The Jellicle Name-O-Matic!!

Kittix: Yes, here you can create your own, unique, Jellicle-like name. All you have to do is follow these steps.

WARNING: The name you come up with WILL, or may, be odd. Thats what gives it that unique quality. If you get a totally messed up name, its just a game people! Dont email me like; Ahhh! Your name thingy REALLY SUCKS! SO DO YOU! ... Okies? Lets start then!

1. Step One; Find a Matching Jellicle

- First you want to find either a favorite Jellicle cat or a Jellicle that matches your personality. Take that Jellicle's name and take the first 2, 3 or 4 letters of their name.

Example: Rumpleteazer - (Rum)

2. Step Two; Find a Quality

- For the next part of the name, you need to find either a quality about yourself or a favorite activity THAT BEGINS WITH A VOWEL. Take the first 3, 4, or 5 letters of that word and attach it behind the letters you got from Step One. It depends on how long you want to make the name.

Example: Artistic - (artis)

3. Step Three; Find a Jellicle Suffix

- Now you want to find a suffix for your name. You can use the last 2,  3, or 4 letters from a Jellicle. (It shouldnt be much longer than 4 letters) and attach it behind the letters from Step Two.

Example: Victoria - (ia)

4. Step 4; END RESULT

- Put it all together!

Example: Rumartisia

Weird eh? Yet, it has a Jellicle look to it, and it's generally unique. Now, if thats not what you wanted, you can go back and add or subtract letters to suit you. Or, start again with new words. THE OUTCOME OF THE NAME IS DETERMINED BY THE WORDS YOU PUT IN!

More Examples: Bombalurina (Bom), Ambitious (ambi), Jellylorum (um) - Bomambium
Munkustrap (Mun), Atheletic (ath), Alonzo (zo) - Munathzo
Demeter (De), Annoying (ann), Mungojerrie (ie) - Deannie
Macavity (Mac), Evil (ev), Mistoffelees (ees) - Macevees

Examples sent in by other people:

From PurpleButterfli4: Jemima (Jem), Optimistic (opti), Tantomile (mile) - Jemoptimile
From Athena: Victoria (Vic), Intelligent (intell), Mungojerrie (ie) - Vicintellie
From KittyDiva: Rum Tum Tugger (Rum), Scary (scar), Asparagus (us) - Rumscarus
(Yes, KD didnt follow step 2 right. *Smacks KD*)

Get it? Try it! If you get a really neat nickname and you'd like to share it with everyone else, please email us at telling me Which Jellicle you used for step 1, what word you used for step 2, and which Jellicle you used for step 3. (And include a nickname or we have to use the first part of your email.)

(Kittix note: I came up with this idea out of the top of my head, really, I did. I am NOT saying that I am the only one on the internet who came up with this, because thats completely ignorant of me to say, but I am saying that I did NOT steal this idea off anyone. Really, I didnt. Besides, if you have something like this, its probably not the same, because I didnt steal it! And I would appreciate it if no one would steal it off me, if thats possible. Thanks!)