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Night Angelz Haven

Shattered Hopez Wispered Synns Eternal Mischief The Trouble Begins Feverish Paradise of Tortured Soulz Immortal Pain, the Dark Forbodes The World Of Broken DreamzInfernal Desirez You Don't Embrace Them,They Embrace You.And Kindle Your Fears.Passionate Fire Ignited Forever EgnimaticThe Fallen Angelz Aren't To Far Away And Ut Oh, They Have come To Play [with your soul]Jaded and Deranged They Know all the Rules to the Game [They Don't abide by them though]Your Timeless Innocence is Forfeit to Them[When you Lose]But Don't Worry..They are as Innocent as Angelz... As Innocent as Night Angelz.

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~A Candle Burns brightly In The Darkness~
"6:58 are you sure where my spark" ~Tori Amos

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