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Society is More Lazy

     Technology, despite having it's many benefits, has it's many drawbacks.  Laziness is a major side effect of technology.  People are becoming extremely dependent on computers, as well as other technology.  This became very apparent to me the one day at work.  A new edition to our productivity arsenal has been walkie-talkies.  While walking with my manager, we were discussing them, and at the time, he was using the one.  He stated, "I love these things, they save so much running around."  After hearing this, I realized that, at the time, we were roughly 6 feet from the nearest phone, which could have done the same thing.  This, in my opinion, was a perfect example of the laziness technology produces.  While there was another form of technology right in the area, it was too difficult to use it.  When I mentioned this, he said, "It's not laziness, it's just more efficient."  The idea of laziness was passed off as efficiency.  Being more efficient does not necessarily allude to laziness, but laziness is usually the motivator behind productivity.

     Productivity is the ability to find a more efficient way to do something, but I personally believe that this motivation to find an easier way to do something has extended far beyond productivity.  People have realized that finding an easier way not only improves performance, it allows more time for other non-work related activities.  It was once stated in an article relating to the increasing laziness of society, "As a society, we will probably get lazier. We may not need to leave our house to take care of all of our daily chores: work, shopping, paying bills, and so on."  This statement is the basis of my argument.  If this technology were to be created, people would realize that there is so much unnecessary time spent out running errands.  This could then cause a society that would never leave their home, and possibly not even leave their computer. This is a worst case scenario, and I would like to think that this would never happen.  However, with the way voice-activated computers, multi-tasking cellular phones, and other laziness induced technologies are on the rise, I can's say that I'm absolutely sure.  Voice-activated computers were originally created to allow the blind to more easily use their technology, but obviously they were found to be quite "productive."


Table of Contents

Technology's effect on Society

    I.  Society has become less tolerant

        A.  More productivity invites lower tolerance
        B.  Effects of industrial revolution
        C.  Explain in context to assembly line

II.  Society has become less motivated

        A.  Easier ways around problems

        B.  People expect easier ways

        C.  Drop in work ethic

III.  Society has become increasingly lazy (current)

        A.  Examples of laziness produced by technology

        B.  Productivity = Laziness

        C.  Society using more unnecessary technology
              1.  Technology's worst case scenario
              2.  Using unneeded technology (examples)

IV.  Technology Survey

V.  Fact Sheet

Questions Concerns