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Technology's Influence on Society


       Though society has based many of its goals upon advances in technology, this may not be such a desired  goal. Society in general has become less tolerant, much less motivated, and increasingly lazy.  Many would like to think that the internet is the Utopia of products to make themselves better educated, and more "up to date" on current events, but this does not hold true for most.  Tolerance is very much on the downfall.  People are beginning to expect things to be done quickly and efficiently, and people are becoming too focused on their goals, rather than the methods implicated to accomplish these goals.  This is a problem among many areas of today's society.  Motivation is also effected by way of goal oriented employers.  They are more concerned with how the technology can provide better work, rather than the side-effects of boredom and lost motivation.  Laziness is another element which can be caused by technology.  New technology is provided, and people become dependant upon it.  After this happens, people do not know how to get along without it.  All of these factors are becoming more and more apparent, and are becoming all to common.  This new influx of technology is causing society to become less tolerant, less motivated, and more lazy.



Table of Contents

Technology's effect of Society (current)

    I.  Society has become less tolerant

        A.  More productivity invites lower tolerance
        B.  Effects of industrial revolution
        C.  Examples
              1. Assembly line
              2. Gasoline engines

II.  Society has become less motivated

        A.  Easier ways around problems

        B.  People expect easier ways

        C.  Drop in work ethic

III.  Society has become increasingly lazy

        A.  Examples of laziness produced by technology

        B.  Productivity = Laziness

        C.  Society using more unnecessary technology
              1.  Technology's worst case scenario
              2.  Using unneeded technology (examples)

IV.  Technology Survey 

V.  Interesting Facts Sheet

VI.  Corel Presentation

VII.  Bibliography Page (MLA Format)

VIII.  Outline

Questions  Concerns