speaking of which, why do some people say Exotica has a distinguished personality, when she only seems to appear in the video a few times for like 2 minutes at a time?

Why is ALW's company called the 'Really Useful Group' when they aren't too useful, especially when editting the Cats video?

Why did they even edit the video? CATS is the only ALW video I have seen, out of JCS and Joseph, that had scenes taken out.

Why couldn't they have gotten another Gus for the video and given us 'Growltiger's Last Stand?' I think I could've settled for a differen't Gus. Couldn't you?

Why is there NOT a soundtrack to the video? Once again, the only ALW musical on video that does NOT have a soundtrack. Didn't they re record everything and shit? Where's the damn soundtrack, Gosh darnit!

Why did they have to leave out the 'Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles' on tour? C'mon! I still haven't seen the entire show live!

Why does London have like A LOT more Cats than every other production? Well, thats how it seems anyways. I'm an American so.. quick judgement, uh huh.

Why can't I be in Cats? (*hehe*)

Why did they cut out the God damned Conjuring Turn from 'Magical Mr. Mistoffelees' in the video, when that is like the freaking highlight of the entire song!?

Why exactly do all the Cats want to get chosen for Heaviside? Their lives seem pretty good, why would they want another?

Why did they close it in London if they just planned on bringing it back on a UK tour soon after?

Why do the two main shows close as soon as I become a Cats fan?

Why exactly do we need to have the big Jellicle orgy/mating dance? A lot of kids are watching, and I dunno bout you, but I dont watch my cats or dogs when they are getting it on..

Why aren't there a lot of shots of Mungojerrie in the video?

Why the hell would they NOT make Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer characters for the original Broadway? Pfft, puppets..

Why do they keep releasing this damn video again and again, and STILL can't release one with the deleted scenes!?

Why are some CATS webmasters really big assholes? I'm not naming anyone in particular, but some people are really mean to fans of websites.. c'mon, be nice! I dunno 'bout them, but I love the people who come to my site, aslong as they like me.

Why do I have a feeling that even though I DID WARN people BEFORE they read this stuff, I'm going to hear about this anyways from a few pissy Cats fans?

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Kittix's Views on Worthless Crap


I have a few opinions on different things that relate to either Cats the musical, or stuff around the Cats net community. I'm not trying to start any fights or anything, infact, I WILL NOT mention ANY names at all, and I don't want anyone to send me angry e-mails because they think I am talking about them or something. You've been warned.

Image Stamping:

I am totally against image stamping. EXCEPT: If the picture really is yours, the person in the pic doesn't want to be shown anywhere else on the internet, or you did happen to scan it from something. Other than that, you obviously got the picture from another website, now didn't you? Stamping it isn't fair, I dont think. Besides, cropping images is soooooo easy, there's no point in it. And of all things, people who stamp the video pictures are RIDICULOUS. Video pictures are EVERYWHERE! You aren't the only one who has a picture from the video, so there is no need to stamp it.

"The Dubbing Disaster"

Drew Varley & Jo Gibb, were they dubbed in the video or not? I first heard they weren't, now I hear they are, and I dunno what to think. Y'know, I dont really mind if they were. To me, they ARE the video Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, they did a great job, and thats all that matters to me. I do, however, hope that if the RUG did not dub them, but said they were in the credits, I hope Drew and Jo take the RUG for all its got. *grin*

As for the other two dubbed; Verlee Ca.. ca.. can never spell her last name, and Geoffrey Garratt, (Jemima and Skimbleshanks) well, I dont mind that one either. I'll forever know Verlee as the video Jemima, and Geoffrey as Skimble, and I wont even know the names of the ones who dubbed them. (I mean that too.. who are they?) So that doesn't even bug me. They both did a wonderful job.

Now, I do love the fans who support them. That is wonderful, I think. I hope that they know that the fans, most I think, are behind them.

Cats Hate Sites and The JLB's Accusations:

This STILL pisses me off.

As for the REAL Cats hate sites, you know, the ones that show the cats from the show, mutalated and lists reasons why we should hate them, you know, THOSE sites, not MY site.. I think they are wrong. I do. How can anyone hate a character so much they wish death on it? Yeah, I admit, I too make fun of characters, but I have NEVER wished death or made pictures of the characters torn up into pieces and placed them on my website. Why would I? I AM a fan.

I know I shouldn't say much about this, because I always say that people are entitled to their own opinions, and its the truth. I dont like them, but I don't flame their e-mails or guestbooks, because there is no point in it. They do it to piss off Cats fans, and obviously, they are getting what they want. If you don't like the Cats Hate Site, don't go to it.

And to the people who considered the former 'Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's Cats Page' a Cats Hate Site, well, that's REALLY something. It really is. How dare you accuse us of not being a fan because we poke fun at the show here and there? We just do it to make some humor, and most people DO take it that way. If you don't, well, that is your problem. Just leave. Starting a very stupid and pointless war against us in our polls page wasnt the way to do it. What did you accomplish? I took down the Polls Page. Yup.

I was shocked to read that our site was being considered a Cats Hate Site. I was shocked and appauled. I LOVE this musical, very, very, very, very, very, etc much! Can't you tell? I know, a lot of people spend countless hours putting together a website (for the fans, might I add), spend lots of money for the show/merchandise, join forums, RPGs, and stuff like that when they HATE the musical, huh? Don't think so. You will NEEEEEEEEVER see a section on our site devoted to hating a particular character, with horrible graphics, and stupid reasonings. Why? Because I am a fan of the musical! Will you see some jokes about the musical and some characters? Oh hell yes. Sorry, but incase you haven't noticed, Cats is a pretty easy musical to poke fun at.. it really is.. and if you don't have a sense of humor just sometimes, well, I pity you.

To everyone who supported us while the STUPID fighting was going on, once again, thank you! I love you all!

Click Here to view the statement I made in regards to the first accusations to our website being a Cats Hate Site. (It is a bit out of date, it was made a loooong time ago.)

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That's all I have for you, well, for now. I hope you enjoyed your time with Kittix! Of coooooooourse you did, hehehe...

Now then, back to the Jellicle Looney Bin with ya!

To the Jellicle Looney Bin!