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Michael McLarnon's Web Site

My Programs


Oscope is a program that lets you input a signal through your sound card and see it on the screen as if you were looking at an oscilloscope. It runs in DOS (or a DOS window) and requires a Sound Blaster compatible sound card. It is one of the first somewhat useful program I wrote. It was written with Borland Turbo Pascal. It only works with a SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card.

Latin Programs

I have also written two Latin programs. One conjugates Latin verbs and one declines Latin nouns. Each of them are available in both Windows and DOS versions, and I made a new Java applet version of the Conjugation program. The Windows versions come in both a 16 bit version for Windows 3.1 (requires VBRUN300.DLL) and 32 a bit version for Windows 95/98/NT.

Conjugate and Decline for DOS

Conjugate and Decline for Windows (16 bit)

Conjugate and Decline for Windows (32 bit)

Here is the new Java version of the Latin conjugation program...

Dial-Up Reflector

Dial-Up Reflector is a pair of programs that lets one user on a LAN (with the client program running) see if another computer (running the server program) has an active dial-up connection. This is extremely helpful if you use a proxy server to get to the Internet over the LAN. The application was written in Visual Basic 5. Both the client and the server run on either Windows 95/98 or NT.

Dial-Up Reflector Server

Dial-Up Reflector Client

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Latin OScope