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Lore's Links

Technically, these all aren't Lore's links. But they all apply in some way to the Brunching Party or its members.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Lore's humor site, updated daily. Really funny, even when that David Neilsen guy writes the day's feature.
Lore's personal page. Meet the real Lore. Learn what thet "C" stands for. Revel in how quickly a page without grapics loads.
Brunching UBB The Brunching
Shuttlecocks UBB
Where Brunchmas go to discuss politics, have toga parties, and drool over Lore.
Brunchma Brunchma Brunchma Brunchma
Tri-Brunchma, the official Fraternity/Sorority of the Brunching Party.
The World Rock Paper Scissors League
This site, founded in honor of the Brunching toy Roshambo Rampage, vaulted Lord Wheaty into the Order of the Individual Cereal Unit.
The Potato God Worship Center
A shameless plug for the campaign manager's other site. Good is He who grows in dirt!
Eemeet Meeker's School Of Paving
Another shameless plug. But hey, I have the password, so I can put up as many links to my other sites as I want.
Satanists For Lore I think the name pretty much sums it up.
pixel (aka Corey Marie)'s comic strip. We are in awe of her code mastery and hit counter.
spatch has a comic, too, full of scathing political commentary and vague Brunching references by the Pope.

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