The Jellicle Looney Bin's Trophy Room

(......this place is empty.......)

....Juuuuuust kiiiiiidding!

We would like to thank EVERYONE that either were reeeeally nice and gave us an award just because they felt we deserved it, or who were reeeeally nice and gave us an award when we begged for it.

If you would like to give us an award WE WOULD LOVE YOU FOR IT! EMAIL US AT!!!


(most recent awards on top)


Ooooh, thank yas Zan! We is outstanding? Schweeet..

Ahhh thank yas!!

So someone DOES find us funny. It's a start.. hehehe.. thanks Nemi and Minti!


Thank you Kragey from The Scratching Post! (this kind of blurred, cuz it used to be reeeally nice, I think it messed up when I saved it.. my baaaaad)

Thank you!!!

Tres Extensive! Thank yas Mungojerrie!!


..and thank yas Rumpleteazer! Kittix be SMART! Hey! Dont laugh!

...QAK won this for being runner-up "Angel of the Year"... what?! Does QAK look like an angel!? *Paints horns and mustache over pictures of QAK*  How bout now? Anyways, on behalf of her, I'll say thank you to all who voted! Next time, vote for Kittix, even though I'm not even in the JBGA.. hehe..


Thank you!

Arygoto..kozimas? Dont speak Japanese, but thank you!

Thank you Mistodemeter!

Meow! (In human terms: Thank you!)

Thank yas Emi Kit!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Q!

Thank you Oriana! (Proof that our website IS crazy!)

Thank you buuuuuunches!

This was our first award, thank you so much Rina!