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BELOW OUR STANDARD of PERFECTION (which will be edited as time permits..feb 2006),and,ABOVE by JIM ERVIN, animated GENEPOOLE LOGO, from the 90's.


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October 2006

THE STANDARD of PERFECTION, here will be a personal MINDS EYE; it will be inclusive of the Past and the Present, whereby we will hold on to the Words of the FOREFATHERS; Adding Key words from the Kingkinger/ Bolton Interpretation of the 1950.s; with any additions of Key words to Refresh the Old thoughts, expanded upon , but.. remaing within the realms of a STANDARD of PERFECTION. While, grey descriptive areas, or areas of the STD which are strickly superficial..or within the relm of this STANDARD FOCUS; outside of which ,an INTERPRETATION will set the Premise,(SEE CFC INTERPRETATION of NEW STANDARD adoped by the Central Fantail Club ) as did the KINGY /BOLTON Interpretation has added new Keywords , as well understanding of How to interpret the Stand of Perfection TEXT. IEusing the TRI VIEWS, especially the DAT series, the CIRCLES of ROUNDNESS SERIES, with a proper perspectus on the point allocations. {{ SEE also JUDGING to the NEW CFC STANDARD in the EFC FALL 2006 Bulletin. ))

Head Pocket with a five POINT allocation, should probably be defined as Proper Head Pocket.REDUNDANCY?/.in what a JUDGE should SEE; as in the "MODERATELY short..mediun length of the Legs. These are defined, per.. what a Judge is looking to SEE while JUDGING; while the complex construction, and so, Sequencing of the genome involved, with all known Attributes defining what gives the LEGS the "APPEARANCE of short, moderately so or otherwise less than short straight Legs; which cannot carry the three phazes of MOTION; Such Phenotypes, tho they are LOW LOOKING; verses the taller looking , non cubic bodee shape, even with proper Wings and ceramic feather will not give the best ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS from all angles of VIEW.

The CHIRA SHAPE comes only of the correct construction of the Under-carriage THe length of the LEGS, so as to allow the bodee dropping between ; which also sustains the three phazes of Motion as define in the CFC STD of Perfection.

We must be aware that a LOW Rounder, that can Walk, Pose,(TWO PHAZES?) and transform thru each of Three Phazes is the secret to Idealisms presented in the TRI VIEWS from the CFC. ( SEE their URL)

The third PHAZE is in the transformation or settling into SHOW PEN relax mode; where they lose NO composure. But, know, that the resulting Settling, will not present to us the CHIRA SHAPE, unless the profile, the under-carriage is with ALL the defined attributes from the point allocations( General Requirements) That the Physical Balance in the settled mode is different for each Phenotype( defined as TYPE ONE( OLD CANUCK)TYPE TWO( MId west, and KINGY UPTYPES, without Fore and caudal aft depths.. from middle wagon Forward, and Aft to Caudally. And the TYPE THREE,, THE NEW TYPES...respectfully THE TRIVIEWS, dat series.. are TYPE THREE's.

The secret is not just in the Genotype point blending; it is a PHYSICAL BALANCE that moves the touch point of their toes, slightly Forward; with a relaxing settling, that allows the bodee ( with equal or minus bodee Height to depth and width( a cube shape, due to keel shape more square than rectangle, the feathering, the wing set, the length of flights and the rump height All within the proper Outline of a defined PROFILE, that will give the best Illusion of Roundness, and sustaining the abilty to Motion, from Walk to Pose to Walk.

It is the third phaze, the relax/ settle phaze that can be artificially induced with Meds; or we can create a Feeling of Well being by conditioning and proper handling.

This third phaze , the dropping between their legs is a Physical Balance change, which is going to happen with all TYPES; it is just that when the Profile, the under-carriage, the bodee shape( cubic) is at the preferred TYPES..we will see a change that gives the JUDGE the best ILLUSION of THE TRI VIEWS.

The Genotype, point blended from 'fatso' Types, refined beyond the original Types used for cobbiness genome, as well, keel shape, and meat fore and aft; will present us with , at first "TALLER LOOKING Phenotypes, with hidden fatso breeding, and TYPE two walkers, taller, but NOT rectangular of Bodee, not leggy looking because they cop a Squat after maturity; giving the LOW ROUNDERS, that can walk; with the third Phaze being the critical inter action .

It is this Third Physical PHAZE, that we call CHIRA; which is the Change from taller looking( with GR's and their Attributes defined)and usually Immaturity/pre molt to a LOW ROUNDER, that can WALK..and pose.. in this relaxed/ settled state, in which this Shape denotes very closely to the TYPE THREE phenotypes or the TRI VIEW.pictorals.

It is the point blending of Families, set, or Prepotent for some or most of the General Requirements, but tainted, or insefficient for Under-carriage Requirements ; TALL(opposed to TALLER LOOKING are different as night and of DAY) TYPES,TALL TYPES even with fatso Breeding, will NOT show us what the BULLS point blended from up types, and fatsos, Tiny up types..will lose the bodee depth dimension, as will the use of the UP TYPES , without bodee depth. Tho we have started from same.. and refined each USEFUL for its Prepotencies for bodee roundness, and the uptype under-carrage, modifing, refining the Tiny type ones to fatso's and UP types with walking ability's and bodee depth, that makes them canidates for bottom ends in their Show Classes; but they can and do build the genome for producing the Idealisms of minds eye.

THE PHYSICAL BALANCE of each TYPE differs directly proportionately to the Phenotype involved; still, the TYPE twos, that look taller, and ARE NOT TALL because of their lack of correct bodee shape, lacking also in proper wings; tho wing problems , with knife edges, and narrow breadth; will still break away when the head pocket is off, and it is Not as defined(5points) because of deficencies in Under-Carriage requirements, which come only of a proper profile, and supported by its ATTRIBUTES that distinguish between the un tainted UP TYPES, or mis SELECTION for the SHOW PEN; when right in front of us, is the Phenotypes that score less, but are prepotent for these missing Under-carriage attributes; as well improper profile, due to bodee shape, irreuardless of proper wings, tho proper wing setting comes like a proper rump height setting; or the proper head setting.

THE PROFILE, or the OUTLINE of a TYPE THREE, or as seen in any of the TRI VIEWS, or the DAT ten series; the ULTIMA, the Inspiration from Arena, of Australia, are but a few examples of what can be created in the Real World of Master BREEDING.

THE General REQUIREMENTS are still set at 100 points, tho we think to reduce the head Properties to 5 points; which stresses the importance of head pocket, right in the beginning; still, today, we look to increasing the MOTION POINTS to 30 points. While, we are certain that we can have, the IN MOTION, on a small baseball size; with the bodee ROUNDNESS as a product of ALL GR's INvolved; when THE UNDER-CARRIAGE is from a PROPER GENEPOOLING( the same situation for COLOURS, and Markings) coupled with sound management; Conditioning, pen training, where by, they are SHOW READY, Healthy Athletes, in a state of well being( happy and content choosing their own mates, if necessary; or just sitting around, relaxing in the SUNSHINE of the day..especially in a FULL pin moult.)

