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Frank's MP-3 page

Real Audio and MP3 Page
Frank DiGiovannangelo
Philadelphia, PA
United States
New Sound Clips

Real Audio clips of me playing the Telecaster.

Except for "Six Blade Knife" these clips are being played along with the same MIDI's on my Oldies Site

Songs Clips in Real Audio format (Fair quality)
(Real Audio) Playing guitar in True Love ways
(Real Audio) Playing Six Blade Knife (with the mike to close to the amp)
(Real Audio) Playing Bulldog (Palm Muted)

Real Audio of Home Recordings I did in 1974 after a 10 year hiatus from playing.

(Real Audio) Me Playing Singing Freedom Bird (Updated - End clipped because file was too large to load properly)
(Written in Vietnam by a member of the U.S.First Air Cavalry during the war)

(Real Audio) Me Playing Singing You're Mine and We Belong Together (The complete song in my own style)

Old Clips of The Countdowns Live.
Samples MP-3's from 40 year old real to real tapes of the Countdowns

Love Me Baby MP-3 (A Countdowns original song recorded live in 1959)
Fever MP-3(recorded live in 1959)
Introducing the boys in the band MP-3(recorded live 1959)
This is about all I could salvage from the dried out original tapes so far.

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