Here they come, from as far west as Oregon and as far east from Maine

There was QueenMotherNY (Judy) and TJGreys our Oregon gal (Judy, too), Jolly Jan, Sally, Terrie, June, Don and Fran, Marlene and her hubby, NWELSH (Nancy), Nurselil (Lil), Rashiel (Sheila).
Missatir (Rita) did most of the cooking, and what a spread I was told it was. Lots of the others brought food, too. The camera's were flashing and getting a work out.
Their picnic was right on the beach. and out came all the sunbathers! Is that Don in the lounge chair??

This is some of things that were told to me:
The whole reunion was fantastic from beginning to the end.......
In Rita's own words:
Meeting the two Judys at the airport (Queen mom and Tjgreys) was so funny!.

they wanted to know how I knew it was them............they were the only two getting out of Limo with enough luggage for an army for a month, plus Dudly Queen moms dog replete with diaper! and his Luggage!!!

I was astounded at how much they had! and only staying for three days! haha! After much pulling and pushing, I got them into my car, I felt like I was driving with the two front wheels of the ground!

They never stopped talking the whole trip to the Motel!!
I don't think the people of that motel have recovered yet! For about an hour later.everyone mentioned started to arrive and it was pandemonium....hugs and kisses and drinks and yummys...


Don was not able to leave his room after the trip down, so we all trooped to his and Frannies room in twos and threes. Finally they all got ready and went to dinner..I was just plain worn out and need to get things done for the actual picnic reunion the next day at the beach. I understand they tried the fried Alligator.(my favorite app) The day of the picnic was overcast a little, but that was great for keeping the food cool!



The gathering was great, we all ate like the proverbial pigs....

Speaking of piggy's, these sure are cute one's!

TJ (Judy) showing off her cute Florida sandals!

Queenmom and Rash got into a whipped cream fight!!


Nurse lil was trying to flirt with the lifeguards .....ask her about Clarence and see what she says.........


The Sun came out in time for a beautiful sunset and this was accompanied by a couple who were on the beach.....

.....not our crowd, that beat bongo drums to the setting sun.

I had to hold Rash, Lil and Nancy back. They were after the hunk who did the drumming!

Nancy, is that you??

Sunday, was spent at the big local flea market, we all met at 10 am every one was on time to spend money.

Jollyjan and I picked out a central table at the food mart and stayed there almost 4 hours just talking and everyone scattered, coming back to us leaving their treasures only to rush off again to clean out the place.Finally they finished and we all ate and talked until it was time to say our goodbyes. MANY, MANY tears.......

Ray and Rash took the two Judys back to the airport to catch their Limo, I knew I couldn't get their luggage into my car with all the extras they had bought! Jollyjan took Don and Frannie back to catch their bus.

Nancy and nurse Lil stayed later with me. Nancy left Monday and Lil Left house was soooo empty!

Rashiel, Jan, Nancy

..........they were all such great people! Glad to have them as friends.

Rita, thanks so much for the help with the narrative. I'll add my 2 now, LOL....Well, I'll start off by saying WoW! Wish I had been there!! By the looks of the picture's and all I've heard, you all sure had a blast! Who ever thought we were all going to become "best friends"?? I sure didn't. The two plus years we've been on has had a tremendous affect on most of us, and I wouldn't change it for the world! God bless you all....
Here are a few more picture's I'm sure you'll all enjoy seeing:




Hope you all enjoyed this, and if you care to add anything, or photos....just email me. I'll be waiting:

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