Time for some updates on our FSO friends, and their get togethers.....July, 23, 2001

These people just can't stay away from each other!! And, isn't it wonderful?? On June 14th, 2001, they decided to do it again! Let me introduce the:

Jean, Mary, Rosy and Willy have gotten together on a regular bases. They have all become close friend's. OR, eating buddies! Wait till you see what they had for dessert!
They got together and met up with each other in New York state. Rosy was on her way home, from a visit she had at her brothers in Michigan. Of course they stopped to have a bite to eat. The place was called Aunt Millies. RoRo, brought hubby Jim along, and her dad, Frank. Frank is from Pittsburg, Pa.

Jim, Rosy, Mary, Jean, Willy, Frank

These gals are something else. No sissy's here. They came flying in on their cycles, and I don't mean tricycles. Check it out! Picture, not that clear, but they're MOTORcycles! LOL


Mary Made Me Do It!!

That can surely build up an appetite! How about some pie from Aunt Millies?

Needless to say, they had a great time.

July 8th, Sunday night, I was about to log on, and head for our "room". The phone rang just as I entered FSO. Someone yelled out , "Yo Roma"....nah...could it be? Yup, it was Ron. It's our particular salutation to each other when we enter FSO. Many time's I've said to Ron, when you're passing the Pocono's stop in and have coffee.

Well, he took me up on the offer. He said he'd be here Monday morning, and that he'd call. What I didn't expect was a call at 7:00AM!! Here I was, not showered or dressed. I asked him if he minded killing a half hour, and give me a bit of time to put myself together. I broke all records! Showered, dressed, put make up on, got homemade blueberrie cakes in the oven, started the bacon.

The night before I made oven roasted potatoes. A real down home country breakfast! Within a half hour my phone rings again, it's Ron on his cell phone sitting in my DRIVEWAY! LOL, Without further ado, we hugged and I showed him in...The first thing he said was, "I love your brass kick plate", LOL!

Tony came walking into the living room, and Ron extended his hand and said, "Hi Tony", before I had a chance to introduce him.

It made me and Tony feel so good! Tony felt comfortable right off the bat! I bring Ron into the kitchen, all set to feed him, and he tells me he doesn't eat breakfast. The man is lucky he's alive! So, we had coffee, and Tony ate! Then I gave him the grand tour. As we were on the back deck, my son Jim walked over, and I asked him to take our picture.

Walked him all over the property. He especially wanted to see Don's outhouse! So..............

Check it out Don, LOL!!

Soon, it was time to say our good bye's. I made him an offer he couldn't refuse....my blueberry cakes. He didn't! LOL...It was a short visit, but a very pleasant one. I was happy to meet him! He's a real gentleman.

A few hours after Ron left, Tara (my d-in-law) went into labor. Think Ron's visit had anythng to do with it? Nah....a day later on the 10th of July, Sofia Marie was born....

I'm sure there will be plenty more wonderful heart warming get togethers. I'll be sitting here waiting for you to send me the pictures, so I can write about it for our friends.

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