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Tools in Wicca and a Basic Circle Casting

Welcome to tools of the Old Ways! Here I will list ritualistic tools. Blessed Be!
This is the magical tool of the Element of Earth. You all have seen a pentagram, the 5 pointed star, pointing upwards? Well, a pentacle is simply that symbol surounded by a cirlcle. This can be drawn on a circular peice of slate, etc. I made my first one out of some clay I baked into a circle, then painted the Pentacle on. Mirrors and sheilds can be used as well for earth.
This is the magical tool of the Element of Fire. The reason this is because fire is closely assosiated with will, and the weilding of a wand represents will so well. This does not have to be fancy, a simple, striaght stick with a crystal tip tied to the end would do perfectly! Mine is a sanded stick with a clear, pointed quartz tied to the end in black leather. I love it!
This is the magical tool of Air. Air, being associated with change and new begginings, goes well with a sword. Since the simple thrusting of a sword shows forward movement, of change, of cutting through useless space to start again, it represents air perfectly! It is not always easy to find a sword, mine was bought at a Rennaisance Faire. Should you be unable to get hands on a sword, any blade with a hilt will do. (A useful blessing for your blade is to let it sit, blade open to the world, in the light of a full moon.)
Cup or Chalice
A cup or chalice is the magical tool of Water. This is from the Cauldren of Plenty, the Cauldren of Cerridwen, etc, but it is easy to see how the restorative and healing properties of water can fit with it's container. Often, water is blessed in a chalice, before being dabbed on someone or drinking it. I do this sometimes when opening and closing circles, or when I feel I need a blessing from the Goddess herself!

Circle Casting
This is a basic opening of a circle. In this I mention the Elemental Beings. Should you want to know more, visit my Elemental Page.Enter the Circle........remember, Perfect Love and Perfect Trust!! (That was about the only true thing in the movie "The Craft"!!!)
Have a center candle, to represent the Aether, as well candles to represent the God and Goddess, as well. In four corners, or at least in a circluar/square shape place your tools. If you can, have your Pentacle North, your Sword East, your Wand South, and your Chalice in the West. This is not necessary, though. Some additional things you may want would be plants in the Earth corner, some red or yellow candles in the Fire corner, some incense in the Air corner, and any you can think of for Water! Now, once everyhting is in place, take your athame (a small knife with a black hilt, preferably) and draw the circle around yourself and all your tools. Do this three times. Kneel before the Aether/Goddess and God part of the room and say a small prayer, something thanking the Divines for their assistence in your workings. Now, go to Air (this is the order I follow. You can choose any you feel comfortable with.) and hold the incence up. Concentrate on it, smell it, see the smoke as it lazyly dances. When you have done this for a moment, say with meaning in your heart, "Creature of Air, be blessed and pure. Purify me and my Circle, with pleasing perfume and the powers of Air. Carry my prayers, carry them to the Great Ones." Now go to Fire corner, and, again, meditate on the element. Now say, "Spark of Fire and Spark of Life, power of flame and glowing purity! Bless and purify me with your power and strength, as I in turn bless you with my love and gratitude." Continue on to the Water corner, and holidng your chalice, speak, "Child of Sea, of River, of Stream, be clean, child, be pure, be blessed. Cleanse me, Water. Holy Water, Bless me! Refresh me, and make me new again!" Continue to your Earth corner, meditate, and say "Substance and firmness of earth, your stability be sacred! Cleasne all not clean, purify all not pure, all that no longer serves, transmuted be. Bless me now with your powers of transmutation!" This is where you would want to drp the blessed water on yourself, waft yourself in smoke form the incense, if the plant is edible, eat a leaf and thank it, feel the heat of flame, etc. May your workings be pure, fruitful and Blessed!!!
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