Here is another Passover - Pesach multiple choice quiz to test your brain. We only ask questions where the answers can be found on our Passover / Pesach website if you can find them!


Answer the multiple choice questions, guessing if necessary; then click on the "Process Questions" button at the end of the quiz to see your score in the adjacent message box. The program will not reveal which questions you got wrong, only how many points you have. Go back and change your answers until you get them all right.

Points To Note:

  1. Questions with only one possible answer are one point each.
  2. The program will not attempt to score your efforts at all if you have not tried at least half of the questions.
  3. This quiz is for your own use only. No record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.
1. At the Passover Seder table, one of the rituals is to lean in order to demonstrate we are free people. On which side do we lean?
Question 1 We lean on the right side. 
We lean on the left side. 
We lean forward. 
We lean backward. 
No Answer
2. Whom do we open the door for and welcome at the Passover Seder table?
Question 2 Moses 
No Answer
3. What was the name of Moses' father and mother?
Question 3 Jacob and Leah 
Jacob and Rachel 
Isaac and Rebecca 
Amram and Yocheved 
No Answer
4. On the Shabbat ("Sabbath" in Hebrew) just before Passover, G-d commanded the Hebrews in Egypt to prepare a lamb for sacrifice. What is the name of this Shabbat?
Question 4 Shabbat HaGadol 
Shabbat HaChodesh 
Shabbat Parah 
Shabbat Zachor 
No Answer
5. In the Passover story told in the Hebrew Bible, what date did the Hebrews in Egypt sacrifice a lamb?
Question 5 The 16th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (or Nisan). 
The 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (or Nisan). 
The 14th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (or Nisan). 
The 13th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (or Nisan). 
No Answer
6. What was the name of the area or region in Egypt where the Hebrews lived at the time of the first Passover?
Question 6 Goshen 
No Answer
7. What is the symbolism or meaning of charoset?
Question 7 It symbolizes G-ds' miracles performed for the Hebrews in Egypt. 
It symbolizes the 10 Plagues of Passover. 
It symbolizes the joy of freedom. 
It symbolizes the mortar or cement that the Hebrews used to make bricks in building store-houses and supply-center cities for the Egyptians. 
No Answer
8. What is the symbolism or meaning of the shank bone on the Passover Seder plate?
Question 8 To remind us of the bitterness of slavery. 
To remind us of the Hebrews' Exodus from Egypt. 
To remind us of the Pesach/Passover offering, the Paschal lamb. 
To remind us to cherish our physical freedom from slavery in Egypt. 
No Answer
9. What is Shmurah Matzah (or Matzah Shmurah)?
Question 9 Matzah that has been "watched" over by a qualifed person from harvesting of the grain to the completion of the baking process, where from the time water comes into contact with the ritually prescribed grain, the entire matzah creation and baking process must be completed within 18 minutes. 
Matzah that includes egg or other ingredients besides water and the ritually prescribed grain. 
Matzah that needs to be prepared and cooked in at least 18 minutes or more to be considered shmurah matzah. 
Matzah that does not have any perforations (small holes) in it. 
No Answer
10. What are the intermediate or middle days of Passover called? (the middle days are either the 2nd to 6th days of Passover or the 3rd to 6th days of Passover).
Question 10 Korban Pesach 
Shevi'i Shel Pesach 
Chol Ha-Moed Pesach 
Yom Tov Pesach 
No Answer

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