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"Victory or defeat lies in God's hands. Over honor, we ourselves are lord and master."

Since many of the Chaoimh's moved from Ireland to France in period, I decided to follow their lead. After many years of being known as Eibhlin ni Chaoimh I changed my name to match the French Gothic persona I developed. I am now known as Yvianne (pronounced ee-vee-ON-ah)de Castel d'Avignon

I live in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, only 20 minutes from Pennsic.
I didn't move to this area because of it's location, I was born and raised here.
***No, my parents weren't SCAdians.***

Within the SCA I am known as a scribe, devoted consort, hat maker and web minister... but I have other varied interests including, but not limited to: embroidery, sewing in general, spinning, weaving and I am also an authorized heavy weapons fighter.
You can view some of the many articles I have written here.


First and foremost in the Society...I am proud consort to Sir Aengus MacBain, Companion of the Laurel, two time finalist in AEthelmearc Crown Tournament, thrice Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry, a former Squire of Viscount Master Sir Haakon Oaktall and winner of the Ice Dragon Pentathalon AS 37(A&S competition). You will more than likely find me nearby if he is fighting. Not just because he is my lord husband and champion, but because I enjoy the atmosphere of the lists. I feel very strongly about the role of consorts. Although my first obligation is to my champion, I see it as my duty to make sure all fighters have something to drink and a place to rest when they are not fighting. Consorts are not just a pretty accessory for fighters to wear on their arm. All that I do reflects upon my Champion and my House. Just as their actions reflect on me. Honor and chivalry are not attributes that belong exclusively to fighters. To that end, I do my best to exemplify these virtues.

You can click here to view the words to a song I wrote for Aengus.

View some really old pictures of my beloved champion in action


Much of my time is spent as a scribe. I prefer to illuminate (paint pretty pictures), but I am getting quite fond of calligraphy as time goes on. My favorite style to reproduce is Italian Renaissance, but I can also create flowing Gothic or mind numbing Celtic pieces.The graphic to the right is one of my illuminations. You can view more of my work here. All of the scrolls that go out in AEthelmearc courts are original works of art. The scribes of this fair Kingdom are highly talented (and busy). It is a great honor to be one of them.


In much of the Realm I am known just as well for my research and wearing of fourteenth and fifteenth century European hats (reads - silly hats) as I am for my scribal abilities. I own several sets of cauls (metal braid cages), padded rolls of various design, a truncated butterfly hennin, a double horned hennin, and a really spiff hat I made in a class at Pennsic based on the style Christine de Pisan is often shown wearing. Those are more or less the proper names for the hats. I have different names for them, like...the blue monstrosity, the bug hat, and the ever popular, Sister Patrille - flying nun, Q-tip hat. Please don't try to rename my hats...that only confuses me :-)

Need a giggle?????
View some of my hats


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My most shining accomplishments in the SCA,
** and far more important **
than any of those listed below
are the friends I've made and the things I've learned.

I have some awards and have done some stuff!
Aaahh, you're probably curious as to what the specifics are!!
My lord Aengus and I are Lord and Lady of House Singing Stone,
but hey, it's nothing.

I like to teach and have taught scribal subjects and hats at more events than I can keep track of.

On May 19, 2001, I was made a Companion of the Order of the Laurel and as a token of this new station given Arms by Letters Patent. A wise Knight once told me to figure out the kind of Peer you want to be... then become it. His words have guided me to continue to strive towards Mastery of my art though I have already achieved the highest honor in the SCA. The sage advice of many Knights has led me to accept Chivalric Ideals as a part of Peerage in general.

I am also a member of the Virtual Guard. It was instituted by (then) King Elffin II of Drachenwald to stand watch over the Virtual Known World

Still curious about who I am and what I've done?
View my SCA Resume

Check my personal event schedule and see which upcoming events I am planning to attend.