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Awards of Arms wordings

written by Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon, AEthelmearc

based on a Hungarian Patent of Arms 1587
Full translated text available: see section 3.1 (near the bottom of the page)

Due to Our exceptional benevolence and Royal authority, and guided by our populace, We (names of King & Queen) King & Queen find (recipient) worthy to elevate into the nobility of (kingdom).

[choose one option from below ... Then continue from **]

We, in accordance with the custom of Our predecessors who used to reward those who displayed (.skill, prowess, talent, enthusiasm, etc), We too customarily present tokens and acknowledgement, therefore it is Our duty and pleasure to Award unto Lord/Lady (recipient) these Arms: (blazon), as a remembrance and to encourage their readiness to achieve even higher merits.

With the contents of these lines We commit to the memory of everyone concerned the Awarding of these Arms: (blazon)

Because of their many efforts, especially (reasons) We Award the aforementioned Lord/Lady these Arms: (blazon)

Based on Our knowledge of his/her efforts (reasons), We agree and permit that the aforesaid may bear these Arms as a sign of noble status : (blazon)

We determine and acknowledge, in Our sovereign resolution that from now on and in the future and in all future times they are permitted to bear these Arms as a sign of noble status: (blazon)

Therefore, We Award this lord/lady the right and privilege to these Arms: (blazon) in battle, in jousting, in tournaments, and in all other exercises of the community of nobles.

We Award these Arms: (blazon) they may use it on their signets, hangings, curtains, rings, flags, shields, tents and houses, in general on all occasions of their activities and ventures by rights of a true and genuine noble status.

All shall acknowledge his/her newfound status and shall look upon them as Nobility. They in turn shall be free to bear, to carry, to use, and to enjoy the following Arms: (blazon) which We have seen right and proper to Award them

We commit to the memory of everyone concerned the fidelity and devoted services which he/she has demonstrated at various times and in places, and intends to assert in the future as well. Therefore, partly because of the foregoing, but also because it is only right and proper We Award these Arms: (blazon)


** Further, We present this document as a perpetual confirmation. We graciously bestow and endorse it with Our Privy Pendant Seal that represents Us as King and Queen of (kingdom) and thus confirms the state of nobility of Lord/Lady (recipient).

This recognition was publicly announced in Our Court at (event) in (hosting group), (date) May AS (#),(CE year) by the common reckoning.

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