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Recommended Social Skills Products

I LOVE Model Me Kids videos and so do my students! I highly recommend this resource!
Designed as a teaching tool for children, adolescents, and teenagers with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS,
Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD or NLD), and developmental delays, the videos are used by parents, teachers, and therapists.
The videos are also helpful for teaching children with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome.

Autism Teaching Strategies
Four new products for social skills training: The Green Zone, The Conversation Train, People Points and The CBT MInd Traveler.
These are for teachers, SLP's and mental health professionals.

Autism Teaching Strategies
Another great resource from Joel Shaul! Some wonderful "How-to" videos!

Jeremy's AT Resources
Contains a few social story videos.

Parenting Science
Social skills activities for children and teenagers: Ideas inspired by research

Ryuu - The Game
Using a Fantasy World of Dragons to Build Social Skills in Humans.

Ryuu - The Game is a new trading card based game created by Joel Shaul and Rebecca Klaw. The game is intended to teach social skills. The starter kit includes instructions for three different games. It also includes beautifully illustrated, eye-catching trading cards and two CDs which includes a story and backgrounds of the fantasy characters.

Ryuu creates interest in issues our students deal with on a day to day basis through highly relatable, fantasy trading cards of dragons and villains. Ryuu may help our students learn they are not alone in their feelings & actions. Through these games and discussions of the characters, social skills can be built. Some examples of trading cards include, Flexibility, Acceptance, Emotional Know-How, Self-Calmer, Triumph Over Teasing, & Good Loser.
For more information about Ryuu, visit

Social Skills Printables From My Classroom


Conversation Pictures
Cut out and put on a ring. Allow students to use for conversation starters.

Conversation Starters (page 1)
Cut out and put on a ring. Allow students to use for conversation starters. (For students who need extra help with conversations.)

Conversation Starters (page 2)

Conversation Starters (page 3)

Conversation Starters (page 4)

Conversation Starters (page 5)

Social Skills Links

Friendship Unit


Jill Kuzma’s Social Thinking Weblog
Lots of teaching tips, tools, resources, and printables!
Special thanks to Jill Kuzma for sharing this site!

The Watson Institute Behavior Stories
Lots of wonderful, printable social stories. Right click to save the ones you like. Then you can customize them to meet the needs of your students or child.

Autism 4 Teachers
Lots of great information about social skills, plus free social stories to use.

Kansas Instructional Support Network
Lots of printable social stories. Click the homepage for links and additional information.
Special thanks to Lee Stickle for sending this in!

Autism Community Connection
Lots of great social skills links!

Speaking of Speech
Social skills printables.

Integrated Technology Services
Printable social stories for younger students

Slater Software Social Story
A lunchroom social story

Social Skills Lessons
Rubrics and lots of really nice lessons for middle school students.

MES-English Recess Flashcards
Use for conversations, recess, and social skills.

Super Duper Publication Handouts
Free, printable handouts for parents or professionals.

Conversation Questions
TONS of conversation starters here!
An Introduction to Social Stories

Laura Candler's Website
Teaching Social Skills

Tinsnips Social/Self-Help Page
Lots of good ideas

Thomas the Tank Engine Article
An interesting article about Thomas the Tank Engine and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Some of my favorite links to
purchase materials for social skills!

Super Duper Publications
I have ordered many items through this company. They have lots of great materials!

LinguiSystems Inc.
Another great site. I have ordered many items through this company as well. They also have lots of great materials!

Please feel free to e-mail me if you know of some useful speech and communication sites. Thank you!

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