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Share.exe is a file needed to run old Windows programs. Way back when windows wasn't a huge, integrated, crashing beast, a lot of small support programs were necessary to ensure things worked...

(now they all sit in your taskbar, slow down your raging 850mhz, absorbing your generous 64mb of ram, and conflict with each other, causing crashes when all you want to do is unwind (you can get rid of them in win98 using system information (i did and I never looked back))).

...Share.exe was one of them. Therefore, when you try install an old program that used to depend upon share.exe, and you don't have it on your win95 or win98 computer, you probably won't be able to.

Download share.exe, put it in your c:\windows\command directory, and then try to install your software again.

I won't let you download share.exe until you understand the above message.

I figured this out when I tried to install an old msworks on my new computer. I had it sitting around, and a new program cost absurd amounts of money, so I try to install it. It says I need share.exe. I track it down and put it in my command directory. It turns out that it doesn't do anything anymore, it is the wrong dos version, yadda yadda yadda, the functionality is built into win95 and up, but msworks demands that I have it in my directory.



Share was probably created by someone working for Microsoft, so I will probably get sued for unlawful distribution of copyrighted material. Just so you know, I didn't write it, I just figured out why some people need it, and can't find it. As if Microsoft cared, they want you to spend two hundred bucks on their new Word program, that has a nice spell checker, but takes up huge resources just to write a letter. Ok, enough ranting, you get the picture.

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