Win an *Official* Jellicle Looney Bin Awards!!
..from one of the Jellicle Loonies themselves..

From Kittix:

*Thunderous applause*

~Kittix's Spec-CAT-ular Cats Site Award~

Kittix: Yes, CATS fans, you and your website can house this pris..priste.. pristigious? Er.. AMAZING award complete with your site's name on it! If I find you have a qualifiable (I hope thats a word) CATS website, I'll send ya one of these to show off to other websites, and then you can say "Ha ha! I have a Kittix's Spec-CAT-ular Cats Site Award.. and you DONT!" Until that person gets an award too.. ahem, anyways, you can receive this two ways; If I am roaming the internet and find your site, and it makes me go "WOW" then I'll send one of these to you. OR- You just email me at and ask for this award in particular, providing me a link to your site and it's official name.

 From Quaxo's AngelKitten:

QAK: Well actually...I'm too lazy to make an award so as of now there is no award to be won from me...*Pause for everyone to shed a tear* But maybe someday (Probably not) I'll make a wonderful award!