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Bone Thugs Album List

Here you'll find a chronological list of albums and singles released by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Mo Thugs, Flesh-n-Bone.

The catalog numbers and/or label names provided are to assist you in ordering these titles from other sources.


Albums . Singles . Imports . Promotional . Soundtracks . Guest Appearances . Others

Creepin On Ah Come Up Ruthless 88561-5526-2
Faces of Death Kerason Music 70020
E. 1999 Eternal Ruthless 88561-5539-2
Family Scriptures - Mo Thugs Relativity 561156 1
T.H.U.G.S. - Flesh-n-Bone Def Jam 314 533 539-2
The Art Of War Ruthless 88561-6340-2
Family Reunion - Mo Thugs Relativity 561163 2
Heaven'z Movie - Bizzy Bone Relativity 1670-2
The Collection Volume One Ruthless/Epic/Sony EK 69715 (CD)
EV 50180 (Video)
EVK 69700 (Package)
Thug Mentality 1999 - Krayzie Bone Mo Thugs/Ruthless/Relativity 1671-2

1st of Tha Month Ruthless 88561-6331-2
East 1999 Ruthless 88561-6332-2
Tha Crossroads Ruthless
Days Of Our Livez Eastwest 64206-2
Look Into My Eyes Ruthless 88561-6343-2
If I Could Teach The World Ruthless 88561-6344-2
Thug Mentality [Krayzie Bone] (Vinyl Only) Relativity ????

1st Of Tha Month Austria Relativity 662387 2
Tha Crossroads England Ruthless
Days of Our Livez Germany Eastwest 7559-63982-2
Look Into My Eyes Austria Epic 664786 2
If I Could Teach The World Austria Epic 664878 2
E. 1999 Eternal Australia Epic 481038 9

Tha Crossroads Ruthless RPROCD-0466
East 1999 Ruthless RPROCD-0423
Body Rocc Ruthless
Days Of Our Livez Eastwest PRCD 9631-2
BNK [Black Nigga Killa] Ruthless
War Dreamworks PRO-CD-5072
Thug Mentality [Krayzie Bone] (Vinyl) Relativity RPROLP-???

Movie Title Song Title
Panther The Points
The Show Everyday Thang
The Great White Hype Shoot 'em Up
Set It Off Days of Our Livez
Batman and Robin Look Into My Eyes
I Got The Hook Up Hook It Up
Small Soldiers War
Blade Blade
The Ghetto [Krayzie] The PJs

Guest Appearances
Song Title Album Title and Artist Appearing Bone Members
Let's All Get High Anutha Tantrum by Da Brat Krayzie
Notorious Thugs Life After Death by The Notorious B.I.G. Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy
Breakdown Butterfly by Mariah Carey Krayzie, Wish. Layzie on remix.
Give Up The Ghost Journey by Immature Bizzy
Fuck Tha Police In The Beginning...There Was Rap by Various Artists Krayzie, Layzie
Free Your Mind In A Race Against Time by Gold Layzie
Battle Cry In A Race Against Time by Gold Bizzy
Till We Dead And Gone Da Last Don by Master P Krayzie, Layzie, Wish, Flesh
Don't Hate On Me Life In 1472 by JD Krayzie
Good Time Don Cartagena by Fat Joe Krayzie, Layzie
No Sense Love & Consequences by Gerald Levert Layzie, Ken Dawg
Until We Rich Volume.II War and Peace (Peace Disc) by Ice Cube Krayzie


Thugs -n- Harmony

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