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Homecoming, Sadies, and Other Pics!
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Here's a group of us welcoming Jenny home. Jenny is the furthest one on the left in the pink shirt.

You can tell Neely is having a fun time and is enjoying her chips!

This is me w/ my new cousin Mei. My aunt ,uncle and 3 cousins adopted her from China a few months ago. And don't mind my messy hair, I just got done horseback riding.

Here's me and Christina just hanging around. (The rest of the pics will be of Sadies!)

Danielle, Michie,
and Megan are three crazy girls. Looks like they're up to no good at Sadies!

Christine looks like she's ready to party….and then there's Neely! lol

Can't really think of anything to say about this pic. Just that that's me and JoJo.

Now Neely's looking a lil bit happier, but that's only cause I'm in the picture.

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