The Standard is acceptable in its Text, the Pictures are totally Auwesome in its Interpretation; however, Concerns, that we have had are gone; but for explanation; so to an INTERPRETATION of the :" Legs,to be moderately SHORT..." We must realize that shortness, straightness is one way to get the right Profile, especially with a large tail; and a tiny UP_TYPE!

First, the short legs cannot ensue any ability to WALK, Motionless; The tiny up type, has negative bodee depth, so that one of the GR's is missing; that means.. no cubic shape, alone, adding feather ceramics, and even their shorter Keel, still gives the same pelvic width, and are still rectangular, not square; though a shorter dimensioned rectangle. They cannot be all that they can be, based on the GR's involved! IE ROUNDNESS is not the best it can be..

THE proper Under-Carriage, which is inclusive of the LEGS, their structure, their Physical SHAPE in space ( is not as if we are breeding Pouters) DIRECTION, at their JOINTS.

The LEGS will always be the FOUNDATION, for motion; but they must also be for the ROUNDNESS , when VIEWED from any angle,THE SHAPE of the BODEE, is also a Product of the GR's, being part of the GRs which together, and in synergism with each other; produce the Product that is the smallest, the Roundest, that can execute the WALK.. The ability to WALK, is fine, if the follow up can be Executed!

UNDER_CARRIAGE is key to ROUNDNESS: to the ability to WALK.. or in summation.. THE BALANCE of ALL the GR's.. coupled with the PHYSICAL BALANCE for the ability to WALK..

THE STANDARD is a FOCUS of what we, the Breeder, or what the JUDGE wants to SEE to give the Nod; The Queen, is not a simple Patching of what is their, adding, subtracting, thru SELECTION, as with other Common breeds; The fantail General REQUIREMENTS, are multifaceted; they must Inter act, properly to give the desired ROUNDNESS; Roundness, is not a simple recessive trait, it is more complex than the toy stencil, or the Ice blue from damescenes; tho, adding a gene; becomes adding a group of genes, and in a sequence that gives us the best ILLUSIONS we seek for the individual GR's .THIS is but One part of it all?: see CHIRA SHAPE, specific Shape upon settling down in a Show pen and dropping between

The UNDER-CARRIAGE, when coupled to a proper BODEE, with its ceramic feathering, keel shape, hidden wing lines, proper headpocket; large ceramic feathered TAIL (TAIL defined)give the PROPER PROFILE, we call a TYPE THREE, the NEW TYPE. Knowing that one without GR the other, is nothingness.they must be properly inter related. for which we ask our JUDGES to JUDGE.. and then we JUDGE them, instead of Studying the ENTRIES. UNDER CARRIAGE the secret to THe roundest, lowest, with a Profile condusive to execution of walking, and posing, flawlessly! FEB 2006.... THE EFC WEB PAGE can be accessed from the NPA or under Search for EFC .....SEE ALSO Eastern Fantail CLUB web page 2006 WEB Master Andrew Kerns. ======================================================

Below is a Personal STANDARD of PERFECTION, which will be updated , as per receipt of the CFC BULLETIN. with an open end to enhancements. Oct 2006..Enhancements forthcoming.

THE HIERARCHY is more of a SHOW FUNCTION, but we do feel , that it is a method to the Madness encountered by those Show secretaries and SUPERS!


The PIX from the CFC; Lances MODEL; THe ERVIN Yelllow saddle Rendering, by JIM.e as well, the slight improvement in Drum Stick angles to the THIGH, at the KnEE, as well the toe contacts, this change is a RUNNING change, and subject to meat & feather it relates to the ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS, and their Execution of WALKING.

THE TRUTHS, of this ALL?: will come of the Meat & the colour of, as well; the ceramics of Feather. and remains a CONSENSOUS of ONE. AS Always, done to control the Excitement , but most certainly the POINT BLEND....

OUR TYPE THREE, OUR MINDS our opinion......and we remain INACTIVE, and in our own WORLD of FANTALES; so be it, then... a HOBBY...and a FOCUS that is FREE of outside Constraints.

Feb 2006: CONCERNS are suspended for US..... THE CLUBS must set their Conform to their MEMBERSHIPS...

There might be a carryover of these concerns in the OTHER FANTAIL CLUBS..Todays concerns are not , those listed below...but for the GOOD of THE INDIVIDUAL CLUB , outside the ring of the CFC... THEY WILL be ,as if a single CELL....Maintained, thru those within... and promoted , as well, from within.. to secure their CLUBS integrety...



FEB 2006 The Priority today, is the STANDARD of PERFECTION. THE CONCERNS , that we had, yesterday; are the same concerns of TODAY. WE feel that we should make the Standard what is in the LOFTS today; or, asking if the ROUNDNESS is POSSIBLE , and yet give the ability to MOTION. Beyond, this thinking is the EXECUTION of that ABILITY( and you might be surprised who came up with this; but understanding why he did.. is again:" ROME was NOT built in a DAY, each Requirement, each Family; is beyond the Sixer mentality.. Sixer Mentality, has been short cut to produce a single Fad, illusions, that sometimes were detremental?; until we seized them, each one, and instead of outcrossing, continuing the GOOD WORK of their BREEDER, as well..their SHOWMANSHIP LIGHTING the way for THIS MODERN FANTAIL. On the other hand?; The OUTCROSS, be it from another Breed, or just a Cherry (pick) from another really, the secret to the BREEDER..THE WINDOW of HETEROSIS, that opens up any Family, and maintains , that original Family'd=s Integrety's; while transplanting its own genome.. be it, of PLUMM PUDDIN, or Fad, or just down Home Sixer M; it is the KEY, that unlocks , and controls the Bitchery of MOM NATURE; as well, It CONTROLS any STANDARD of PERFECTION.

We know that it is not THE STANDARD, but the INDIVIDUAL MINDS EYE.. in BREEDING , or in JUDGING; that sets the precidents...It will be the synergism of these Individuals, without Concensous that will carry , each of us Forward, and when , one of us.. has a Golden DAY...that each of us enjoys it.. His WINN.. his Accomplishment; still, when our Newby's ask questions , to understand, that those BAD Seed Planters, with Agendas outside the good of this Fancy ; or perpetrate attacks of any individual, or COUNTRY.. or set out any basis for UNDER_MINING the GOOD WORK, of an INDIVIDUAL, of A CLUB; or using, any unknowing INdividuals, or Club, its Members, or any of its UNKNOWING EXECUTIVE; in a quest for Personal AGENDA; might be best avoided.. .

WE need to interpret, for our , own , sake; FOR the Minds eye of the Individual needs no other Approval. Discussion, without correction of individual interpretation , is the only mature solution, to the TYPE of retoric we see from time to time. ; and if we hadn't had to see ourselves.. in our own youth..we would not sustain such thinking , today.

The Future is with our YOUTH.. We have our own dislikes.. for certain NOSES; still, in light of good faith, in mankind, and in our own eagerness to learn, a threat to those in the Business of CONTROL, and POWER.. and bottom line Money; we ask again that you seek only a Focus for the Good of the HOBBY.. and selling fantails is an important part of the Hobby, just like our individual approach to loyality.. smitten by Jealousy...Lose it! Look to a new Approach, one that the old GUYS.. can't see thru; promote this HOBBY, because; we NEED YOU...

