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Check out the latest news on Layzie Bone's collaboration with Mo Thugs from MTV online:

"Layzie Bone Presents The Mo Thugs Mothership"

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Latest News:
(updated 05.12.00 )

1. The Bone Zone is born 05.12.00

2. This site can now be reach at our new address so don't forget to bookmark this site:

3. Mo Thugs info on the news page.

4. As a thanks to all the true fans to this site I'll be making a huge update to it in about a week. But I need your help. Please e-mail me with ALL the news, multimedia, pictures, and album info that you have that is not on this site. Thanks.

5. Check the lyrics for the new album.

5. Added a link where you can order BTNHResurrection.

6. add art page where you can submit your own bone art and have it posted.

7. Added award page where you can win the official BONE ZONE award.

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