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Humanity storms through the world,
more destructive than forest fire.
Driven, in the name of progress
and an overwhelming consumption desire.
Earth's forests and jungles retreat
in the face of our impending threat,
until all of our needs for land,
materials and goods are met.
Her animals hunted to near extinction
for food or trophies or furs.
Our appetite for destruction.
is something nothing ever deters.
The Earth and Nature protest
with storms and quakes and fires
but the most destrustive force on earth
are our own twisted human desires.
- E. J.

I am not sure why I wrote this poem. I know that I like it. Some people think it is depressing, but I think it is true. Poetry is a funny thing. Sometimes when I sit to write, not even knowing why, something kind of takes over and this is what I wind up with. Some people think that is the best way. Please tell me what you think.

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