Stories by Other Authors

The stories below are all works by other authors. I can take neither credit nor blame for anything here :)


Old Friends
Two old friends bid farewell

The Lonely Heart
Hercules and Iolaus are together again after the events in "Revelations"

Just A Few Thoughts
Just two friends, together. (Preseason setting)

A Place Out of Time
A nighttime visit from Aphrodite sparks memories of Hercules and Iolaus' first meeting with her

Letting Go
What happened after Iolaus left Hercules and went into the Light?

Tell Me A Story
A recounted tale of two heroes' journey to Thessala

First Day Back
Iolaus' first day back from the Light

Hercules and the Jester bond during a visit to Corinth

Faith in all Things
After the defeat of Dahak, Iolaus becomes a guardian of the Light and Hercules tries to get on with his life

The very first meeting between two very young future heroes

Fated, Part Two
Sequel to "Fated". A young Iolaus comforts both Hercules and Alcmene after Iphicles' grandparents take him away

Fated, Part Three
Sequel to "Fated". After his father's visit turns violent, a young Iolaus seeks refuge with Alcmene and Hercules.

In Sorrow, Truth
A grieving Iolaus gets help from a very unexpected source

In Honor of All
Hercules and Iolaus journey to Eire to lay some old ghosts to rest

What If...
Hercules and Iolaus have a "what if" conversation

Fated, Part Four
Part Four of the "Fated" series
Iolaus explains to a young Hercules just why he is "different"

Fated, Part Five
Part Five of the "Fated" series
A young Hercules and Iolaus map out their future destinies

Hercules comforts the Jester after a nightmare about the Sovereign

Better and Better
Aphrodite gives the Jester a three day pass to leave the sea and visit some old friends


Iolaus finds himself trapped by an old hunter's trick

Monsters and Mayhem
A peaceful journey to Thrace isn‘t in the cards for Hercules and Iolaus

The Price of Friendship
Will guilt separate Hercules and Iolaus?


Boot Blades
Herc and Iolaus travel to present time as hockey players. (When you've been traveling through time for 2500 years, you are bound to pick up some baggage -- good and bad.)

The Wind Will Do the Rest
The making of heroes. Relates to events of 9/11/2001

Hercules in Athens
Insane Hercules confined in modern Mental Health Facility. Psychiatry, psychology, social psychology, art therapy, play therapy, and definitely LOVE combine for treatment.


The Missing Half
Season Five Poem
Hercules laments Iolaus' death

Taran's Journey
August 2003 Challenge
Hercules and Iolaus help a turtle find his journey's end

That's What Friends Are For
November 2004 Challenge
A poetic description of friendship

November 2006
Hercules and Iolaus reflect on the silence of their fans

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