When it comes to Mich LEAHY, a mate of so many years, that even HP..can't believe.. Respect thy neighbor..

LOOK NOW TO YOUR BREEDERS for the ANSWERS, for we have given all that we have to give; while the CFC EXECUTIVE.. has left an open window, continues to look to the entire Fancy, World WIDE, and has done so, in their quest for our STANDARD of PERFECTION. As usual, this is a concensous of ONE.. and like so many before MOI; we step aside because of lifes own Prioritys's , some of which, are not within , OUR CONTROL.; THE INDIVIDUAL MINDS EYE.. is mine alone.. ; Here, now, I just happen to agree with what the CFC has given.. and there are those, in the EASTERN CLUB, that will, look to utilize the Open Window, to make it better, especially in the areas of Concern of their GROUP!

THIS is an EDITORIAL, and specifically Formatted for this WEB PAGE.. not being the USUAL Formatting.. as seen in the Brit FAN CLUB.. a Wonderful experience in our SURFING.... As time permits, we will seek such a professional Enlightenment.

Stan, and DOM.. nice POSTS for a TIME needed.

WE have posted some things to provide some insight to the actual Breeding, Selection, and understanding point blending, the Nick, the mutation,; each a tool in its own right! Building upon the years of any Breeder, and taking stocks from several, and continuing to do so is really what Sixer mentality is all about; still, as with ROUNDNESS, especially as dipicted by ARENA Posts recently.. it is a tad scarey to say the least, because no one has ever seen the ROUNDNESS TO THIS EXTREME; and it is not availble in any LOFTs; plus, we fear a loss of MOTION, BUT, still.. the FOCUS on the IDEAL.. is what ARENA is giving us; and THE TRI VIEWS make it look POSSIBLE, because O'DELL has kept the ROUNDNESS within a proper prospectus, that will definetly give his Carriage IN MOTION. ( The right leg back; is likely like the front leaner.. both precursors to the ability to walk, former; latter, plus a rounder illusion?)

Bills TRI VIEWS have something that graphics cannot provide..A touch of reality, that is sufficient to give anyone the ability to create, an ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS within the MEAT and the FEATHER. The IDEAL, of course should be very graphical and therefore Futuristic.

(decenber 2005..) THE O"DELL TRIVIEW which is called the "CIRCLES of ROUND"..combines Graphical representation, as well as THE ART created in MINDS EYE! ) The circles of Round speak for themselves; but please make note, that the Straght line, caudally set, and perpendicukar to the floor.. DEFINES the AFT Dimension , as it produces the under-belly line...

THe idea that MOTION will be lost in such a graphical ROUNDNESS is not unfounded; and we, are prompted; we know our limitations, but we also know that somewhere between the Arena Graphics, and the O"DELL IDEAL is where we will look to continue improvement; and we also have seen, the results of the modena OUTCROSS. Not a single outcross, but up to SIX over the years; we mention this because, the "M" has tryed several times to see if we are BS.. and he concludes it cannot be done, because, in his haste, his Sixer mentality.. he does not see that ROME was not built in a DAY, or a SIXER YEAR; or even in a Decade. And that is why the YOUTH, the NEWBY.. want their master breeders, without having to worry about COLOUS, MARKING..and in some BREEDS.. THE CLASS ATTITUDE THAT separates them from the Flock; and always light years ahead of their time.

The POUTERS of OLD, in OHIO, and here.. I have seen the whites.. poorest in TYPE, but soon, they came as good as the Blue Bars..and they not only came of the TYPE PERFECTION of their day; but they had the ATTITUDE' to best display it. ( Blowing, globe to be ROUND like a BALL, waist, neat and tight, length of leg, longer, so as to allow, a fanning of the tail while in motion.. Do we want more... ?? does this get the point...? ======================================================

We have been babbling about the yel saddle Rendering, it was the first, and already obsolete here; but until jim gets the time, and his LIFE back.. few will understand what Caudal adds to the Physical Balance, nor will they be able to see, or even predict the slightest change in the Knee height, due to a reduction in the angle at the knee joint( is this clearer?) rather than saying left handedly.. the angle of the drum stick to the floor is increased!

The changes here reflect the dropping between, the reach becomes more evident, but still, these are so slight in their deviation. that we must look to the Yellow, as a Taller looking up type, without much bodee depth over the Champions of TODAY, because of the JUDGES task to select for MOTION. The Profile will set the BASIS for a rounder Bird, and yes, retain the ability to walk, as well fullfilling all the general requirements for under-carriage, as well roundness.

The fact is, that the EASE of pocket, the ease of total Motion is a reality.. breaking up is almost impossible when the Profile is maintained , and we can build the refinements as the attributes become available. In the case of roundness, front leaners, fatsos. LEGs, what of their BAD LEGS.. PRICHITT and I , both could not see this this at DAYTON; Today, we know that his whites had the deeper bodee, but they were placed down for their look of bigness; today, we know that the length, MUST be such, that each segment( thigh, drum stick, toes, shank must each be long enough to prevent APPLE on a stick( significant as the word underbelly in the B&K Interpretation) We must not lose , but we must add these KEYWORDS to the Present Standard, as well those keywords from this Mellenium, and the results of FIRETALK...THE PROPOSAL, is thought of here as an interpretation of the present Standard.. and it too has many attributes, that should be added to the original text, as it needs updated; no matter what we decide to do; THE EFC must take the first step in January; From here.. we have not engraved anything in Granite.. we will be looking to make it better each year..The AGENDA will not change.

If we look beyond the Ervin rendering; beyond its intent, the understanding of Carriage & Motion; beyond, we need to see that the Profile is incorrect, and that of the OLD STYLE UP TYPE.( STOP now?..HOLD THAT negative thought!!) FOCUS...

now, visually add a bit more bodee deepth, now, then.. make that change to the angle at the knee joint, just a half of a degree, structural integrety is maintained, the Physical balance point is adjust, at the toes contact point with the floor, the REACH Forward is very slight, but sufficient to change this TYPE 2 Phenotype; into a low rounder.

What allows this to happen.. THE RELAXING of a PEN TRAINED, and "CONDITIONED, properly handled from its Baby pre moult days.. Maturity, a molt, sometimes two or three when their health is questionable( SHOWMANSHIP, )and practical Management.. THE DEMMER EDGE, as they say.. (And BY the way.. one day at a NATIONAL YOUNG BIRD SHOW, we realized that DIEMER was the most astute to the whole of the IDEAL, as well to the types to create his IDEAL, and believe me.. WALKING was most important.)

And the proper point Blending of, Familys , strong in their Faddisms, alway point blended for everything.. you want to see in your IDEAL; First in a bird, and then in a pair; then stepping off. pretzel style.. looking to fix a fad, or cherry pick it already made from a fellow fancier; breaking down the point blend in each small family.. moving for that day when you have alignments semi related.. and looking for the first Quad genomed youngsters( they have the alignments for the requirements, they are Tail six=ze bred, but the one with bodee, has a smaller tail, still, it is from big tails, and until you have that bodee, and that tail.. it is better,, it is Useful... and up and up, and the numbers are reduced, ditto the colours.. all there in the genome.. not to include the ices, the stencils.. these are most beautiful.. but more complex..

