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The Elemental Beings

An Elemental Being is the being that represents/exists within the element you are dealing with.
A slyph is the magical being of Air. They are seen as small, flying, winged faery-like beings, but as energies can assume any number of forms and shapes. Look closely at the breeze, how it spins the leaves and pushes and moves, you may see them.
A Gnome is the elemental being of Earth. They are seen as small, dwarf-like creatures, who dwell beneath the surface of our planet. They are often seen mining, showing their close relationship with the Earth. Again, remember they are energies, and prone to take any shape they feel fit. Watch the earth, see things grow, see the rocks, the trees, and realize the Earth within you, as a creature of it. With that realization, you will know the Gnomes.
An Undine is the Being of Water. These elusive creatures as depicted widely as humanlike, perhaps with scales or fins, or even gills. Remember always, this is important that is why I am repeating it, they are energies! Allow them to take shape! At the ocena, watch the waves, watch their movement. See beyond the waters, but see the relfection at the same time. The Undine will come to you.
The Salamanders are the beings of Fire. These lizard-like creatures, to me, are fire red, and rather minature-dragon looking. I see no relation with them and the small amphibians also called Salamanders. But, as always, they are energies, and not forced to look the same. To see them, stare intently at a flame. Feel the heat, see how it sparks and flickers and dances. Know the flame in your heart, feel you inner flame and emotion, you will see them. Always rememer, the Slyphs, Gnomes, Undines, and Salamanders exist is us all and around us all, everywhere. They love and care for you, show them the same. Know your Beings well, you will benefit. Blessed Be!