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Sunup to sunup,
day in and day out
days pass us by.
Is this what its about?
Some people succeed,
some fall by the way,
as sunup to sunup,
we lose another day.
We live for the good times,
and struggle through the bad,
as our memories replace
the dreams we once had.
Too few of us wind up
where we once thought wed be
as the days pass us by
so ever more quickly.
We hope to do everything
we dreamed before we die,
while day after day
our dreams pass us by.
Our goals and our dreams
are lost to contentment.
Are we doomed to look back
with sadness our sentiment?
Or should we continue
to strive to achieve
all of our dreams
before we must leave?
-E. J.

I feel all too often that somehow life is passing me by. I am 30 years old and not where I had thought I would be in life, and even though I am aware of that, I still am not doing much to change it.

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