Like the Standard of Perfection, the copies of the ERVIN Yel saddle rendering has notes in its margins; likely a BREEDING CHECK LIST, rather than a JUDGING CHECK LIST...

The youth of the day.. focus on TYPE and WINNING. and it is still the best way to support the fancy, and to set a Family from which to upgrade anything for which we , each find beautiful.. it however, is not that simple with the Stencils, or the ices... because we have the complexietys' of the fantail TYPE PERFECTION; as well the same complexness of the stencil and ice genome. =======================================================

December 12th, 2005

WE Here will look to the Hierachy of Colour from TIM KVidera. The Standard of Perfection, by the CFC, is our future HERE! WE will proceed to preserve the Work done by the CFC and, to maintain a continuity for the STANDARD of PERFECTION; this being a standard which maintains the UNITY of this Fancy.

October 2005, A look at the Modern fantail, from a Judging Stand-point; and how breeders must see into each ILLUSION created by a breeders minds Eye.

We have defined THREE TYPES, Phenotypes that best describe a Profile and its under-lying Structure. 1. THE TYPE ONE..Canuck breeding, tiny illusion, tremendous TOP TAIL, and a very desired Visual of bodee to TOP tail, defined as 'PROFILE, in the proposed Standard of Perfection. THE PROPER VISUAL) 2. THE TYPE TWO, the up TYPE, the grandeur of the Genepoole.(pre-typed, the MID WEST UP TYPES, some, the LEFLEUR types, were very bold and bigger, in that they had wing lines and bodee depth)( The TP whites ) 3. THE TYPE THREE, the NEW TYPE, THE SO CALLED MODERN FANTAIL; dipicted in each Drawing, Rendering, or MODEL of the TIMES. IE THE STANDARD of PERFECTION by the CCFC( A CANADA CLUB) with adendums on Colour, ie pied Classes, and Hierarchy of Color Classification.

In an endeavor to preserve certain interpretation, key words; we move to associate the old with the new, verbage.. THE text; interpretation is left to the individual, so we must define each TYPE, as we can Breed, create, the Modern fantail from the Plum Puddin of the day.

We will choose the TYPE one, but it can not WALK!; so we will show you how it can walk, without giving up a single Faddism! ITS great PROFILE< Idealistic!!

The TYPE ONE is 'short coupled, so extremely so, that we would like to alleviate the FEARS of using them in a breeding Program.

======================================================THE TYPE ONE, so signifigant in her Tail properties, her Profile; that we should destroy these to save the fantail from an E-motional collapse( Fancier FEARS??)

It has been our experience that the TYPE One' has a wider Keel, or is that a 'shorter keel' ? The old UP-TYPES were rectangular shaped in their Keels; we like to think that we minus the dimension, and looked at a more Square keel prolfile.( top View)

Jumping away, then to the Standards use of moderately short legs: To a Judges Eye, these are , exactly that, SHORTER, rather than longer looking, not stilty; but, being aware that the RELAXED state , which allows bodee dropping between, realistically longer legs, than the Type ONES pocessed, in the past. 1. THE TYPE ONE'S ARE short, illusion due to tininess, as well profound feathered tail, high rump, top tail, minus body height , height(length of feather + rump setting) of ctr tail feather, and; tweaked, very short, apple on a stick legs; that when same legs, spiral, non directional, as in weak hocks, or in their excessive shortness, and pettitness.. give a wonderful, but destructive,(THEY are posers, without the ability to WALK ; with a faulty structural illusion in their CHIRA state. and, they cannot execute a proper WALKing Motion..they don't even have that ability to walk because theiy HAVE "BAD LEGS",. There we said it ! Still, we will only approach these BAD LEGS for their excessive shortness. And we will look to other Under-Carriage, Structural Requirements to correct.

Lets correct the legs, to 'look' moderatly short, and widely set to the JUDGE. In order to do this; we need a bit more length, the smaller the Ball illusion; the less the increased length? The bodee drops between those longer, but Directional from each joint of the leg, the Keel is already more square, than rectangular shaped; the longer legs natually go wide, from a wider keel, and pelvis?(see Vincent sketches) The Center of Balance "is well founded, and FORWARD, and called a proper REACH.which adds to roundness illusions.

Amazing, that this Center of gravity changing,(JIMME') the dropping between (coping a SQUAT)is enhanced by muscle power, and breast meat, rounded off by, ceramic feather, conditioned muscles. The real shocker, WHY is the pocket room corrected; we don't see the extrewme short coupling? It shifted the center of Balance( physical) , and while, some of these tiny up type ONES, had little bodee depth, they were TYPE THREES. (lacking only in body depth.. }

Heres a TYPE one, with proper pocket, short couple prevents same!; longer , legs; but Directionally stable, not apple on the stick;directional , in its seeking the dropping down. between those longer legs.More chance for power?) and its finally, in a totally different Phenotype;( AN ILLUSION?, in space, so different from the FADDED CANUCK TYPE ONES of the PAST( new types developed by Benny) that, is not quite the ball frontal dipicted in todays RENDERINGS or DRAWINGS; still with the ability to WALK...and Maintain its composure!

Adding the breast meat, to whats already there; remains to be seen,TODAYS major PRIORITY!!;THE QUESTION BEING?:DO WE HAVE A FAMILY, built by Sixer mentality to refine the bodee depth?) especially when the front leaners are cut from the Breeding each year.(not in Canada, or Among certain Mates in Au.) And, that these , are not set' in their predominance for ball shape, tho caudally sound, with up set tail rump!

We have found that modtails,(Modena bred Fantails) have an amazing Pre-Potence necessary in producing ,by adding to the Canuck, tiny up types,will create a certain bally roundness, that coupled to pure fatso breeding enhances the Ball shaped,( baseball shape and size is the Ideal ILLUSION of meat and feather) and a good point blend;

A final enhancement comes of a negative, instead of equal bodee height dimension; that becomes more significant as we set the legs , and under-carriage structure with specific Genomes; that force a resultant, Analog Phenotype ,from the same look as a TYPE ONE .

From the TYPE TWO, only size becomes a factor, the rest is there?;But many Winners today are taller looking, and for some reason fail to , move completely into a relaxed state that gives the best illusion of a low rounder; this prevails, and also yields far less, the Ideally defined 'PROFILE".

Again the approach is to understand the relaxation in the Show pens, but with a proper structure produced, created from the plum pudding; that best allows for this change from a TYPICAL TYPE TWO, WITH BODEE DEPTH(BULL SHAPED UP TYPE, if you like and preferred, especially when mated to the TYPE ONES?)

THE drop between, and can walk all day.. their center of balance set, the directional leg joints, and in the Chira State, even an elevated Drum stick angle that allows greater 'LOWNESS' and , of course the illusion of roundness is proundly Idealistic.

