All new!! Guess the Cat!!!

Q.A.Kitten: Alright I thought of this contest, again, aren't I smart? It seemed like a good idea. Every time someone wins this contest I will post three pictures and tell you from which scene the picture came from. Then you email me and tell me which CATS you think they are and if you get them all right you will win this fabby dabby award, now I know yall go around trying
to snag the awards off of my site you know, cuz I'm the best,
but not this time! Nuh Uh! I have prevented it.
Title it Guess Cat Contest (Number)

Ooh I know you want my award but you have to earn it! lol

Okay now for the CATS!

Contest 3

Guess cat 7

This is from the Rum Tum Tugger, Can you guess that cat?

Guess cat 8

This was taken from the Naming of Cats, Can you guess that cat?

Guess cat 9

This is taken from Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (oooh hardy), Can you guess that cat?

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