Finish the Fic

Q.A.Kitten: I had a great idea for a contest, finish the fic. I came up with this idea by myself, smart, aren't I? Each month I'll post the beginning of a story and then you, being the brilliant and creative person you are, will finish it. Then, email it to me and at the end of the month I will post all of the stories that I get. Email me and let the title be Finish the Fic Contest (Number)

Contest 5

Okay, here's the beginning:

*Skimbleshanks walks down the aisle of the train. A few other jellicles are on board. Suddenly the train makes strange noises and begins to go out of control.*

Pouncival: What's going on?!?!

Skimbleshanks: I don't know!

Bombalurina: Skimble make it stop!

*The lights on the train go out.*

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