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How about a Passover Seder Plate Puzzle game to test your speed? To start the Passover Seder Plate puzzle, click "Shuffle" to scramble the pieces, and then just move your mouse over a puzzle piece next to the blank one and click it once to move it. Click "Shuffle" to start a new puzzle scramble, and if you want to see what the original image looks like, just click "Original". As you can see, each puzzle piece has a number. If you want to play the Passover Seder Plate puzzle game without numbered pieces, then just click "Numbers" to eliminate the numbers on the pieces. See if you can beat your own time to solve it! Best of luck!

Passover Seder Plate Image

jqPuzzle Courtesy Of Ralf Stoltze:

This is what the Passover Seder plate image should look like:

Passover Seder Plate Image

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