If we seek, the roundness, and ball shape, then it will be of a baseball; if this is so; then we need to produce a family that has enhancedments of bodee frontal meat, and a negative bodee height dimension, as compared with equal deepth, width, and bodee heights( does not include the leg height, which can be less with a proper under-carriage, longer, directional Leg joints, with REACH, dictating, from a product of the under-belly, keel shape, rump setting, proper pocket, wing lines;

The bottom line?: look to what a JUDGE sees in the Show pens; but as a breeder, know that moderately short legs, come of directional, as well physical balance point of toes, are not typical of apple on the stick legs, are not the shortest distance between two points, as a straight line; but fully DIRECTIONAL, creatin a REACH, from a proper under- belly dimension. to be continued, as well edited in full...

Color Classes have to be definte, so that judges can clearly access the Qualities for TYPE from a correct focus point. TM's must have an ALL self TAIL; over-marking is less attractive; however.. under-marking will lead to a distruction of proper saddle marking, tho white flights can be 8-10, and less important than too much under-marking..marking to the thumbs is paramont.the secret to maintaining the correct saddle marking.

The color of the back cushion on a tailmark, that seems to hold the tail coloration is when it is partially or completely colored.

The Judge, can take a little away , if the TYPE PERFECTION warrents same; but care must be taken to avoid the misomers of the past; Re Markings must be within the presribed parameters defined by the Marking Class;or should be placed in a splash, or pied CLASS.


RARE Color, selfs, color or marked entries must be properly Classed; If a color or marking does not measure up to the TYPE of the day.. get back to the breeding pens.


We must, as Judges, as Fanciers, look to the TYPE PERFECTION, first, but never lose sight of the COLOURS, their Marking; Class it correctly; then let the best fantail win....Color/ marking classes are Important to the Health of the Fancy....

Thank you for visiting . We expect that this will be enhanced, updated , for it must be an open end to the Future.

OUR PERSONAL STANDARD will encompass, all that is necessary to the Focus of BREEDING , the IDEAL FANTAIL ( Feb 2006) Any, missing Keywords, and their definetions will be added; Colour Classes defined; OUR PERSONAL GOAL is a STANDARD of PERFECTION that is comprehensive enough to stand the Testing of TIME.

We look to NO ONE for CONSENSOUS; even to our humble SELF!!; for, it is, and always will be THEM, that set the well.. the real WORLD of Fantail BREEDING.

With this set aside.. we will update, add.. define.. edit.. and prceed with a proper Communication of said Document.

THIS PAGE is under construction. Please come back and visit again!

PRELUDE to understanding and interpretation !! THE PHYSICAL BALANCE , BROUGHT ABOUT BY A SPECIFIC GENOME' , with a Structural under-carriage, that permits the changing of any illusion of tallness, leggyness, larger size; seen, that dropping between the widely set legs,no longer begets stiltiness.( COPING A SQUAT..."}

Chira, is the RESULTING Shape in space of a specific Phenotype, whereby this original SHAPE is Transformed to an even greater ILLUSION of ROUNDESS, and in a closeness to IDEALISMS of the TRI VIEWS from the CFC; (see CFC WEB PAGE} As long as the PROFILE is correct; IN WHICH, SAID attributes OF UNDER-CARRIAGE CONSTRUCTION,(GENOTYPE); AND, THE PHYSICAL Balance , the dropping down, and between the widely set directionally pivoted, at the Joints of the legs, with a touch point, usually slightly FORWARD of the immature, youngsters having matured, mouted with some pen training; where by..the Taller LOOKING Profile, is replaced with a Proper LOW rounder PROFILE that can transform thru the three Phazes of defined MOTION ( see CFC/ Standard of Perfection ; and the INTERPRETATION of same from DIGGER O'DELL.

They are in a state of health and well being, free of STRESSes, accompanied by Shipping, pen trained.. and in Condition.. of an ATHLETE THIS, again results, is induced and becomes phentypically different in ITS SHAPE and its enhanced illusions of roundness, smallness; A Structural analog of the type two, with bodee depth, resulting in a TYPE THREE as dipicted in the Inspiration, and number 7-10 TRI VIEW is REALISTIC.(Feb 2006) DAT SERIES from O'DELL takes us on the wings of a DOVE..OR, the way we see it!: THE DAT SERIES becomes more IDEAL:ISTIC, than REALISTICS of the 7-10 ??..} INSPIRATION with its feather, and its apparent REACH, has become the KEY to moving from the TRI VIEW the DAT TEN SERIES...While INSPIRATION.. sets the course for Matings that will create and everlasting IDEALISM of MINDS EYE.


, and down shodiness, create the thickest wings, and adding the longer, rectangular Keel is also greater than additive;....resulting in an 'apple on a stick; instead, of a proper Physical Balance, of the BULL"( a type two, with greater fore/ aft dimension, but with a bodee height, negative, slightly to the bodee width; and bodee depth.) that can relax in a very different way, because of the proper head pocket , the wings may be thinner, and less broad, but the feather quality, the bodee depth will enhance the illusions sought in the Ideal drawings.Yet, we must look to the Leg bones to be longer, than those forced to becoming the apple on a stick'. LEGS, being DIRECTIONAL , which reduces the net height dimension, yielding the same look of lowness, without pants. and shorter legs from the knee down; this correction to widely set legs, coupled with keel shapes closer to Square; also allow for the MOTION! When REACH is Proportionate to the under-belly line dimension..tippy toes.. the under-carriage carrys them to the EXECUTION of MOTION, so desired in the Modern Fantail.


Feb 18th, 2006 ..THE OPEN END here, only awaits the results found on the CFC URL( dues need to be paid to view this information)as well; we also look to the EFC EXECUTIVE, for any CONCERNS; and are hoping that any outstanding CONCERNS can be fully Resolved thru their URLS. BUT, we will move to refine all that is Necessary ....both in Keywords, their definetion; as well the defining of Color Clases.. especially the ICES, and the Stencils. The pdr blue ices, will never let us go back to the DIRTY, sooty( flecked , but not checked with sooty parameters to cover colour faults.. from the WHITE INFUSIONS! Again, when more of our breeders understand the 'z' loci, the Directional Mutation* from blue-black, to BRONZE to white(zwh) then , and only then.. will the full potential of Color breeding be felt , by the Breeder of Standard colourations. )

The fantail is primarily a bird of Type and Action; ”type” meaning to represent in terms of typical characteristics; “action & Motion” meaning behavior or method of Performing. General Requirements are the same for all fantails and total 100 points. The first 75 points describe the GENERAL REQUIREMENRTS of Type PERFECTION; the remaining 25 points describe THE PROPER PROFILE with CARRIAGE in MOTION.

THE PROFILE must be the starting point from which , all that is IDEAL.. must be built. The proper, and basic one in which the TOP TAIL height to bodee height, including the Leg height; The legs are with a proper appearance of REACHING FORWARD tippy toed, but not always as a ballerina..Posing and walking.. and IN MOTION.

Fantails are to be Judged by Comparison. To assist judges in assigning proportionate values to the various desirable qualities, point values are listed.

