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Welcome to my Astro Site. I put this site together to show what can be done with entry level astro equipment and a point and shoot digital camera. 
My Location:
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania- The light polluted skies make it a challenge  for visual observing. Most nights photography is out of the question.  The conditions and my entry level equipment make this hobby very challenging but sharing astronomy with others is a great reward. 
My Equipment:
  • Celestron 4.5 Inch Newtonian 
  • Orion EQ-2 Motor Drive
  • Misc EPs and 2x Barlow
  • Sony DSC-S85 Point and Shoot Digital Camera 
  • LE-Adapter
  • Sony RM-DR1 Remote Shutter Release



Latest  Images:     

4/25/03 My first M57 and another go at some globulars
4/03/03 M13, M92 and a wide field Jupiter
3/26/03 M44 Beehive Cluster
3/23/03 M81, M82 and M3!
2/20/03 First Light ETX90-EC!
2/12/03 My very first M45! 
1/30/03 M42 (Raw sample and stacked images)
1/21/03 Jupiter, Saturn, M42 and the Moon (Raw Images)
Gallery: Updated 3/24/03
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Sony DSC-S85
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