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Power Rangers on TV

this section is devoted to appearances made by power ranger actors on shows besides power rangers. heres a list of some shows and who appears in them:

1. Felicity has Amy Jo Johnson formerly the pink ranger starring in it. Amy Jo Johnson has also appeared in an episode of "Saved By the Bell: The New Class". Her movie credits include "Susie Q"(1996), "Killing Mr. Griffin"(1997), "Perfect Body"(1997), "Cold Hearts"(1998)(has yet to be released) and "Without Limits"(1998). Recently Amy Jo Johnson was a guest on the VH1 show The List.

2. Walter Jones formerly Zack the black ranger was on a space show on nickelodeon called "Space Cases". He also makes guest appearances on Sabrina the teenage witch as Harvey's friend. Most recently he was on Buffy the vampire slayer on the new halloween episode. Walter Jones appeared on the show "Early Edition" as well. Also he made an apearance on "NYPD Blue". Walter Jones played Kissel on an episode of "Family Matters". He also starred in the movie "Talisman"(1998) and appeared in the show "Nash Bridges".

3. Karen Ashley formerly Aisha the yellow ranger was on an episode of Keenan and Kel as a rich girl. She was also on an episode of "Hangin with Mr. Cooper" as a girl killed by youth violence.

4. Christopher Khayman Lee formerly Andross the red ranger on power rangers in space now stars in the new WB show Safe Harbor. He also made an appearance on the WB show 7th Heaven. His was in the movie "Kickboxing Academy"(1997) too.

5. Jason David Frank, formerly Tommy Oliver the green, white, and red rangers on power rangers, zeo, and turbo, was on an episode Family Matters as a thug. He also recently appeared on the Richard Simons show DreamMakers and was able to make a dream come true for a little boy. Jason also appeared on the short lived "Sweet Valley High" show. Most recently Jason appreared in an episode of MTV's "Undressed" as a music exec.

6. Thuy Thrang, formerly Trini Kwan the yellow ranger on power rangers, was in the movie "The Crow: City of Angels" as a gang member.

7. Archio Kao, who plays Kai Chen the blue ranger on power rangers lost galaxy, was in "Once and Again" as an architect.

8. Roger Velasco, who played Carlos the Green Turbo Ranger on Power Rangers Turbo and Black Space Ranger on Power Rangers in Space, appeared on the show "USA High".

9.Cerina Vincent, who played Maya the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, appeared in the movie "Fear Runs Silent". She also appeared on the show USA High. Recently Cerina appeared in a episode of MTV's "Undressed".

10.Danny Slavin, who played Leo the red ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, appeared on several episodes of Saved by the Bell.

11.Melody Perkins, who played Astronema/Karone on Power Rangers In Space and Karone the pink ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, appeared in the shows High Tide and Silk Stalkings.

12. Catherine Sutherland who played Kat on MMPR, PRZ, PRT, MMPRTM and TAPRM appeared on the show "Sweet Valley High" as Ginger.

13. Nakia Burrise who played Tanya on PRZ, PRT and TAPRM appeared in the shows "Nash Bridges" and "Moesha".

14. Selwyn Ward who played TJ on PRT, PRiS and PRLG appeared in the shows "Moesha" and "Sweet Valley High".

Thats all the sightings I have for now but will update page as new sightings are made. If you have any comments on the site or sightings of power rangers please e-mail me.

Thanks Ray for the info.

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