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The Lore for President campaign isn't exactly rolling in soft money donations, but we would still like to thank the little people whose afforts, whether intentionally or not, benefitted this site.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Lore's home organization and home to all of his wisdon quoted here.
Our gracious host.
Unofficial Official Unofficial BS UBB
Moral support, inspiration, quotes, and the Greek letter Brunchma ().
tv's spatch
Mentioned how he'd like to get a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" bumper sticker, which inspired us to find a candidiate the people could really support.
Made a new Lore cartoon, and offered to help with the Lore on the Issues JavaScript, until I went for the low-tech solution.
Republican National Committee
Web Resources for Democrats
The Green Party
The Reform Party
The Socialist Party
Their respective party icons.

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