Info page for SSG Tom "T-bone" Ridge and 3rd Squad/3rd Platoon B-1/20.

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The now declassified S3 account differs from Ridge's personal account of the action (see below) and for which in 1971 he was belatedly given a Bronze Star via the Bn S1, Ridge's former Bravo C.O., CPT. Boyd Harris, a West Point grad who played on his personal contacts for self-promotion.

-The acting Bn CO for 30 March 70(Bn XO) has no notation of Ridge's actions on 30 March 70 in his personal journal. The Battalion Surgeon does not recall SSgt Ridge.

Click Here for one 1/20 soldier's account of SSgt Tom Ridge in Vietnam.

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Click here for an account of Sgt Ridge from his squad and the squad's monkey, "Titi Mukak".

Click here for SSgt Ridge's current story of what happened-you be the judge. Ridge's "nom de guerre" was "T-Bone".

The squad's radio operator emailed me that he's read the S2/S3 Journals for 30 March 1970 and remembers the action. He does not remember T.Ridge getting a KIA, but adds that he would not swear to it because it was 30 years ago. He does not remember finding any bodies that day. 500 meters is a long distance and he carried an M14 due to problems with the M16.
I scanned part of the email in above.

Vietnam Magazine's August 2001 edition has an article about the NVA MAY 1970 offensive into Quang Ngai which is supported by the S3 Journal entries below

All Ridge wanted to do was "Rest and Relax in Australia" in May 1970. Check the S3 Journal entries for May 1970.

Click here for Journals 30 March, and 04-14 May 70-Death of Capt. Lisowski grid 788443 05 May 70.

Click here for CPT lisowski's Silver Star Medal.

(Note from the webmaster, in my view, Ridge left his men behind while they were fighting the NVA's L-17 Battalion. This was the time my R&R was cancelled due to the fighting and the only time I heard NVA bugles in the attack.)

Ridge talks about the death of the unit's sniper, Walker.
Click here for Journal of Walker's death with recon 1/20
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