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One Laugh at Least Gallery

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Christopher J. O'Donnell

The BEFORE picture

Chief Writer and emcee.

Demonstrating a perfect example of cause and effect,

Chris indulges in his favorite past-time. He's still working on the AFTER version.

Can you hear the 'whir' of the treadmill?

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Greg Korin

The name has changed but NEPA's favorite funny guy is still the same!

The only real pro in the group, look for Greg on TV and in Movies.

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Shivaun C. O'Donnell

Mother to Evan and wife of Chris, in real life she is the General Manager of ODYSSEY Fitness in Wilkes-Barre. Some now call her Miss Fit, others call her Misfit.....

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Karen Novick

Described by many as a colorful personality...

Karen saved the day in the first time she appeared with us, nows she's officially cast.

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Jack Gibbons

Handsome, Irish, Charming....

the qualities that have saved him from being run down in the road because of his puns.

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John Schugard

We finally got something of John...

We were able to catch him just after dinner...

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