AN advantage of 10 points will be allowed for the actual Execution of MOTION THRU a proper REACH of the LEGS and on its TIP toes. ( add to below, statement)

An advantage of 5 points for a recognized COLOR ; may be allowed for excellence in plumage color of Self and Barred , stencils, Classical Almonds, ICE Colour Classes. There is no allowance for color in Whites and NCC’s (Non Classified

Colors). An advantage of 5 points recognized may also be allowed for excellence in marking

an advantage of 5 points recognized for color when patterns are involved, as in Saddles, Tailmarks , Bodymarks, and Stencils, Classical Almonds.

EDIT and ADD TO ABOVE....and the same ten points))))))))) 10 points will be allowed, if a Judge can see the defined Posing, and Walking, with sustained wing, and leg lines, proper , as defined ...head pocket. AS IN BALLERINA ...up, and down, smoothly , gracefully.. and within its Athletic Ability.


HEAD.... Small, fine and neat, free from peak or shell.

BEAK.... Thin and medium in length, the upper mandible slightly curved at the tip.

BEAK WATTLE.. Small and fine in texture.

EYES.... Clear, bright, alert. Eye cere as fine as possible.

NECK..... Thin, nicely curved and tapering well off as it approaches the head.

LENGTH OF NECK.... Corresponding with length of back, so as to enable the head to rest closely, in the center of,and ,at the base of the cushion. ====================================================== POINTS ALLOWED FOR ABOVE QUALITIES 10 ======================================================



SHAPE: Small and round like a ball when viewed from any angle showing a graceful curve from chest to feet. (A balanced medium sized bird, however, is preferred to a small bird deficient in other important qualities.)

CHEST: Shape, round like a ball, carrying out rounded contour of the body.

BACK: Appearance of being slightly hollowed in center. Length of back shall be in proportion to length of neck, enabling the head to rest closely, in the center of and at the base of the cushion.

RUMP: Of sufficient size to balance the tail evenly.


CUSHION Front, full and massive, extending well up the tail feathers; back, strong, wide, flaring, centered on tail.

TAIL Slightly concave, circular, closely filled with broad, evenly set feathers,long at tail center, hard and CERAMIC; well overlapping, each other.



Moderately short to medium,that length , which will conform to the other under carriage Requirements, not stilty looking,and based upon ceramic feather and other structural refinements , including the knife edged wings, short breadth, and that of proper lines ; set well apart and Forward so as to conform with the curve of the bodyline and without the appearance of buckling. Free from feathers below the hocks.

FEET.... Small, fine, neat. Color of feet--bright red.

POINTS ALLOWED FOR LEGS AND FEET 15 =====================================================

PLUMAGE Clean, neat, hard and tight fitting.(CERAMIC)

POINTS ALLOWED FOR PLUMAGE 10. ======================================================


The bird should walk in a jaunty manner on its tip-toes with its head thrown back in a graceful manner and resting with ease, closely and constantly, in the center of ,and ,at the base of ,the cushion.

CHEST:...... Full and round like a ball, carrying out the rounded contour of the body. Apparent upheaving of the chest when bird is in motion.

WINGS:..... Neat, closely fitting to the body, showing body frontal, underbody and part of thigh when viewed in Profile. The wing butts shall be hidden so as to preserve an over-all appearance of roundness of the bird, with flights tight, not loose, just clearing the lowest tail feathers, almost meeting at the tips and not breaking away from the general line of the wings.

TAIL:...... Carried well up, not being allowed to drop or incline forward, with as much top-tail as possible showing above the chest when viewed from the front and at eye level.(PROFILE )THE tail feather to be broad and evenly laid/laced, with as much center feather length as possible.



Hard and tight fitting, full of Luster, from pdr quills, or grease quills.. within the Classes so specified. CERAMIC FEATHER describes it well.

EYE, EYE CERE, BEAK AND TOENAIL COLORATIONS.. will come correct, when the preferred colourations are rich, and with a luster of Beetle green or ruby red sheen, in selfs and bars., ...add in


PLUMAGE: The Ground color of an old almond nut; is a rich, golden-buff, that of the interior of an almond nut shell from which the name is derived. Rich black flecking shall be dispersed throughout the plumage. Flights (primaries and secondaries) and tail feathers are to be splotched irregularly with distinct patches of ground color, white and black.THE three colors, breaking each cleanly The white splotches in the tail feathers are to be positioned in such a way that the appearance of a white terminal bar is produced.

EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored preferred, horn permitted. TOENAILS: Flesh colored.

ANDALUSIAN PLUMAGE: The body and tail are to be an even shade of midnight blue, shading to black on the head and neck. The wings are lighter with dark blue edging on each feather. There shall be no tendency toward reddish or bronzy tones. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with dark cere. BEAK: Black. TOENAILS: Black.

AOC (Any Other Color) This classification is to be used for recognized colors where classes are too small to be competitive. As all birds in this class will be of recognized colors, color and/or marking points will be awarded. This class is not to be used as as a catch-all for mismark birds. Rules pertaining to individual plumage descriptions, eye and eye cere, and toenail colorations shall apply.

BLACK PLUMAGE: Jet black throughout. Free from rustiness or checkery appearance and covered with a rich beetle-green luster. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with dark ceres. BEAK: Black. TOENAILS: Black.

BLUE PLUMAGE: Clear, sound, gray-blue. Free from sootiness or bronzing, with no inclination to run light on rump or breast. The feathers on the neck and throat shall be covered with an iridescent metallic beetle green sheen. The wing and tail bars shall be black and well defined. The tail feathers shall be edged all around with the same shade as the shield area. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with dark ceres. BEAK: Black. TOENAILS: Black.

BODYMARK PLUMAGE: Basically a colored bird with a white tail. Bodymarks can be bred in all the basic colors. The body plumage shall follow the rules for that of its basic color. The front cushion shall be colored. The back cushion shall be white. EYES & EYE CERE: Same as that of its basic color. BEAK: Same as that of its basic color. TOENAILS: Same as that of its basic color.

BROWN/KHAKI PLUMAGE: An intense basic color alternative to ash red and blue. Often mistaken for the Dilutes of the blue series (dun, silver check, silver bar), but brown usually has a slightly more fawn shade, fades easily in sunlight and eye color is false pearl , not yellow/orange. As with the blue and ash red series, the distribution of brown pigment can be affected by spread (solid self), the pattern series (T check, check, bar, barless) and other pigment altering factors (grizzle, milky, etc.). The brown shades can be lightened to soft tones by the addition of dilution, resulting in the khaki (dilute brown) series. BROWN SOLID SELF A uniform rich shade of chocolate throughout. BROWN T CHECK Rich chocolate shade on head, neck and body lightening some underneath. Wing shields – dark chocolate with feathers edged in fawn producing the dark checker appearance. Tail – dark fawn with rich chocolate terminal bar.

BROWN CHECK Same as T Check, but with more fawn on the wing shield producing clear, definite chocolate checkering.

BROWN BAR Same as blue bars and silver ..above, but with even fawn throughout the wing shield except for two distinct chocolate bars. Tail – fawn with rich chocolate terminal bar.

ANY BARLESS Same as brown bar without the wing bars.

