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Table of Organization/Personnel (*-additional contact info available)
Asst G3 for Maneuver BG Mataxis
11th Bde CO COL Treadwell (summer 69)
COL Insani*1970-71
Bn Co:
LTC Wilson (summer 69)
LTC Arthur Fisher 1969-June 1970; LTC Gordon Lynch June 1970-December 1970*
LTC Brogan Dec 70-11 Apr 71 (approx)-relieved for cause due to allowing A-1/20 to sit too long and be ambushed by NVA in LAOS resulting in many US KIA and WIA including Bn Chaplain, CPT Merle Brown. Bn XO:
Major William Honjiyo* (acting Bn Co 30 Mar-20 Apr 70 and Taskforce Cmdr Sept 70 and Oct 70).
Battalion Staff:
S3-Major Stanley Bassett (1970); MAJ Wilburn L. Boozer (1969); MAJ Robert S. Neilson
Bn Adjutant, S1 and Bravo Company CO - Capt Boyd Harris (West Point grad, died 13 OCT 1983 as LTC) relieved by 1st Lt. James E. Hardy, Jr. as Adjutant on 25 May 70. He is mentioned in the book, "The Long Grey Line" about West Point Class of '66 in Vietnam.

Bn S3 and Bravo Company CO -Capt Parker;
Bn S4 and Delta CO-Capt. Fitzpatrick*
Bn S4 Alpha - Lt. Szurek
Bn S5 and Bravo Company CO - Capt Andrew Lisowski
Battalion Surgeon- CPT Calidieno, MD (July 69); Capt Mark Feldman, MD* (Summer 70)
Medical Platoon leader-Lt. Measel
Chaplain Sullivan
Chaplain Merle Brown-KIA Easter Sunday, 11 Apr 71
1LT Kurtzman (summer 69)
SGT MAJOR Manfredi (July 69)

Bravo Company Commanding Officers:
Capt. Boyd Harris (Aug69-Mar 70)
Capt. Andrew Lisowski(Mar 70-05 May 70 KIA at Van Truong)-family request info*
Capt. Parker (06 May 70-July 70)
Capt. Francis Powers (Aug 70-12 Oct 70 KIA at Song Ve)-posthumous MOH pending

XO: LT Castille (July 69); LT SABO

Bravo First Sergeant: SFC Mike Medina
The following personnel were assigned to B/1/20 prior to July 31 1969:

Soldiers Bivins and Herrinca (WIA & dustoff 27July 69)
SGT Duane Rousseau (WIA & dustoff 28 July 69)
Soldier Plovock (WIA & dustoff 28 July 69)
LT Richard Gibson (dustoff 29 July 69)
Soldiers Young, Rosa, Frutell (dustoff 31 July 69)
SGT Comkins & PFC Robinson (dustoff 31 July 69)
Soldier Tyler (dustoff 1 Aug 69)
PSG Leonard Sartor (sp Sauter?)
SSG Bruce Cady
SSG Melvin Bone
SGT John North
SGT Robert McKissic
SGT Wilfred Primean
SSG John Krasnitski*
SGT William Sylvester
SGT Larry S. Supezinski
SSG Alvin G. Linker

The following personnel were assigned to B/1/20 after 1 Aug 69:
LT Jones
1LT (PSG) Abe lochart
SGT Steven J. Armstrong
SGT Thomas E. Dodds
SGT David T. Jones
SGT John B. Thompson
SSG Daniel E. Wills

Soldiers with Email addressee but no name or platoon given:
?-No name given but will post photos of CPT Lisowski and Powers (Jan70 to Dec 70)

SP4 Thompson, RTO (July 69)

First Platoon and Company CP:
SP4 Jeff Tombow*, Capt. Lisowski's Artillery FO/RTO(with Capt. Lisowski when he died)
SP4 Bill Herod*(with Capt. Lisowski when he died)
Sgt Darold D Marcus (WIA with CPT Lisowski & medivaced 05 May 70)
SP4 Larry J. Ogdan (WIA with CPT Lisowski & medivaced 05 MAY 70)
PFC Richard S. Pina (WIA with CPT Lisowski & medivaced 05 MAY 70)
Sgt Melvin B. Welch (WIA & medivaced 06 May 70)
SP4Gary Brooks,
SP4 Fred Frizzel,
SP4 Ray Rangel,
Sgt Bill Andrescavage*
Sgt Charles (Jim) Thompson* (2nd Sqd/1st platoon)

Alton Laurence (WIA 30Jan71)*

Second Platoon:
Rick Johnson

Third Platoon/ SGT Ron Morgan (from Oregon)

Elsworth DeVeaux* (July 69-July 70)
Calvin Worthy
Lenwood Neal
Soldiers Perry and Neal (from North Carolina)
Sgt Richard Jones*, RTO Sept 69-AUG 70 (will post photos)
SSgt Thomas J. Ridge* (Oct 69-May 14, 1970)
SP4 Kurt "Big Red" Walker, KIA 0820hrs-31May 70 @ grid 760593 while OPCON to Recon(see: Recon1/20 for 31 May)*
SGT Paul McNear
Johnny Johnson
Lt. Dandrige
and FRED the wonder dog, who got his tail shot off during the NVA attack in May 1970.

Weapons Platoon: Sgt Dick Eskew, Mortar Chief*
SP4 Vin Anyzeski* 1969 (WIA)-made SGT upon release from hospital
SP4 Robert Herr Dec68-30 June 69 (WIA)
SP4 Jim House Dec68-30 June 69 (WIA)
SP4 Larry J. White, KIA 30 June 69