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~A Tribute To A Siberian Husky~

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This page is dedicated to the memory of "Sheba". A common name, but not a common dog. She is gone, but I built this page so that I could share what I have left of her, my memories. And perhaps, the owner of her mother will stumble upon this page, and she will know how much Sheba was loved.

Baby Sheba

Sheba wasn't just a dog to me. We got her when I was 14. I had just suffered the loss of my childhood dog. Sheba was a constant clown. Always making us laugh. She soon became my best friend.

Sheba was born on October 16, 1985. Her mother's name was "Misha of Pine Woods" and her father was "Spike" We Picked her up on December 12, 1985. It was a cold snowy day. I remember Misha looking at us. I could almost read her thoughts. She was sad that people were taking her children. She was a beautiful, and delicate dog. Sheba came from a litter of 7 puppies. Only one male. The name she had been given by the breeder was Shika.

Sheba had 2 other Husky Buddies in her lifetime. One was Crystal, and the other was Jake. She would love to wrestle, and run with them. Because most other dogs didn't know how to play like a Husky, and she would get into fights.

Smiling Sheba

Sheba was a very smart dog. Fortunately as a puppy, she wasn't very destructive. However, she did have a very bad habit of running away. When she would get away, she would stay out until she was exhausted. She got very sneaky about her escape routes. Any opportunity and she was gone.

One time when she was 2 years old, she ran from me, and was hit by a car. I think I was more upset than she was. But she was ok, just a little shaken, and a sore foot.

The only place where she wouldn't run away from me was at my friend, Barb's house. Because she had 20 acres, and Sheba knew she was allowed to run there.

Sheba loved to go places. She was a big ham. One of her favorite places to visit was my elementery school. I had a music teacher, called Cak, who knew Sheba frome the time that she was a clumsy puppy. I would ask Sheba, "Wanna go see Cak?" Her ears would perk up, her face would get a smile on it, and her tail would rise up over her back. If I didn't move fast enough to get her leash, she would start barking at me. Cak always spoiled Sheba.

I think Cak was almost as upset as me, over the loss of Sheba.

Smiling Sheba

She and I had many adventures. More stories than I could ever fit on a webpage. But we enjoyed eachother. My Dad called her the "Personality kid". She aged very gracefully. She was very fortunate in that she never had any hip problems. But she did have a couple Tumors removed. Her main problem while she was aging was ruptured disks. But, a little medication, and after a few weeks, she was back to her old self.

Then, one day I noticed she was hiding, and not behaving like herself. But I figured she just had an ache, and would be ok...but, she wasn't. On June 17, 1997, my Mom called me because she couldn't find Sheba. The thought of her being dead briefly flashed through my mind. But I quickly dismissed it. I told my Mom that my sister's dog probably dug a hole under the fence, and she was just running. So I said I would come down, to see if there was a hole, and if so, then go look for her.

Well, I wasn't so lucky. I was in the backyard looking along the edge of the fence with a flashlight. And for some reason, I turned...and then I saw her. She was gone. I started sobbing, and ran over to her. I picked her up in my arms and couldn't stop crying. My best friend was gone!

My brother-inlaw burried her up in Barb's field where she loved to run in her younger days. I still think of her everytime it snows.

I picture her in my mind, like the picture here. Now she is running with her husky buddies in that field all the time, and she is happy, with no more aches in her body, and she is young forever...

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