KHAKI SERIES Similar to the above brown series, but lighter, like butterscotch rather than chocolate. EYES & EYE CERE: Brown, dark; khaki – flesh. BEAK: Brown, dark horn; khaki, light horn to flesh. TOENAILS: Same.


PLUMAGE: Checker is a pattern but is shown as a “color class” with consideration given to balance in pattern and richness in color. The pattern varies with the amount of light colored pigment base. The checker pattern is made up of light and ark colored shades of the same color. The light color appears as a “T” on the wing covert feathers. Checker class includes checkers in all basic colors (ash red, blue and brown) as well as their dilutes. It also can include checkers that have had their pigment modified by reduced, milky, pale, and the like, that leaves the checker appearance. Checkers are various patterns that range from light to dark to velvet “T” pattern checks. EYES & EYE CERE: Same coloration as that of its basic color. BEAK: Same as that of its basic color. TOENAILS: Same as that of its basic color.

CREAM PLUMAGE: The body and the wing color is a very soft cream-gray blend, shading to a rich golden cream on head and hackle. The wing bars shall be a rich golden cream. Tail, a very pale cream-gray shading to ash-white with as little flecking as possible with no flecking at all preferred. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with light horn colored ceres. BEAK: Light horn colored. TOENAILS: Light horn colored.

DOMINANT OPAL (Od) PLUMAGE This highly variable mutant bleaches the pattern areas in the wing, the tail bar, and the primary feathers to white, excepting that it has no laced edge, as seen in stencil. Color preference is to be given to the cleaner, lighter off white expression.( white expression can be achieved with ts1 or ma bronzing breeding, or with pie bald or equivilent genetics ) These areas are to be free of buff or bronze. The body color is also slightly, but wonderfully. lightened. It can be produced on blue, brown and ash red base. and should correspond to the color description to of these base colors except for the above mentioned characteristics. All patterns (bar, check and T pattern) are acceptable as well as other pigment altering modifiers (Dilute, Milky, etc). Spread and recessive red may also be added which produces a variably laced shield, and tail. EYE AND CERE; Corresponding to that of the base color’s description. BEAK Corresponding to that of the base color’s description. TOE NAILS Corresponding to that of the base color’s description.

DEROY PLUMAGE: A recessive yellow “mimic”when base is not the Kite or mimic black; which will closely approach the Gold(dP recessive, that upon close obsaervation, some fleacking is notable. A fairly uniform golden buff shade which usually has lightening in the flights and tail and slight frosting on the head. May develop darker, reddish splotching with age akin to the break of an almond. Shade may vary from dull, washed-out buff to almost red with a rich golden bull preferred. EYES & CERE: Pearl preferred with flesh-colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh to horn-colored with flesh preferred. TOENAILS: Same.

DUN, dilute black PLUMAGE: A soft even shade of diluted spread black with no tendency toward a purple or bluish tint. The feathers of the neck and throat shall be covered with an iridescent metallic green sheen. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with drab colored ceres. BEAK: Horn colored. TOENAILS: Horn colored .

GOLD(sex linked pale recessive red with a black kite base) PLUMAGE This color is a combination of the pale(dP) and recessive red(e//e) genes. A rich even color about midway between red and yellow{ when base is more blue, than mimic black) with kite, or mimic black.. a GOLD is nearly RED , notablely with a deep orange cast and as much sheen as possible particularly on the neck and body.Body sheen from grease quills) EYES & EYE CERE Pearl preferred with flesh colored ceres. BEAK Horn colored. TOENAILS Horn colored.

GRIZZLE(TYPICAL DRAGOON, being aware that Grizzle might be a modifier within the directional mutation theory; as well the 'z' locus?? ) PLUMAGE: A peppery combination of color and white. The grizzling effect is most noticeable on the body, shoulder, neck and head while nearly absent on the wing and tail bars. Grizzle can be bred in all colors,( spread blue will mask grizzle mostly, mottled, while mimic black kite beses will completely mask it, IE as in Brander Bronze; with patterns and markings as well as in conjunction with many other pigment affecting factors (dilute, milky, etc.). The classical “dragoon grizzle” is the expression on a blue bar. Tortoiseshell effects are produced when grizzle is in conjunction with checker. Pure grizzle produces stork-mark. Grizzle in combination with spread or recessive red can produce an evenly grizzled bird but most often produces black or red splashed appearing birds. EYES & EYE CERE: Same as that of its basic color. BEAK: Same as that of its basic color. TOENAILS: Same as that of its basic color.

INDIGO PLUMAGE: Often termed an ash red “mimic”. Indigo affects the check and bar areas of the bird. When indigo is combined with blue it results in a rusty reddening of the bar and check areas and a washing out of the terminal bar of the tail. The effects are not as dramatic in combination with ash red or brown. When combined with black the result is what is called andalusian. INDIGO BLUE BAR Light grayish blue on the wings, body and rump. Hackle a darker shade with a Green luster. Flights and tail a darker shade with an indistinct terminal bar. Wing bars are a dark chestnut. INDIGO BLUE CHECK Ground color is a light grayish blue with distinct and even dark chestnut “V” Checks on the wing, back and rump. Tail terminal bar is indistinct.

INDIGO BLUE “T”( bronze Thru-out , rich and enduring;(all CT's)

blue bars and checks, without a Kite base. (Dark blue/black on head, neck body and rump. Somewhat lighter blue/black on the tail and flights. Indistinct tail terminal bar. Wing shields a dark cinnamon bronze. Green metallic luster on the head and hackle. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange with pearl preferred and dark colored ceres. BEAK: Black. TOENAILS: Black.

MEALY PLUMAGE: The body and wing color shall be a clear lavender-gray shading to a rich claret-red on head and hackle. The bars shall be a rich claret-red. The tail is an even shade of lavender-gray with as little flecking as possible with no flecking at all preferred. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with drab colored ceres. BEAK: Horn colored. TOENAILS: Horn colored. NCC (Non Classified Color) This classification is to be used for those colors and markings that have not been recognized. It is also to be used for marked birds of a color that has not been recognized as well as for any new marking that has not been recognized. There will be no allowance for color and/or marking points for birds competing in this classification.

PIED PLUMAGE: A colored bird with up to 75% of its plumage randomly dispersed white.

A white bird with less than 25% of its plumage colored.

A tailmark with less than 75% of its tail feathers carrying color.

A bodymark with less than 75% of its tail feathers white.

A saddle with less than 75% color in the shield area. Note: A pied bird is one whose odd feathers are too numerous to pluck. EYES & EYE CERE: Same as that of its basic color or marking. BEAK: Same as that of its basic color or marking. TOENAILS: Same as that of its basic color or marking.

POWDERED BLUE PLUMAGE: Clear, sound, light, milky blue on body, wings and tail; Free from sootiness with no tendency toward cream,cinnamon, yellow or purple coloring. The feathers on the neck and throat shall be slightly darker than the body and covered with an iridescent metallic sheen comparable to burnished silver. The neck and throat, like the body, wings and tail, shall be free of cream, yellow or purple coloring. The wing and tail bars shall be flat black, as near black as possible thru light bodee color contrasting and shall be distinctly, clear. The feathers of the tail shall be edged beyond the terminal bar with the same color as the shield area. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl, red or orange, pearl preferred, with fine, dark ceres. BEAK: Black. TOENAILS: Black.

