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A Tribute to the Fae

Welcome to my Vale of the Fae! This page is dedicated to the Fae Folke, who throughout time have gone by many many names. Those of us who are wise know they are more then just tales, but rather a highly complex society. If we look past the veil of the dimensions, the Fae can be interacted with, and still are today. Here you will find some general information on the Fae, some legend about the Fae, and, if you feel able, some excercises to interact with the Fae. Ye of Faith and an Open Mind are welcome visitors to the Fae, but remember, they are the Goddess' children and helpers, as are we, and they can be tricksters! Where do you think the saying "Never turn your back to a lephrachaun?" comes from? I will ramble no more, rather, advise you to pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy your journey through another world.......
You are confronted by a small Elf, clad in colors of the Earth. He steps seemlessly from the trees around you. "Hello!! Greetings! I am El'Daran, your guide through the world of the Fae! Follow me, and you shall be safe here. Ever mind and respect us, though! That is your warning! Let it be your last! Now, where would you like to go?" He points his hand, and with green sparkling magic, different paths appear....
History of the Fae
A Description of the Fae
Meeting the Fae
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