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Hiya. Welcome to my page (last updated 12/18/02)... I am your typical, overly sarcastic, genius, princess-like, teenager. My name is Amber, and I hope you will do yourself a favor, and journey to the far reaches of my rather remarkable (if not totally pointless) home page. Enjoy yourself! Live long and prosper... and feel free to leave tips in the jar. Thank you. Oh, and please sign my guestbook while you're here if you feel so inclined...

(Author's note: I actually hadn't edited this site in about five years, and I thought about doing so... but instead I'm going to leave most of this with the nostalgia and charm of my younger years... This page is about the younger me. I've only changed a few things (like the guest book and counter that went pfft. Fill them up again, will ya?) I'm working on a new page for the current me. I'll put a link here when it's done. But as far as a little update, I'm currently attending Rose-Hulman in Indiana, getting my computer science degree. I have a wonderful boy named James, and my kitty is alive and kicking. That's all for now. Bye peeps! Love ya lots!)


I would also like to credit the beautiful graphics on this page to Jeffrey K. Bedrick. I hope you enjoy my page.

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