POWDERED SILVER (dilute milky pdr blue) PLUMAGE: Fawn colored on the body, wings and tail. Having the appearance of being sprinkled with a powdery glow. The feathers on the neck and throat shall be slightly darker than the body and covered with an iridescent metallic sheen. The wing and tail bars shall be distinct and dun colored. The tail feathers shall be edged beyond the terminal bar with the same color as the shield area. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with drab colored ceres. BEAK: Horn colored. TOENAILS: Horn colored.

QUALMOND PLUMAGE: An even peppering of bluish grey shades throughout the body, wings and tail, with blue base.; with Dark check or CT blue base, a bronzy shield; if Spread is added, a two color break, between dark blue and black, typical of said ST genes.. The even peppering is desired, but flecking and patches of darker blue are not a serious fault, as it is a unique part of this mutant. Wing bars vary from almost nonexistent to dark gray, with preference for non-distinct bars. Flight tips and tail bar to be a darker shade of the blue-gray body color. Hackle to have a pink and green luster. This color may be further affected with the addition of dilution, milky (powdered), etc. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl, orange or yellow, with pearl preferred, with dark eye ceres. BEAK: Horn colored. TOENAILS: Horn colored.

RECCESIVE RED PLUMAGE: An even shade throughout of clear, rich, bright, Lebenon brick RED or chestnut red, as in carneau reds, which are INdigo, CT//CT, ;without any tendency toward bluish or plum tints.., typical of blue base, and preferably the mimic black KITE base... The feathers on the neck and throat shall be covered with an iridescent ruby red metallic sheen. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored. TOENAILS: Flesh colored.

SADDLE PLUMAGE: The wings shall be marked evenly, the eight outside feathers (primaries) being white, The rest, including the covert (shield) and scapular (thumb) feathering to be colored. The body, except for the back, shall be white. In barred varieties the wing barring shall be clear and distinct. The colored plumage shall follow the rules for color under appropriate color description for the basic color and pattern involved. THE c//c or barless saddle follows the same rules . EYES & EYE CERE: Dark hazel or bull with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored. TOENAILS: Flesh colored.

SILVER PLUMAGE: A soft shade of light silver with no tendency toward a creamy, or with any bronze tones color. The feathers on The neck and throat shall be covered with an iridescent green metallic sheen. The wing and tail bars shall be dun and well defined. The tail feathers shall be edged all around with the same shade as the shield area. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with drab colored ceres. BEAK: Horn colored. TOENAILS: Horn colored.

TAILMARK PLUMAGE: The tailmark is a bird basically with a white body and a colored tail.( any white feathers shall constitute, a color point cut It is bred in all the standard colors. The color intensity of the tail may vary from an intense solid to a delicate lace of the fs//fs stenciling genome; Grizzling is a Fault and should be judged by comparison, in its marked class and cut, even re-classed. . A white back cushion is preferred., but colored leads to better , while grizzling leads to a loss in marking. Uniformity of marking is desired, IE Solid colored tails ,. Color on the body can be excused, while white tail feathers, CANNOT. EYES & EYE CERE: Dark hazel or bull with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored. TOENAILS: Flesh colored. WHITE PLUMAGE: Pure white EYES & EYE CERE: Dark hazel or bull with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored. TOENAILS: Flesh colored. YELLOW PLUMAGE: An even shade throughout of rich, bright, golden-yellow with no tendency to run light on the rump.(mimic black base required) The feathers on the neck and throat shall be covered with an iridescent buffy yellow metallic sheen. EYES & EYE CERE: Pearl or orange, pearl preferred, with flesh colored ceres. BEAK: Flesh colored. TOENAILS: Flesh colored.

Damescene ICE BLUE An icey white of the blue areas, the head and hackle the same, with irredecesent platinum reflections of frosted icing. The bars are to be clearly ebony black, distinct on the shields, and tail; The flights will be icey black, showing penitation of ice blue body coloration.


Shield stenciling,tail in Oriental frill stencills.

STENCIL and (Ribbon left to ashes and indigos) spot tails,without shield envolvement. THE RULE of THUMB application of ALL stencils to make a COLOR CLASS; with Show Supt control to split Classes according to specific expression. (a) Oriental Frill Stenciling( ts and fs) (b) Ribbon, or Lace tails( from several sources fs, ts3, and rec red exceptions ,as in Leb Breed. (c) Argent version.. shield only envolvement, and free of marbling of the hackle and head. Such multiple Classes, only as Entries arrive; Presently a single RARE COLOUR CLASS TO ENCOMPASS those RARE COLOURS in which there is only a single Exhibitor.


as in ROEDER/Robinson. or was it THOMPSON, the UK COLORATION of pdr silver, changed to PDR BLUE, and pdr Sivlver from a misomer of Pdr silver, and Silver of pdr Silver the dilute.( trivia) DEFINED:

THE POWDER ICE BLUE FANTALE..THE SAME AS PDR BLUE, excepting that the coloration is with distinctive barring, no sooty, no dirty, no cruddies in there heterozygous state of expression. ??? The bars appear to be Black, are always distinctive, with a clear ice powdery blue, a milky white icey blue, body with all blue areas as clearly light, with a burnish silvery platinum hackle, sprinkled with beetle green sheen; black under-based hackle feathers are acceptable in both the Ice blue damescene, as well the pdr blue milky ice blue. Any sooty, will be cut , but not faulted, only tainted; Neither Sooty, or dirty mask homozygous ICE BLUE. In the Project, however dirty dose mask it; but maybe because it is not there, and sooty, together; this is contrary to opinion of the times previous.

THE BARLESS CLASS: Any colour fantail which is barless Pattern.

THE REDUCED CLASS: Any REDUCED factor( sexlinked, long downed, ) on any Colored fantail. ( outanding coloration are the reduced black spreads selfs with silvery, platinum lacing; the rec red spread reduced is a pinkish, pearlescence )

DISQUALIFICATIONS 1. Any sign of sickness -- coughing, sneezing, canker, diarrhea, going light. 2. Deformities -- webbed feet, crooked mandibles, pock disfigurations. 3. External parasites -- lice, mites.

WE RECOGNIZES THE TRI VIEWS( DAT 20)).from BILL, DIGGER O'DELL THE ULTIMA and INSPIRATION from JOHN ARENA THE MODEL from Lance Chrisienson(sp) THE Yellow SADDLE RENDERING from JIM ERVIN with the concepts of under-carriage. THE CIRCLES of Roundness from O'DELL are the most sophisticated in allowing us to 'SEE" the basic Profile..from which, the ALL comes; taking us from the Bolton/Kingy Interpretation to the Modern day interpretation.. its understanding.. from THE MEat & of the proper ceramic feather. =====================================================

If time permits.. A Historical review, in ALBUM format will present the growth ond developement of the Mellennium, and the THER MODERN FANTAIL. In this way.. THE FATHERS will be so named....and, as we as Individuals have our own MINDS EYE... so shall you place forth those who will be called THE FATHERS of the MODERN FANTAIL. =====================================================