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Welcome to OrientTouch Chinese Clothing Online Shop

We are not a simply online shop selling products. We are also engaging in promotion Chinese Culture. The Chinese culture has five thousand year history. We hope our clients not only buy our cultural product just as commodity, but appreciate the culture behind those. Our products including Chinese Clothing, Chinese Dress, Oriental Clothing, Chinese Clothes, Asian Clothing, Chinese Traditional Dress, Oriental Decor, Oriental Dress, Asian Clothes, Asian Dress, Chinese Wedding Dress, Chinese Traditional Clothes, Chinese Traditional Clothing, Ancient China Clothing, Chinese Outfit, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Traditional Dress, Chinese Style Clothing, Chinese Attire, Oriental Clothes, Kung Fu Uniform, Chinese Silk, Long Dress, Dragon Clothing, Dragon Clothes, Chinese Gown, Chinese Qipao, Cheongsam Dress, Chinese Cheongsam, Vintage Dress, Vintage Wedding Dress, Wholesale Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress Online, Antique Wedding Dress, Online Clothing Store, Oriental Gift, Vintage Clothes, Clothes Online, Online Clothes Shopping, Home Decor Gift, Asian Home Decor, Chinese Fashion, Asian Fashion, Oriental Home Decor, Gift And Collectible, Kung Fu Suit, Kung Fu Clothing, Oriental Accessory, Chinese Jewelry, Jade Jewelry, Chinese Fabric, Silk Clothing, Silk Dress, Silk Lingerie, Asian Lingerie, Lingerie Online, Chinese T-Shirt, Chinese Suit, Silk Suit, Feng Shui Product, Decorative Item, Chinese Gift, Silk Embroidery, Traditional Dress Costume, Theatrical Costumes, Chinese Cultural Products, Martial Arts Suit, Exotic Chinese Garments, Embroider Clothing, Folk Costume, Clothing of China and  China Clothes.

Our Major product is Chinese Clothing, the Cheongsam or Qipoa. Actually, it is traditional clothing of Manchu(Qing). In 1644 was a turning point in Chinese costume history. The Manchus, a race of tribesmen who lived north of the Great Wall, overthrew the Chinese Ming dynasty. They named their new empire Qing, which meant "pure".
During the 267-year Qing (Ch'ing) dynasty, the more conspicuous forms of Manchu cultural expression were used to signal both ethnicity and political control. These included:
language - A bilingual policy required all official documents to be written in both Chinese and Manchurian.
custom - All males, whether Manchu or Han Chinese were required to shave their foreheads and wear their back hair braided into a Manchu-style queue.
dress - As part of their political strategy, the Manchu demanded that Manchu-style clothing be worn by anyone engaged in government service. Thus, in appearance, the Han Chinese became Manchu. Official court wardrobe was regulated by laws which were strictly enforced. However, non-official clothing was not regulated, so the Manchu and Han each had separate non-official wardrobes.


Contrasts between Manchu and Han Chinese Apparel


Typical Manchu clothing style reflected a specific range of technical, cultural, and historic factors within East Asian garments. These factors imparted particular characteristics and shapes to garments. Tapered sleeves, flared cuffs, curved-front overlaps, skirt vents, or loop and toggle fastenings were used by the Manchu to emphasize their ethnic separation from, and control over, the Chinese empire.

The garments worn by the Manchu were very functional garments, and thus, they contrasted sharply with voluminous coats of the Han Chinese.

The basic Chinese upper garment was a long coat which was either calf-length or full-length, and was constructed from narrow widths of fabric. It had a center back seam and wide sleeves which were made from additional widths of cloth joined to the sides at the shoulders. This design reflects the rectilinear properties of woven cloth, as well as concerns for fabric economy. Weaving technology in East Asia was based on the back strap loom that originally produced widths of cloth insufficient to cover the body. As a result, upper body garments had a center back seam where two lengths of cloth brought over the shoulder were joined. The front was left open for easy removal, but kept closed by a belt, or later, by pairs of ties. To this basic shape, sleeves of any length or width could be added, as well as extensions at the sides to increase the width of the garment. Additional fabric sewn to the front edges provided overlap for more secure closure.


To the Han Chinese, woven cloth was valued and symbolized wealth. Weaving was a time consuming process, and silk weaving was very important to the Han Chinese economy. Silk was both a source of revenue and a reward for government service. Han garment construction methods reflected these economic concerns by minimizing the amount of cutting needed as well as fabric wastage. Han Chinese used excess fabric to indicate wealth and prestige. This would be symbolized by garments that used abundant quantities of cloth either through length and width, or through excessively long and full sleeves. The Han conveyed status by wearing larger and larger garments one over another which gradually immobilized the wearer.

On the other hand, when Manchu garments began to be made of fabric, Han Chinese economic principles and methods of fabric utilization were ignored in order to continue utilizing the shape and structure that had once dictated survival in the forests and grasslands of North Asia. Rectangles of cloth were literally cut down to conform to the shapes of animal skins, and the excess fabric simply eliminated from the construction.
The basic Manchu garment was a long coat split in the center front and sides for ease in riding. Narrower sleeves ended with a horse shoe cuff which could be folded back. Necklines were rounded and a front right overlap extended to the sideseam.

Effeminate Entice Halter Top
Flourishing Peony Halter Top
Embroidered Peony Halter Top
Embroidered Lotus Halter Top
Traditional Brocade Halter Top
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