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John Schugard

…was the son of a Tibetan yak farmer and a little known alien visitor known to ufologists as a mauve. After studying hypnotherapy with the Dalai Lama he went on to..wait, wait hold on, that’s not right, that’s John Travolta’s bio.

On a dark, stormy night in 1938 Austria, Frank Dracman assembled John Schugard from the body parts of executed gazelle poachers when lighnting struck the apparatus and John rose from the operating table and took over the world……oh wait, that’s Bob Dole.

As a six-year old, John lost his parents in an accident involving an ice cream maker and a yard stick. He decided to don the disguise of The Gnat fighting crime, and saving the world. Together with his sidekick Spotted Fever Boy….oh forget it, as you can tell, John spends a lot of time locked in his room with his Sprite can collection...

When not locked in his room though, he’s actually got a more interesting life than any of the three preceding descriptions.

John (seen here wearing a tuxedo) is very active in Northeastern Pennsylvania theatre, both on an off-stage, and in fact he caught the eye of One Laugh at Least members during the production of The Mystery of Irma Vep when they saw how fetching he looked in a dress.

He is the only member of One Laugh at Least that doesn’t want to brag about his awards from the NorthEastern Pennsylvania Theatrical Allicance (NEPTA). (But he does have several, including from 2001-2002 season!)

His next appearance will be at Actor's Circle at Providence Playhouse in Scranton in Accomplice, opening in Halloween weekend, 2002.

He hopes in the future to spend more time polishing the heads of baby kittens.

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