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Updated 6/4/00

6/29/00: Lord Smack has decided to flee to Australia (and no! He is not bringing back a Koala for you! Didn't you read the Marsupial Ratings?). So he has appointed an Assistant Campaign Manager to take over and propel Lore to an unconstitutional victory! All questions, comments, and credit card scam spam can be directed to her at

6/4/00: Watch Lore vs. Mr. T. in exciting Shockwave Flash format!

3/20/00: Sign the Lore Log to let us know what you think. Even if it's not really Lore-related, although that would be nice. Also, the directions to Loreigami are now available.

3/14/00: You've probably already noticed the new style, with the sans-serif fonts. Also, links to Sit and Spin and the Al Gore Dance have been added.

3/11/00: The big news today is that Lore 2000 (as well as The Potato God Worship Center and Eemeet Meeker's School of Paving) has been indexed by Yahoo!. Now the hits should be rolling in. Also, check out Loreigami. Directions coming soon.

Contact the campaign manager at


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